Sunday 23 December 2012

Our 2012 Family Christmas

"Last night the boys and I all had a wonderful dinner downtown Wiarton at the Green Door Cafe.  I thoroughly enjoyed my Loaded Chicken on a Bun, while the boys had Fish & Chips and my big boy had a House Burger ... check out the size of that burger and the pile of poutine he had ordered with it !"

We had all been pretty tired after a full day, but still manged to have us a bit of "fun" time when we arrived back home after our Dinner.

"Paul shared part of a Banana Popsicle with Bandit, however Bandit thought he should take the whole stick too; then they had themselves a little cuddle "down time"."

"Connor and Paul gave me a couple entertaining "looks" while I tried to sneak in the odd picture or two."

"There is always a "special" moment or two to be found."

This morning I believe they all were in bed until almost 7 am ?  After a bit of breakfast some relaxation had been going on ....

".... for some of us."

I had to get going on our Dinner preparations, since we were having our meal by 1:00 pm, so we could open our Christmas gifts in good time for the boys to head back home before Supper time.

"I had ran into my friend, Toni with an "i" yesterday.  Look at these cute Salt & Peppers she had for me.  She had thought they would go perfect with my already 2 Kitchen Kats, IKE (I Know Everything) and ICE (I C Everything).  They could not have fit in more purfectly, would you not agree?  Thanks Toni !"

Our set Dinner menu, we all previously agreed on, was going to be Ham, Scalloped Potatoes and Steamed Broccoli.

"First off it was preparing the Scalloped Potatoes.  I have always put my potato peels in the wood stove to burn, as they are to help burn off the creosote in the pipes.  The other day, Rob's Cousin, Joyce, had told me to dry them over night on top of the stove first.  This is what I have been doing the past couple of days.  

Needing to know more on the "Art" of drying potato peelings prior to burning them in your fireplace and/or wood stove?  just *click* right HERE.  Now on to the preparing of those potatoes ....

"First off I mixed all the dry ingredients in a small dish.  Melted butter, then added the dry to it in the pot on a moderate low heat ...   The milk was next to be added, gently stirring until thickened.  Next comes more Dairy Goodness with the Old Cheddar Cheese ....   The ham had been easy, since it had was a "cooked" ham, it was wrapped in foil, as not to dry out, and placed alongside the pan of scalloped potatoes in the oven."

"Less then 2 hours later we had a fantastic meal prepared, cooked and ready to serve up to my boys; all four of them big and small."

I have been making my scalloped potatoes like this for years, ever since my friend, Tim, had given me his method.  Aiden had 3 helpings !!! 


Then came what the small boys had been waiting for since their arrival Friday evening ... Christmas gift giving  for everyone, being more so for them.

"The big boys got each a gift handed to them first.  Rob was happy with an Old Western DVD movie collection, while Paul had a big *smile* over the Game of Farts.  *Smile*, boys will be boys, as we all know."

"Then the little guys got going on their gits with lots of "looks" on their faces on the opening of each and every gift."

Paul had bought me a 2013 Lang Calendar for my Kitchen Calendar holder, and both Rob and I a $50.00 Gift Card for Tim Hortons Coffee.  Wowsers, we hit "pay dirt" !

Before we knew it, it was all over with a mess of paper shrewn everywhere.  Aiden and Connor helped me clean everything all up while Paul got everything packed up in their vehicle to take back along home with them..  

"At the door to say their Good-byes, as I send them out into the World to spread the word all about their Poppa, The "Crabby Cabbie" !  Hahaha .. they loved their Crabby Cabbie hats we had made up for them."

My friend, Karen, had emailed me a video last night.  I am so grateful to her that she had, since the boys and I had many laughs together after watching it at least five or six times over, if not more.  

We all had a fantastic weekend together; one of the best ever to date that comes to mind.  I am looking forward to many more to come with Aiden and I having already discussing a visit for the March School break.  Connor is still undecided, leaving it at a "maybe" ... 5 year olds are so darn cute, are they not?

Guess what?  I am totally exhausted, but after today, one pretty happy Wife, Mother and Grandmother, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."


  1. Looks like you had an amazing early Christmas with your boys. Nothing like watching kids unwrapping their gifts :)

  2. So nice to see your Christmas was a very happy time for everyone!

  3. I'm glad you all enjoyed that little video. I could watch it over and over again as well. It is just so sweet.

  4. Pleased to see you had such a marvellous pre-Christmas with your "boys".

    Love the idea of potato skins to keep the flu clean.

    The goat video was wonderful. Merry Christmas.

  5. Glad you had a loely time with the boys. The goat video was really cute, I emailed it on to a couple of folks.



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