Thursday 27 December 2012

An "Awesome" Christmas Dinner & More

Still last night I was again up and down with an upset stomach, which finally seemed to pass by the time this morning rolled around.  Rob adorned his "Crabby Cabbie" hat, heading out the door first thing this morning, while I did a few odds and sods around here.  Nothing too strenuous mind you, but gained a start on sorting out some of the bookkeeping needing done sooner then later.

I was thrilled to have had actually caught up with our young Australian man via Skype when he had a stopover at the LAX LA International Airport, 10 am my time.  It was quite amazing to actually speak to someone and see them after so many weeks gone by of commuting through a Private Messenger.  Yes talk and see the person you are speaking to is pretty amazing, or maybe for some NOT?  *smile*  

I am still awaiting word of Nathan's flight to arrival into Toronto's International Pearson Airport, as it had apparently been delayed.  Hopefully I will hear word soon.

Rob worked until lunch hour today, then came home to collect me, as we had been invited out for a Christmas Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings for 2:00 pm.  If anyone knows my Rob, he would very, if ever, seldom turn down a Turkey Dinner at the best of times.  

Off we went on scheduled "take off" time ....

"Rob decided we would take the scenic route, which I really didn't mind whatsoever as it was pretty nice with the bit of snow we have just had."

Going the scenic route had one disadvantage, it got me turned around since I was used to going to my friend's, who I had only been at twice before, another way.  Yes we were headed the wrong way and quite a ways until realizing this, but did get ourselves turned around.  Really it wasn't too much longer until we did arrive, and thank goodness maybe 10 minutes before Dinner was being served.  At least we weren't late !!!

I was happy to be invited to such a wonderful dinner by my friend, Toni with an "i", and her husband Bob (NO?) .....

" .... and what a feast it was, as you can tell by my Rob's plate loaded up for his first helping.  The table set for eight of us, with the chief cooks hard at the last minute preparations before we all came to sit.  I never know how I always seem to manage room for dessert, but the homemade pumpkin pie was to difficult for me to pass up on."

Really it was a totally well put together "amazing" Christmas Dinner.  Center of attention had been the 27 pound Turkey that apparently had to be "shoved" into the roaster to make it fit, along with Brussel Sprouts, Carrots, Pea, Turnip, Potatoes, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce, pickles and even Yorkshire puddings.  Oh yes, did I mention dessert ??? of course I did !

Thank you again for the lovely Dinner, Toni with an "i" and Bob (NO?).  Rob will be begging me to somehow get another invite out of you someday, I just know it !  

Since Rob has to work again tonight, we had to take off for home around 5:00 pm.  Coming back through Owen Sound, the way I know, we both couldn't believe our eyes when ahead of us we seen ....

"... a person out on their Scooter !  The temps were -6, never mind the Wind Chill.  Oh my do people ever cease to amaze me?  I think not when I see such goings on."

Christmas Eve there had been a "chit" in our mailbox for a parcel pickup for me.  The store wasn't open to pick it up until today.  It was HAPPY MAIL all right !  Happy Mail that I was beyond surprised at receiving ....

"Just look at what my dear young beautiful friend, Lena, had posted me !  How did she know how much I LOVE Snowmen?  I am pretty sure that girl has been reading my blog !  Ha!  And look at the amazing Christmas Card she included with her beautiful family and herself.  Lena, you truly truly made my heart sing this day ... biggest hugs going South of the Canadian Border to you my sweet friend.  xxx "

I truly get blown away thinking how fortunate of what great friends I have, and have made throughout the past few years since moving back to Bruce County, and through blogging.  How blessed I truly am in all these respects.  Thank you to each and everyone of you.

Okay I really was happy I had been sitting down when we had arrived back home to realize what my dear hubby had been up to ....

"I could NOT believe when I got up to find him in the kitchen directly after we had gotten home making himself a double decker sandwich out of a bun and the turkey, Toni with an "i" had so graciously been shamed into sending sent home for him.  And is that a "smirk" on that face I see ?  Oh man !!!!  he never ceases to amaze me that man of mine."

I really couldn't have had a better day then I did this day with spending time with my husband,  with new friends, and then to receive such a thoughtful gift so far away from yet another friend.  Truly I am blessed, and need to remind myself how much at times when I am not feeling so good and/or having myself an "off" day.

On that note, I shall be calling it a day here shortly, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. <3 you always make my day by reading your posts!! xo

  2. That turkey dinner sure looks good. My friend cooked Yorkshire puddings with the chicken we had on Christmas Day as she knew the other two ladies would enjoy it. (Unfortunately, not gluten free so I missed out). Glad you had such an enjoyable day.

  3. that meal looks wonderful. You have some lovely friends.


  4. Nothing better than sharing a meal with friends and not having to cook it yourself!! Love the gift sweet Leana sent, how very you!!! Glad you are starting to feel better.

  5. That scooter person is indeed crazy! x

  6. Oh, I'm glad you finally got it! I sent it almost a month ago! I was really hoping it would be there before Christmas :( But oh well, at least it made it. Hope you enjoy these snowmen next year!


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