Tuesday 11 December 2012

The Day Didn't Go As Planned ...

... going totally right off course from what I had all planned in my head.  Why is that?

All it took was one phone call around 8:00 am from my "Crabby Cabbie" saying there was some Homemade Cabbage Rolls, and if I wanted some I best be heading down to get some before they were all eaten up at lunch time.

Before I left the house I had to revise my plan so I could take advantage of all aspects of the sudden change.  First thing was to wrap the gift for the gal who won the December Give Away Draw over on Facebook at Cindy's Recipe Exchange; secondly put together a couple of Stuffed Green Peppers as thanks in turn for the Cabbage Rolls that was my purpose for going out; thirdly, plan out in my head two more stops to cover things I had planned on doing another day ... then I was off like a "herd of turtles", but not really as I don't think they do 85 km, do they?

"First stop was the Wiarton Post Office.  Since beginning Post Crossing a few short months ago I am quite the "regular" customer here.  There is the parcel sitting on the scales to determine the weight price to get it on its way."

Next stop on the outskirts of Wiarton was at the "Cop Shop", what my friends and I used to refer to it when growing up, as well as some other not so glamorous names I am sure ... *blush*.  I had received a call late last week to drop around to the South Bruce Peninsula OPP Detachment as .....

"The VON Piggy had been released from evidence, as it had been found all along, unbeknownst to us, with no money in it of course.  Yeah !!!  some of my regular readers will remember when she had been first partnered up with my "Crabby Cabbie" only to have been stolen the very next night.  You may read all about it by *clicking* HERE."

Once I  had happily retrieved the VON Piggy, I made my way down to Saugeen First Nation, where I met up  with my "Crabby Cabbie" at the Saugeen Gas Bar.

"Rob was "surprised" to see her !  She had been replaced with another after being stolen,.  However now that my "Crabby Cabbie" has a new driver employed, who happens to be the very nice lady sitting beside Rob, she will stay with us in the secondary vehicle to help "Raise Pennies for VON"  Hooray for the "VON Piggy for Pennies" & my "Crabby Cabbie", as they are back together again !"  

The next scheduled stop was in Southampton at 171 Huron Street to see Kerry at, where else but .....

"D'sZign By Kerry.  I was lucky as I had caught her at home so I could save myself another trip, or save my "Crabby Cabbie" from picking up the items I had purchased from Kerry through her Event on Facebook."

Two more weeks before Kerry shuts the doors of D'sZign By Kerry for good.  *Sad* as she has such lovely things she has Handmade herself.  These are some of the items Kerry still has available for sale so hurry on over to get a 50% savings ....

"See how lovely these cowls accent a sweater?"

"A few little "onesies" in different sizes ... I heard one of my Girlfriends had been in buying one for her little granddaughter just the other day.  Also to be gotten are Doggies designer scarves,  Wine cozies for the bottom of your Wine Glass, and a few other great gift giving ideas."

"Check out these "coffee sleeves" !  I love the one my Secret Sister Virna, one of Four over at Craftmates, gifted me this past Spring.  And really, how cool are those "retro" toaster covers?"

Great quality items being offered by Kerry, so drop on by this weekend to get yourself some at fantastic prices.  Thanks Kerry for putting those items aside for me, I am  going to miss your gift giving ideas next Year!  If you start up again, please be sure to let me know you have.

By the time I arrived back home "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard" it had been well after lunch time.  You know everyone of those "Checkerboard Aussies" of mine would all want some attention, so that was the first order before I took anything from the Van into the house.

This afternoon was spent not doing much of anything other then putting dishes away, sweeping another Bandit off the floors and checking through a few recipes.  You know it was all worth it I am sure because ....

".... this is the "prize" at the end of my day, and I ain't sharing with my "Crabby Cabbie".  Thanks Wendy, as I am really really looking forward to enjoying Your Cabbage Rolls for My Supper this evening."

Oh my, my mouth is watering just looking at the photos of them.  Wanna see another "mouth watering" photo? go on over to Gill's, That British Woman, to check out some pretty yummy looking Christmas Cherry Chews just by *clicking* HERE.  I think I am going to try making me some, however half with coconut for Rob and try half without for me.  Sorry I am far from a huge coconut fan.

Oops, where are my manners ???  I would love to send out a huge welcome to my newest follower, who has joined me for my daily journey and a known opinion or two at times .... WELCOME Nathan Patrick Reynolds-Furry, or just Nathan Furry will do, all the way over in Australia !  Thanks for being here with us, Nathan, I am honoured you are.  *Smile*.

Nathan has so kindly acted on my behalf the last few weeks with respect to my friend, John of Tok Tok Place.  Thank you for your many acts of kindness, Nathan, as it shows what wonderful spirit and character you possess.  I look forward to the day I meet you in person, which I am happy is not too far off from now.

Grammar or Spelling errors? too bad, so sad, I am tired.  *Smile*

Speaking of food, I am feeling a "tad" hungry, thinking I best be getting me some Cabbage Rolls here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. thanks for the link to my blog really appreciate it. Those cabbage rolls look really good.

    You're always a busy bee, and I am going to check out the crockpot next time I am close to Home Hardware.


  2. I was so sorry to hear about John. He had the same illness as my friend Ed who passed away in August. His blog will be a cherished memory for his friends and family.

  3. I haven't had cabbage rolls in years. We call them "golubtsi" in Russian. See, I'm saying your blog always makes me hungry :)

  4. Once again you are such a busy beaver!! Cabbage rolls don't go over too well at our house, the kiddo's think they are slimmy, Ha must be a southern thing they want everything fried. Your friends shop looks like it has so many lovely things. It's hard for a small bus. to keep the doors open, so sad

  5. I love that you are gaining so much followers worldwide

  6. Thank you for the Mention Cindy - I look forward to seeing you in twelve days :)!


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