Friday 30 November 2012

Goodbye November 2012

.... it was nice knowing you while you were here with us.  December is just around the corner from us now hopefully with lots of fun and surprises with it.

It doesn't seem to long ago it had been October.  October was when I had decided to get back on the "Band Wagon" with healthy eating and daily exercise.  How have I been doing with that?  I might ask myself that very same question.  In my opinion I really haven't been giving it my very very best efforts, but then again in my own defense I haven't been feeling the best for the past few months either.

On a "high" note though I had wrote down the stats on the 12th of October, and did a re-check today (it being the last day of November and everything you know).

October 12th vs November 30th 2012

Wgt.  152 lbs.    150 lbs.

Hips   42"           42"
Wst    33"           31"
Stch   40"           38"  (that is short for stomach)
Brsts  36"           36"  (no change here; have you priced out a new bra lately???)

However "tardy" I have been in my goals, I have still been making an effort to the best of my ability ... translation "when I fell off the said, Bandwagon, I got myself back on instead of doing on a downhill spiral".  Never give up !!!  as it will always be worth it when you get where you want to be, both physically and mentally, or this is how I have formed my opinion on it.

Onward further into the day I go ... however uneventful it has been.

I had my usual weekly trip "North of the Checkerboard" scheduled with the Good Doctor.  Rob had to cancel his appointment last week as he had been getting his new employee up and running at that time with The "Crabby Cabbie".  Since he needed to get "on board" with another appointment I offered to give mine up to him this morning.  Off we went up to Lion's Head ....

"Honestly I could NOT be this calm if I knew I was going to be having a huge needle stuck in my backside !!!  Not too much fazes my Rob this is a known fact for those who know him well.  Ha !"

Lucky guy as it just so happened after I got the backside shot the batteries in my camera "gave up the Ghost" ... hahahaha.

It was funny as we were driving up to the Doctors and back we were kibitzing back and forth, as we usually do with each other, when I mentioned to him he must miss me as he has nobody to bug when he is out working all those hours.  Yeppers, he did have to admit there was a bunch of truth to that statement.  Then again when we were in Dr. Loney's office I am sure he got a couple "funnies" in at the Good Doctor's expense.

Rob and I do have fun, most times when we are together.  I do find I get lonely more often the naught with the long hours he has to put in, but that is the "name of the game" when you have your own business.  Thank God I have our "Checkerboard Aussies" or I really would be "beyond lonely" at times, now wouldn't I be !

I had been pretty excited late yesterday afternoon when I had found out Austin Graphics in Port Elgin (and Owen Sound) had their Cook Books available for pickup, as way back months ago I had submitted two recipes to them.  Each Cook Book is $5.00 with all proceeds going to the Owen Sound Salvation Army.  I had sent my "Crabby Cabbie" in to get one for me.  When the lady realized he was my husband and found out my name, she had said I receive a "free" copy for entering my recipe selections.  Whoohooo !!!

"We now have 2 copies of the 1st Annual Austin Graphic Cookbooks with Recipes submitted by Saugeen Shores and surrounding area residents.  Rob gave them the $5.00 donation for a second copy."

Drop on in at Austin Graphics Owen Sound or Port Elgin to receive your own copy of their Cook Book for a $5.00 donation going to a good cause, while copies are available.

On the way up to the Good Doctor's this morning, I had taken along my copy to leaf through.  I am not disappointed as there are some pretty good recipes I am "itching" to try out.  The second copy? stay tuned as there will be a "Give Away" for it in January over at Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook.

What on Earth did I do with the rest of my day?  Not really too much of anything, as I still feel a bit of cold hanging in there so I actually took it easy today, even though there is so much to be done !

"I took advantage of the lower hydro rates after 11:00 am to do a load of coloured laundry and hang it on the Wooden Clothes Horse.  Very very seldom do I ever use the dryer.  Lots of heat coming from the Woodstove, why not being using it, is my thoughts."

I did up all my Christmas Cards (hoping I haven't forgotten anyone ... yikes) when I realized there was one more I had to send.

"I am hoping, for the mere cost of a Card and a Stamp, I will be able to a *smile* on someones face this Christmas Season with a cheery card and message sent their way."

I also got a couple more things put out in way of making it to look a "bit more like Christmas" around here.

I do love a few Christmas decorations up and around, as it gets the excitement of the approaching day churning a bit in the tummy.  Christmas butterflies, I will call them.

This here Video had been "shared" today on a friend's Facebook page.  It made me smile from "ear to ear".  I had to share it so everyone else could have a huge *smile* planted on their faces too.

Oh man that boy can move ... would love to see how he does that number in a few years from now, wouldn't you?

 Lots of heavy snow and blowing has been going outside our walls here today.  I just heard not too long ago it was drifting and there was "black ice" on the roads.  I will be calling my "Crabby Cabbie" to make sure he know this.  I have been victim to "black ice" and I still haven't wholly recovered from the fear of Winter driving since.

I am off to brave the blowing snow and cold, as my "Checkerboard Aussies" will be needing me veru soon, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard"


  1. Good luck on your healthy resolutions, Cindy. It will pay off :) you've got snow already? Be safe! - Irma

  2. Good job with the weight & inches lost !! Awesome girl! I just love the looks if wood stoves... they're so "homey" & warm! (Literally! lol!) I love small city recipe books... They always have the best recipes in them! :) Enjoy!!

  3. I should copy you and start doing something about my health. Keep it up Cindy!

    Wow, that boy can dance! What a cutie.


  4. Way to drop the inches!!! I think my measurements changed the past two months as well but they went to other way! Your wash hanging by the fire looks so cozy, I need to add a clothes drying rack to my wish list

  5. i wish i would brave one day as take my "actual" measurements.
    aimee from craftmates

  6. well done on dropping those inches.

    Loved the you tube video so cute.

    I have been hanging my washing on the clothes horse to dry for a while now, as it's too cold to hang outside now.



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