Saturday, 15 December 2012

I Barely Can Believe It Myself !

Last night I was tired, heading off to bed just after 9:30 pm.

"I obviously wasn't the only one tired in the house, as my Bandit boy was having himself a "head start" on me in the snoozing department."


I didn't get to sleep as well as I was hoping to last night, but still "some" is better then "none", is it not?  

This morning I had the pleasure of reading an article written by Nathan Patrick Reyolds-Furry of Yass, Australia, which warmed my Heart to get my day off to a wonderful start.  I would love to share his blog post of his own hand.  My response is below in Bold, directly above the link to his post.

Corresponding whether local or abroad gives way to opening many new wonderful doors.. Take up pen and paper, or other means such as email correspondence to open your own door way. There is a whole new person with wonderful opinions and a different life, as you might know life to be, to share theirs with yours. Broaden your horizons through a pen pal.

"Click" on the above link.

Thank you Nathan, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your "take" on taking up a pen and bringing down the Borders.  More so I am forever indebted to you for your kindness of representing me on my behalf.  

I got me some more HAPPY MAIL !!!

"Hahaha ... check out the card I got from my friend, Abby of Miners' Maple Products.  I LOVE me some Humor !!!"

Not only did I get me some more HAPPY MAIL yesterday, I WON me another draw this morning !!!  "I Barely Can Believe It Myself !!! "

"I won this "original" drawing by Michelle Hogan of Michelle Hogan Equine & Fine Art.  This original is titled "Carefree".  With no other true prints,  it is a "one & only" that will be framed and hanging proudly on one of my walls here "Just North of Wiarton"."

Michelle Hogan is one of many talents you will find on the Bruce Peninsula.  A young inspiring artist with an amazing love for horses.  Michelle, I hope some day in the New Year, will do a Guest Post for us here.  In the meantime Michelle does commission work, has artwork available for sale, with more of her work available by going onto her Website by *clicking* HERE.  

Michelle is also hosting some Mini Contests until her Facebook  reaches 1,000 "LIKES".  To be eligible to win one of Michelle's "Limited Edition" prints please check out the details by *clicking* HERE.

"In need of some Gift Giving ideas?  Michelle also has these Note Card sets available for $5.00 per set.  Interested in a set, please Email to inquire further by contacting Michelle at  ."

All that excitement first thing this morning got me off to a "sure fired" start, once I had at least a second third cup of coffee.  As well as looking after all the "Checkerboard Aussies" throughout the day, making the bed, washing and hanging a load of laundry out on the clothes line (yes it was that nice out today), and finishing it up later today in the dryer, I got myself going on ....

Phase 3 ~ Homemade Chocolates:

"The Homemade Chocolates had "set" in the fridge overnight after coating them in chocolate yesterday.  Today I got them all packaged up, after sampling at least one, or had that been two?  They really are "yummy", honest to goodness cross my Heart !"

Once that job was done and out of the way I went full steam ahead with my next "to do" on my Christmas Goodies List.

"Yes an order for Marshmallow Rolls, aka "Stained Glass Windows", had been put in both by my Rob and Paul.  Everything lined up and ready to go with no problems in the melting chocolate department today."

"Icing Sugar meets well beaten eggs; chocolate then added in to be mixed with nuts and marshmallows following thereafter."

"I LOVE me some Waxed Paper, as it makes life so much easier with goodie projects such as these.  Mixed up and ready to roll in the Coconut (yech), then wrapped to set in the fridge.  What a disaster my Kitchen was in with this, that and whatever going on !  My Mascot usually laying in the hallway decided to come in so I could have something to "step over" every now and again along with everything else I had going on ... jeez Bandit !"


"When cleaning up from the Marshmallow Rolls there had been a little incident with the Chalkboard and the butter ... oopsie, notice the bearded buttered smiley face?  Once that got looked after it was then onto the next "to do" off the Goodies List, "Mom's Christmas Cookies"."

"All set, ready, go .... sugars and margarine meet up with eggs and vanilla.  Thank goodness for my Braun Mini Processor to chop those cherries up."

"Dry met wet, then by the teaspoonful, batter meets cookie tray ... before I knew it, how many trays later, there was 114 of my Mom's Christmas Cookies at my fingertips ... I think I had myself, one, two, three ... was that count up to six???"


There are many Christmas memories attached to Mom's Christmas Cookies for my siblings and I.  Our Mother used to make tins upon tins of these.  Through the night, when we thought Mom and Dad had been sleeping, we would "sneak" down the steps to grab handfuls to greedily consume back in our beds.  Ha ... with the age difference between us all, it is funny how each our account of these cookies escapades are so similar !  They really truly are one, "yummy" old fashioned very much so "tried, tested & true" throughout the Years by our family, Cookie.

"Could I interest anyone in a "treat" or two?"

My kitchen is semi-back to normal, with 2 sink fulls of dishes done, and one more yet to go; one side of the counter cleaned off with the other side still a clutter.  My laundry is dry, folded and put away.  I have just taken 1 1/2 hours to complete this blog post, including photos and recipes.  I have officially ran out of "steam".

On that note, I believe I will be having myself a cup of Java, take out my "Checkerboard Aussies" for their last time tonight in the next hour or so, have myself a nice hot bath and say "goodnight", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. That sketch you won is just gorgeous!! What talent!! :) Everything you bake looks sooo good! Yum!! I miss that stuff... Hope you get a day to relax tomorrow, Cindy!!

  2. Ps - That comic is hilarious!! Rotfl!!!

  3. Congrats on winning the beautiful drawing. Michelle's drawings are beautiful. Thank you for putting the link into your blog. I find your blogs very interesting.

  4. I printed your Mom's Cookie Recipe it sounds easy and delicious. You really must be one of the luckiest ladies I know with all that winning you do. (Maybe we need a trip to the horse track LOL). Going to try to send some Dish Faries your way! Hope they don't get lost on the way up the peninsula. Have a great Day and a wonderful Christmas!!!!

  5. Michelle's print is absolutely lovely - you lucky thing!

  6. Put on the coffee I am popping by tomorrow to sample everything, as it's only prudent to do that and I guess I will do it for you if I HAVE too!!



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