Sunday 2 December 2012

A Creative Cookbook Day

I couldn't believe when I got up at my usually early time to see the windows spattered in rain with it still coming down ....

"Just before 6:00 am I sent Bandit out into the wet muck ... damp and cold it was, while I got the woodstove stoked up and going again."

My morning zoomed by me with not to much in the way of anything accomplished around here getting done, and anything meaning "NOTHING" !   We had to take Rob's "Crabby Cabbie" vehicles over to our mechanics for an Oil Change and Maintenance.  This is something this is a "must" and done on a regular basis to ensure the "safety" of the "Crabby Cabbie's" customers. 

When all that running around had been done I finally got home at 11:00 am to let all our "Checkerboard Aussies" in, out and about before I got ready to head back out again by the Noon hour.  I was heading on out to something I had been looking forward to for the past couple of weeks.  I was so excited !!!

First I stopped into Wiarton to pickup a couple of gals there who just happen to be part of Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook, to then stop at Tim Hortons to get us all a hot beverage for the drive out to see ....

"Abby Miners of Miners' Maple Syrup Products, as she was Hostessing a Cookbook Swap for us gals at her house this day."

"You can not imagine our surprise when Toni brought the Candy Canes I had posted about yesterday!  She made them last night ... what a gal !  And you have no idea of my surprise when I received this very "special" card from my friend, Toni with an "i" with a Four Leaf Clover she had found and picked for me to share some "luck" with me.  Thanks Toni, it is now in my Display Cabinet where it will forever touch my Heart."

I really can't recall at the moment, but I know someone on the Exchange had mentioned something about also making Christmas Wreaths (I think it was our friend, Toni with an "i" to be quite honest), and of course Abby as fun loving and on for almost anything going said, "let's do it!".  I am not too crafty, so I wasn't too sure but what the heck I was in for some more fun.

"Fun? you have NO idea how much us FUN us girls had !  I am still smiling about all the FUN we had.  Here we all are, Abby, Toni, Terri and Sherri."

"Terri and Sherri had the window view and really what an awesome view it is."

"Look at the wonderful creations that had been made by Toni and Sherri.  Sherri was going to be adding the "babbles" when she got back home."

My creation? it is still in my Van and I promise I will take a photo of it tomorrow, as I really am quite proud of myself on how well I actually did.

We had almost been done with our Wreath making when someone else arrived at the door.  Connie, another Recipe Exchange gal, had arrived a bit late as she hadn't had the best of times finding where Abby lives.  Her perseverance paid off, and good thing for us ...

" look at the tray of Homemade goodies she had brought along with her for ALL OF US.  Oh my you have no idea how yummy all these goodies were when I had sampled all a few of them myself." 

Then it was time we all congregated into Abby's living room to decide who was going to fight over get what cookbook.

"Look at the pile of Cook Books we had to choose from.  After everyone had their pick, with no pulling of hair I might add, there was still a pile leftover.  Abby made sure Sherri had a "bag full" of the leftovers to take along home with her as she had lost all hers in a flood not too long ago."

What "a creative Cookbook day" it was.

Abby, being the gracious and fun hostess she is, offered us Homemade Chili, Deviled eggs (made with Maple Syrup Mustard of course), veggies and dip.  Oh yes the Peanut Butter Bread she had also made was scrumptious !  Then we had the pleasure of having a personal tour of "behind the scenes" at Miners' Maple Syrup Products.

"Can you believe the size of that Vat to the right? and all those steel barrels?  Here Abby is explaining about the new "Sugar Shack" that is in the process of being erected.  This is where all the syrup is collected from all the lines coming from the trees goes into (oh man I hope I was paying attention enough to get that all right...)."

Should you ever have the opportunity to go on a Maple Syrup Tour in the Spring, I would highly recommend it as it is very interesting and as the old saying goes, "it has come a long way baby" from times of old !

Thank you Abby Miners for suggesting and hostessing this event today, as I thoroughly enjoyed it.  What a pleasure it was getting to personally know some of the local girls who are members of Cindy's Recipe Exchange.  Hopefully next time around we will be able to meet even MORE members at a Second Cookbook Swap, hopefully making it an Annual event !

Oh by the way ... as for anything else not posted here, "what went on at Abby Miners', stays at Abby Miners' ".  Right girls?  *Wink*Wink* and a *Big Smile*.  Honestly each and everyone of us had a "blast".

I returned home, for the second time today, just after 5:00.  Rob and I had to go pickup his one "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle, then I had to come back home again and attend to our Aussie doggies.  It didn't end there, as I had to do up the month end billing for the "Crabby Cabbie" ... oh me, oh my, does it ever end ????

Grammar and Spelling errors?  too tired, can't be bothered; not important to me at the moment.  Love myself for me and that is that !  *Smile*

I best be finishing up here, as it is 8:00 pm and Rob will be home from downtown with a Sub for each of us for our supper here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Busy day again...One of these girls have some really festive hair, in holiday spirit :) This plate of goodies look so good!!

    1. Lol that is not festive hair Lena that is just Terri :D!!!

  2. Lol right Cindy just like Vegas...*wink wink*!! Thanx for the invite,ride,laughs and goodies it was an awesum day!!! I can't wait to do it again!! :D

  3. That looks like an absolutely fabulous way to spend a day with friends. And the tray of goodies?! Yum!!

  4. what a super day you had, wished I lived a little closer, two hours is a bit far for me to travel, an hour and I would have been there!!!

    I am going to my first cookie exchange party next Sunday can't wait as Martha Stewart the 2nd is hosting dd, but her best friend!!


  5. I am impressed!
    my wreath last year looked bald as a coot!


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