Sunday 16 December 2012

Proceed With Caution !

I didn't feel like I had a single wink of sleep last night, even though I am certain I might have had at least one or two winks.  

My "Crabby Cabby" came home I believe around 4:30 am., read my blog post and hit the sack himself about 5:00 am.  He came to bed and I got up ... we are a revolving door us two are.

Once I got my usual morning routine done, I thought I should be productive by getting a load of laundry done and hung on the clothes horse, then make some more Christmas Goodies.  I was to wake Rob up at 9:00 am, as he had an appointment to drop off his "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle to our mechanics this morning.

"A Year after Year favourite of mine is Rocky Roads.  Simple and as Easy Peasy as 1-2-3 to make. Peanut Butter, Margarine, Butterscotch Chipits, Marshmallows and Walnuts.  Melt all together, let cool a bit, add Marshmallows to mix, spread in 9 x 12" waxed paper lined dish, top with walnut pieces, then place in fridge until set.  Does something this "yummy" get much easier then that?"


Oops, before I forget, apparently the link for the Marshmallow Rolls posted in yesterday's post was not working.  Just to let everyone know who might have wanted the recipe that they can go back for it, as it is now working.  *Smile*

Once I had cleaned up from making the Rocky Roads I woke my poor tired Rob.  A quick coffee into us before we headed out to drop off the "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle then head on over to Owen Sound as I needed a few items at the Bulk Barn.  Since we were going to be in Owen Sound, I contacted the Winner of my most recent Give Away to see if she could meet up with us while we were there.

It all worked out well, with us even having time to have a coffee along with a bit of a visit together.

"I am pretty sure Toni with an "i" was pleased with her new Christmas Runner.  I was happy I had gotten it to her so she might be able to enjoy it a bit before Christmas actually arrives."

Toni with an "i" headed out, while Rob and I continued over to the Bulk Barn to pickup the items I wanted, then headed on home ourselves.  I was looking forward to an afternoon of spending some "quality" time with my Rob since we seldom see each other any more.  

Once home I made us a coffee and before I knew it ....

".... two of the Men in my Life were with me at least in body, not too sure where their minds were at ?  At least we were all together."

*Sigh* I decided now I had everything needed to put something together I had my mind set on for the past few days I might as well get to it.

"When I unpacked the Bulk Barn Bag I had found they had put in this little grater for me.  Cute, isn't it?  I suppose I could use it to "zest" citrus fruit.  It was a nice "little" free surprise."

"This is what I made this afternoon.  I had my mind on making some layered jars for gift giving, having just recently coming across a recipe that was to my liking.  I had found the Snowman and Santa jars last month, so they were perfect for this.  I had been a bit disappointed Bulk Barn was out of the Christmas M&M's so the regular ones had to do.  They are so terribly cute though, are they not?"

I came across this layered jar recipe from Irma over at Craftmates.  You may check out how lovely Irma's Gift Jars are by *clicking* HERE, as well finding the link there where she found them over at, where there also is a downloadable PDF file for the tags.  I had halved the recipe for the size of the jars I had used, as the original recipe is based on the use of 1 Quart Jars.

I had been really really tired this afternoon when I had made up these gift jars.  When going to do a third one I messed up the layers so badly.  They could not be fixed, so I left the third jar to be done another day while I continued to mix and bake the mess I had messed mixed up.

"I ended up making the "Cowboy (or girl) Cookie" recipe.  Just as well I got to "try, test and true" them myself before gifting them."


WARNING !!!  When so tired your eyeballs feel they are going to "pop" from your head, "Proceed With Caution" !  Ha ... after my mess up on the third jar attempt, I took my time putting the recipe together for baking.  My cookies were not as flat as the ones from where the recipe originated, however they are really "yummy".

By the time I was done in the Kitchen for the second time this day, it was 4:30 pm, time for us to go collect Rob's "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle.

"Rob is very good at keeping on top of the mechanics of his "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle, as not only his safety is foremost that of his customers is priority.  Also with putting so many miles on the vehicle he makes sure the Oil gets changed every 5,000 km, which works out to be approximately every two weeks.  That is a lot of miles my man puts on himself and his vehicle !"

Back home again, Rob got some wood brought in from the wood shed, and I tidied up the kitchen some more.  Christmas Baking feels like when Preserving Season is happening ... things get left out on the counter until I am completely done, so I don't have to bring them out and put them away every day until I am finally finished with them all.  I just have Shortbread Cookies and another pan of Lemon Bars to do then I am finished !

It is amazing how many Christmas Goodies recipes have been posted by Members over at Cindy's Recipe Exchange .... every day I am sure I put on another "pound" by drooling over a new post.  There are so many excellent groups and sources on Facebook and Google, one could never NOT find something good to make at any given time.

Speaking of recipes, I am very pleased to welcome Molly as the newest follower of my daily journal and ramblings here, Just North of Wiarton.  Molly too has her own blog over at When the Dinner Bell Rings.  Totally amazing things can be found over there, this I know, as I am a frequent visitor.  Thanks Molly for being here with me !

Did I mention how tired I am? oh so tired, I am, I am ... I am calling it a wrap and very shortly a night here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Cindy you have to start taking it a bit easier, before you lose all your steam...


  2. Your Crabbie Cabbie is a good man to have his oil changed every 5,000 clicks - exactly what my Merry Mechanic recommends!

    And, oh gawd, Cindy, I can't believe the stuff you do. Also, I'm jealous that you have almost all your baking done. I did my first batch of cookies today and I'm feeling pretty smug! Your Rocky Roads look DELISH and I do believe I will filch that recipe.

  3. Oh Cindy, the Rocky Roads look yummy. The cowboy cookies turned out great. Glad to see it turned out well, haven't tried it myself. Will have to do that soon! Take it easy :) - Irma


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