Friday 7 December 2012

Annual Auntie & Cousin Christmas Luncheon

Morning began just after 5:00 am.  Up and at it heating some homemade Beef Stew for Rob to take along in his Thermos today, a coffee, Aussies, fed, in, out and about, bed made, dressed and out the door heading "North of the Checkerboard" to Lion's Head.

Befpre 8:30 am or so I was in at the Golden Dawn Nursing home to drop along a Christmas Pin my BFF, Colleen, had sent for my Mom and to have a bit of a visit with her before heading on over to my 9:00 am "shot in the arm" appointment with the Good Doctor.

Once home it was to attend to all the Aussies, make some "Crabby Cabbie" Gift Certificates that had been ordered, and get ready to go out again.  My Niece, Joanne, came to meet me at the house so we could head out together, as today was the Annual Auntie Glady and Cousin Christmas Luncheon we have been doing together for ?????? long now?

We arrived at the Green Door Cafe, downtown Wiarton, at the "reserved" time of 12:00 Noon, with Suzanne arriving there after which was a huge surprise as she is always really ever only minutes late, and never beats the Auntie and Cousin Vi !

My Cousin Vi had also been along at the "Open House" held at Dejong Acres Farm last Saturday, and also having had won a Door Prize too !!!

"Vi was more then pleased and surprised that I had her winnings for her of a hand painted saw blade of a  Cardinal on it.  Is it not lovely?  Vi really appreciated having it, as she, herself, does such beautiful hand paintings, appreciating how much time and love went into this one."

"Here we are after placing our orders.  Funny as it was not too long ago at past luncheons we had been passing photos of our families/grandchildren, and today phones were being passed around with photos of Grandchildren on them."

"Once we had all finished up with our lunches, Cousin Suzanne's daugther, Krista, popped in on her lunch break from work.  How nice was that for her to be able to join us.  Here is my Cousin Vi, Krista, and to the right my "don't bother taking my picture" Niece, Joanne."

"Suzanne had ordered the Lemon Blueberry Cream Pie (I hope I got that right).  I had a wee smidgeon off the end to taste, and it really was quite good."

"Look at all the goodies I received !!!  Homemade Gum Drop Cake and Nuts & Bolts from my Auntie, and a Snowman she had also made !!!  is it not the cutest?  There is my Cousins Vi, with her "evil twin" grin, and Krista with her beautiful *smile*."

"Had I mentioned Cousin Vi hand paints?  Look at this amazing hand painted Christmas Ornament she made for me, and a couple of others who were also there.  I think this has to be several she has made over the past few years for me.  My own personal Christmas Collection by Vi."

Once we had left the restaurant, we headed next door to do a bit of browsing at the Rankin River Trading Company.  They have a lovely selection of a bit of everything you might love or need to have for yourself or your home.  Just a little bit of everything from high quality clothing, to children's toys, homeware, etc ....

"Cousin Vi had found a very stylish dress top she was in trying on, while of course I waited for my "prey" to come out !  Ha !"

"See the lovely Christmas decor Rankin has to offer for sale?  and my favourites, Snowman !"

We all said our goodbyes and headed on home our separate ways..  As Joanne and I made our way back towards my Van, I was not only surprised, but delighted to see ....

"My friends, BJ & Paul really are Grandparents as seen by my very own eyes !  For some reason why had I gotten the feeling Paul was trying to avoid me?   Ha !  caught ya anyhow, Paolo !"

I am telling you those little Grands of Paul and BJ's are an absolute delight !  The little guy was explaining to me exactly where they were heading, and pointed to exactly who was going with him there.  The sweet little girl gave Joanne the biggest "hug" ... ahhhhh, way too sweet those babes are.  Oh yes, even Ruby was excited to see me, more then I can say for "some", Paul !  Oops did that "slip" from my keyboard?  xx

Before we went off to lunch, and then again when we had returned back to my house before Joanne headed home, she had crocheted up at least eight Granny Squares for my friend, Lynn, for her Optimist Club Fundraiser project.

"Joanne just chatted away while she whipped these up in no time at all.  I use to be able to do these like she at one time."

I had ordered something a few weeks ago from Proprietor, Nancy Davis at the Handicraft House, which is minutes up the Highway from our home, a little bit "North of the Checkerboard".  Joanne headed on home while I went to go pickup my order.

"Here I am at the front of the Handicraft House.  Check out the "retro" Santa greeting everyone coming in."

"I haven't been in for some time, but after being back today, I am itching to return as there is so many nooks and crannies I wanted to look into but didn't have time to do so.  Lot and lots of Gift giving ideas for a "special" someone, or better yet maybe yourself?  Nancy even had some gift giving packages made all ready to go !"

"The Handicraft House is Open Year Round.  Well worth your time to stop on in for a look into all those "nooks and crannies". "

Straight back home with my purchase I was able to package it up all ready for the mail with a couple other items I had to post, then headed on downtown Wiarton for the 2nd time today to post everything.  I wanted to get it done and out of the way, as I don't want to be leaving the house tomorrow, as I have way too many dust bunnies and floating dogs that need my undivided attention. *Sigh*.

"There was some Happy Mail in our mailbox for me again today.  Here is the card I received from another member of Cindy's Recipe Exchange.  Is it not lovely? as I most certainly think it is."

Before I sign off here for the evening, please take a moment if you haven't already to drop on in at my Post of Yesterday to see how you could contribute to the "Granny Square" project and to "Enter in to Win" my Christmas Gift Give Away.  You can go there by *clicking* HERE .

That is all she wrote, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Love reading your blog, always very interesting and very newsy, and love seeing pics of your precious four-legged creatures. :)

  2. Again Cindy, another fun-filled day. Stay warm!

  3. you are always so flipping busy running, here, there and everywhere.

    I am a fan of snowmen as well. I wish I could crochet {SIGH}



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