Monday 31 December 2012

A Fantastic Ending Of 2012 (Lot of Photos)

"Last Night blogging with another mournful look from my Bandit boy... a different ploy being used this time with a different toy."

This morning was nice as Rob and I had a little bit of time to enjoy a coffee together, do a "wee" bit of Year end book work before he had to adorn his "Crabby Cabbie" hat and leave for probably one of his busiest nights of the Year.

"Have I ever mentioned before how much I LOVE me some Snowmen?  Just kicking back with a few snowmen while I had myself a 2nd cup of Java this morning."

After Rob had left I got going on removing some more Christmas Decor, along with getting a little bit of housework done in the way of some much needed dog hair removal and dusting.  I also took time out to get my mini "Time Capsule Jar" ready for the Year 2013.

"This is my jar all ready for "good things that have happened" notes to be added to it all throughout the 2013 New Year.  How exciting will it be when Rob and I open it next Year at this time to have us some "Memories with Love"."

"Then I had to get a plate of Christmas goodies all ready since I was expecting some "special" company this afternoon to come visiting."

I was also totally thrilled to death when my Son, Paul, had sent me a text to say he was on his way up to spend New Year's Eve with me !!!  Here I thought I would be spending another one alone with just little old me and my "Checkerboard Aussies", but it was not to be after all.  

Paul arrived just before the lunch hour, but had been exhausted so headed off right away to his room for 40 winks or so.  Not too long after a knock came to the front door and my company arrived. 

I had a wonderful afternoon as my young friend, Ashley, along with her sister, Amber came visiting with no other then quite an amazing young man by the name of Nathan Patrick William Reynolds-Furry having arrived just last week all the way from Yass, Australia !!! to visit little ole' us over here on the Bruce Peninsula.  We had such a delightful visit all together.  I was thrilled at what a knowledgeable, educated, open and honest, young man I found Nathan to be.  Everything through our correspondence of the last month or so I had thought him to be, with naught a disappointment whatsoever.

It wasn't too late when Paul came out to join us after arising from his 40 winks.

"Bandit, of course, being the kind of Australian Dog he is had to be all over his very first Australian Human as much as he could."

Ashley could not believe I didn't have my camera going off all afternoon while they were here visiting, but I was way too busy enjoying the company of having them all there.  It was a real treat for me to have an afternoon house full of such enjoyable company at my mercy.  *smile*

"Ashley insisted she take a photo of I along with Nathan.  I suspect there might be a few more of Nathan showing up in my blog posts in the month of January."

Once the girls and Nathan had take their leave, Paul and I set out for downtown Wiarton to have ourselves a bite of supper at the Subway.  Not too much else going on in the big town of Wiarton, so back home we came.

Paul was busy with some text messaging so I "fired up" my Facebook page to find my name had been "tagged" by The Cluttered Cupboard, one of my favourite stores in downtown Wiarton.  I had, along with my friend, Toni with an "i", apparently won their Give Away they had just recently hosted.  You and a friend were eligible to win by  referring a friend to "LIKE" The Cluttered Cupboard's Facebook page.

"Check out what Toni with an "i" and I each won from The Cluttered Cupboard.  Are they not just too cool?  I think I am going to love having one of these in my home."

Really and truly, should you ever be up on the Bruce Peninsula in my Neck of the Woods in Wiarton, you certainly would not be disappointed should you drop on in at The Cluttered Cupboard.  Or if you are unable to do that, you may just like to have a "peak" in at their Facebook page to see exactly what kind of really authentic cool stuff that they do have to offer you and your home, or unique gifting needs, by *clicking* HERE.  

Just tell Bill or Holly I sent you, and you are a friend of mine (oh yes and I do not get paid or reimbursed in any way by referring you there, I really do just LOVE their store and the owners are pretty awesome people too *smile*).

I really have had a pretty good 2012 if I say so myself with some totally awesome Highlights that I would love to share .....

There were new "Checkerboard Aussies" HERE.

My wonderful husband, Rob, began his "Crabby Cabbie" adventure HERE.

There has not only been adventures going on this past Year but a few laughs HERE too.

Boys and their Toys HERE.

Lots of Summer Fun with the Grand boys HERE

"Check out what I won with this Scone Recipe I entered it in to Win by *clicking*  HERE."

The whole Year of 2012 had been one sort of an adventure all Year long, as you can tell .....

Here I sit reflecting back on all what a great year 2012 really has been while the love of my life is hard at it again doing what he does best with his "Crabby Cabbie" hat firmly atop his head while he says .....

"Happy New Year to ALL my Family & Friends.  Wishing much happiness and many blessings to all of you and yours in 2013."

I am looking forward to another wonderful adventurous Year in my Life ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Happy New Year my friend!!! (((Hugs))) All the best for 2013!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend from north of Wiarton and south of the checkerboard!! all the best in 2013!! hugs xoxo

  3. Absolutely LOVE the photo of you in rubber boots and nightie at dawn!
    Happy New Year to You and Rob and your family. Nemo sends best wishes to the Aussie's!
    Ottawa Valley karen

  4. What beautiful pictures. I have the I love you to the moon and back hanging in my living room and each of the kids rooms. We have said this to them since they were born and they have said it back to us since they could talk. Its very special to us

  5. Love the jar and the pics and the dogs...and, well, everything! :O) Happy New Year to you and yours! :O)

  6. I enjoyed looking back on your year with you. Always chuckle at you in your nightie and wellies with the dogs.

    All the best for 2013 to you and your family,


  7. Happy New Year Cindy! All the best in 2013.


  8. Happy New Year to you and Rob Cindy! And a HUGE THANK YOU for all you do by helping promote small businesses!! I LOVE the memory jar idea... may do this! I am doing a Project Life - which i will incorporate with my digital scrapbooking - fun stuff - MEMORIES!! :)

  9. Sandra Bates Adams1 January 2013 at 10:48

    Happy New Year! Love your snowman socks & your pictures.


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