Tuesday 4 December 2012

With A Little Help I Could Do It !

In my post of Yesterday there had been a couple people curious on how much the Hand Painted Antique Ironing Board I had purchased at "Sweet Things at Dejong Acres Farm's" Open House this past Saturday had cost me, but there hadn't been anyone take a "guess" at the price.  If anyone has every been at the Dejong Acres Farm, or gone onto their website, they would know among other things they are "sheep farmers", so I really might have to admit I had fallen into a pile of "Sheep S**t, as the price I had paid....

".... for what I think is a pretty cool piece of decor was a grand total of $10.00 !  Can you believe it?  and I honestly think I "stole" it !  Regardless if I hadn't nabbed it I think Anita Dejong or Abby Miners' would have done so, that was for certain, but they been too polite not to grab it from my already firm grasp.  Ha !"

Last week I had blogged about Karen's Creations Scrapbooking, located downtown Wiarton, as having a couple sessions set up for people to make Christmas Cards and Tags for the cost of $15.00 per person, including all materials.  Last night my friend, BJ and I took advantage of this (what I thought to be one heck of a deal) since neither of us had ever made anything like these in our life before.

"Just before 6:00 pm last evening brought us down to Karen's Creations Scrapbooking on Main Street in Downtown Wiarton.  You may find out more about Karen's Creations at her website by *clicking* HERE, or joining her Facenbook Group by *clicking" HERE.  I hope I will be welcoming Karen to the Bruce County Small Businesses Reaching Out group on Facebook very shortly too."

"I am very pleased to introduce Karen Lancaster showing us the very first Card we were going to be making with the selection to the right being the full package along with tags."

"At our stations Karen did not leave BJ and I treading water by ourselves, being there to assist the whole time we needed her.  Hmmm, I am thinking it could have been possible BJ needed more assistance then I ? or was it just because I had the camera in my possession?  Ha !"

"Karen took a bit of time to show us how the stamps worked on making a "glitter" effect.  Once Karen had stamped the paper, she poured glitter onto the stamped pattern, shaking the excess glitter back into a tray, then taking a heat gun to "dry" it.  Pretty cool to find out some of the "behind the scenes" stuff.  Thanks Karen."

We had been getting near the end when the door had opened to see my "Crabby Cabbie" entering.  He thought he would stop in to be nosy say "hello" on his way home.

"It was kind of nice Rob had stopped in as he took a couple photos of the two of us hard at work on our Handmade Creations (of course with Karen close by)."

"Some of us needed to concentrate obviously a little harder then others."


I am pretty sure we had spent a good three hours with Karen, but then again that included inquiring and talking about a couple of other things too.  Personally I couldn't do anything ever like this on a regular basis as my neck could not take the bending over such a long time.  I am really *sad* about this as I can honestly say I really had fun and enjoyed myself.  It wasn't too difficult not to enjoy myself either since I had been in such good company with BJ and Karen.  Thanks girls.

"With a little help I could do it !  Check our everything I made ... are they not lovely?"

Can you believe within two days I made my own outdoor Christmas Wreath, five Handmade Christmas Cards and four Tags ????  I surely hope I have made an impression on all of my already "crafty" friends ... *Smile*.

Today was not a productive day whatsoever as I woke with my whole body aching from "head to toe" and my neck feeling like it was ready to come away from my shoulders.  That is "okay" because we all know anything needing done is always going to be there waiting for us.  It took me awhile, but I finally convinced myself of this.

However I did have to go out this morning to do some banking and pick up a couple items from our local Foodland store.  After lunch my "Crabby Cabbie" had called to say he had someone in Saugeen Shores was inquiring about purchasing some Gift Certificates for Cab Fares.  I had not too long ago been thinking about Gift Certificates, but of course it had stayed a "thought".  

I called the lady back on the behalf of my "Crabby Cabbie", introducing myself as his "Not So Crabby Wife".  I thanked her for calling us, as she had found our phone number in the Bruce Municipal Phone Book in Saugeen Shores after being turned away by some others.  She expressed her pleasure at me being immediately receptive to her needs.  I told her I would get back to her by the end of the week with some Gift Certificates.

I made a couple of phone calls to friends (thanks Pam), to get some ideas, then found a template online and whipped up our own "Crabby Cabbie" Gift Certificates.  I then drove back downtown to Karen's Creations to purchase some stock paper from her and within an hour or so .....

"I placed the call back to the lady to tell her the Gift Certificates she requested would be delivered to her tomorrow.  I am pretty proud of myself.  I am pretty sure I am creative, but in more of the "computer" sense then other things.  What do you think of the "Crabby Cabbie's" Winter themed Gift Certificates?"

Unfortunately, but at times a reality we need to worry about such items being "photocopied", as there is some who wouldn't even think about committing fraud if such Gift Certificates might fall in to the wrong hands.  On the suggestion of another friend (thanks Toni), I had purchased a unique ink pen for Rob to sign the Gift Certificates as well as numbering each one.  This will make them more authentic and easy to "stand out" to us.

Should anyone care to gift a "Crabby Cabbie" Gift Certificate for Christmas or any time of Year, please contact the Original "Crabby Cabbie" Rob at 519-373-7000 or 519-379-7700 to place your order.  Please keep in mind, "only the Name is Crabby"  (and Yes, I am zipping my lip on that one).

Are you on Facebook?  The "Crabby Cabbie" would love if you went there to "LIKE" his Facebook page by *clicking* HERE, .  I would like to extend a "Special Thank You" to Russ Ewing of Stinky Dog, as the "Crabby Cabbie" is now ....

"Getting into the "Christmas Spirit" over there on his Facebook Page."

It had been that kind of day for me, with not much really accomplished but something significant accomplished.  It is "all good".

I am pretty excited about tomorrow as there is something on my Calendar I have been looking forward to, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I am impressed with all your crafting skills, and the gift certificate idea is a great one. Mind you folk will be asking for you to donate them for fund raisers now!!!!

    Hope you're feeling a little better tonight?


    1. Thanks Gill, you are a Doll. I suppose a donation here or there won't hurt us too terribly within reason within the Community who supports our Business.

  2. Awesome job.. Cindy, you rock!!

  3. Great job at all this creativeness. See, when you have to do something, you came thru. Gift Certificates look very professional at that. I like the ironing board, that's a neat idea. Must say thanks for the Christmas card, a nice surprise in my mailbox. Bess

  4. Your cards are beautiful!!! I love making cards, need to resupply my card drawer after Christmas. Crafting with a friend makes it double fun. The ironing board is so nice, you really got a deal on that!!!!

  5. Love the cards! Is there anything you cannot do?
    Aimee from Craftmates

  6. I had a great time making them with you cindy! you did an amazing job! Love the ironing board aswell!


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