Thursday, 13 December 2012

Friends Never Forgotten

A bright dark and early morning I was up and at it heating up some Homemade Beef Vegetable Soup before  my "Crabby Cabby" was on his way out the door ...

"Getting ready to get out the door barely after 6:00 am.  Later in the morning, my protector sits at one of his "spots" at the top of the stairs in ready for any intruders that might happen his way."

Last evening my friend, Diana, and her husband, happened along to drop off some Pennies for the VON Piggy who has partnered up with The "Crabby Cabbie".  Should you "pop" in to take the "Crabby  Cabbie's" Taxi down in Saugeen Shores, make sure you feed the "VON Piggy" as I am certain she is always hungry."

"Diana thank you for all these pennies, as we know they will be going to an awesome Non-Profit Organization as the Grey-Bruce VON just happens to be."

Last night a friend had sent a few things home with my "Crabby Cabbie" for me which he no longer had any use for.  I was a "happy camper" and who wouldn't be when they received all of this ....

".... especially when all it is going to cost me is a batch of Homemade Peanut Butter Cookies.  *Sigh* friends are so thoughtful aren't they? that is why they are friends I suppose *smile*.  Hopefully I will get to making them tomorrow as today I had been making .... "

".... Homemade Chocolates "Phase One" !  Yes that is all it takes to start making Homemade "Yummy" Chocolates.  Peanut Butter, Margarine or Butter, Icing Sugar and Rice Krispies."

"The recipe makes these many ... Easy, Peasy as 1-2-3."

I made one more batch after these.  They are now sitting in my fridge to be nice and firm for tomorrow when they receive their chocolate coating.  

Recipe please?  PRINTABLE RECIPE *CLICK* HERE.  Stay tuned for Phase 2 tomorrow.

With that all done and cleaned up from, I had to head back downtown Wiarton today, as I had left my Memory Stick in at Karen't Creations yesterday when I had some photos printed.  I also had a parcel awaiting me to be picked up at the Rankin Outpost depot.

Let me go back a few years ago.  My friend, Holly of Morning Meadows Farm, who is a wonderful person I had met about 14 years ago or so when we befriended each other thorough an AOL computer site, as we both had a a common interest with our love for animals.  Holly and I have periodically kept touch with each other throughout the years, somehow or another, our most recent through Facebook (thank goodness for Facebook, although some curse it I know).  

Rob and I actually had been to Holly's at Morning Meadow Farm in Corbeil, Ontario when we had drove all the way up there from where we lived in Waterloo at that time, to deliver two of our Minature Goats.  

Just a few short weeks ago, I believe after Holly had read one of my blog posts after I had been suffering some pretty constant Fibromyalgia flare-ups.  She had posted to me on Facebook she had something she was going to get off in the mail for me to try, hopefully giving me some relief.

I headed into pick up the parcel and OH MY GAWD !!!  will you look at the size of the parcel that had been there waiting for me !!!  My dear friend, Holly, do you know how much that sucker weighed? of course you do, you paid  the postage on it.

"Everyone LOVES getting HAPPY MAIL don't they? as I most certainly do.  I opened it up to see first all of the items on top as set out in the bottom photo to find yet another layer below."

"Then there was all of this to unwrap !!!  Oh my it felt like a Christmas moment for me.  There is a "Hard Day" balm good for body aches, pains, arthritis, headaches and sinus relief (not that I would ever have any of those problems.  Ha !)  A therapeutic Moldova Lavender candle.  A Lavender Roll to apply on my wrists to relief stress (me? and stress? really?).  Body Butter for my poor dehydrated dry skin.  A Stress Relief Linen Spray to spray on my pillow when I go to bed to promote sleep (Really sleeping problems too?), or to be used as a room spray.  That wasn't everything, as there is lip balm, glycerin soaps, and anti-dandruff shampoo .. just to name a couple of many."

"Then this lovely note from my AOL Friend, Holly.  Thanks friend, as you sure know how to make a girlfriend feel special by having a Sixth Sense to know exactly what I needed.  Big Hugs from "Just North of Wiarton" to you up there at "Morning Meadows"."

I must confess I when I opened Holly's parcel my arms, wrists and hands were still experiencing "shooting pains", as they do most days then naught.  The very first thing the lid came off of was the "Hard Day" balm, and Let Me Tell the World it gave me relief almost, as Holly had stated, within 5 minutes.  I sure could have used this the night before to rub on the bottoms of my feet as my whole body had multitudes of pain shooting through it.

My friend, Holly has been making these these products for almost as long as I have known her, first starting out with soaps, now having branched out into the balms, body butters, creams, shampoos and others afterwards (hope I got that right Holly *smile*).  Holly doesn't know I had received her package this day, or even that I am blogging about it, so I am hoping this will surprise her as much as she surprised me today with her generous gift.

Holly, does take orders for all of her wonderful products she makes (she makes everything herself I might add).  Please drop by the Morning Meadows Website to learn a little about Holly, just recently retired after many years of being a RPN, and what she has been doing in-between caring for her Son, Jonathan, her many animals, each and every one cared and loved equally, along with her husband, Don.  Holly is one person I  have always admired for her hard work, and love for family and animals.  She started with nothing, persevered and is where she is today, a very "proud" lady, who I am honored to know, besides that she makes a damn good Chicken Pot Pie which I am still after all these years waiting to get the recipe for !!!

You may find the website for Morning Meadows Farm by *clicking* HERE .  Please also drop on by their Facebook Page HERE to give them a big old "LIKE" !

I LOVE me some Friends Never Forgotten, don't you?

Now to put a *smile* on everyone's face as much as Holly's gift to me put on mine this day ... a video my Cousin Vi had shared on her Facebook page, that I am sharing with everyone who happens by ....

I couldn't seeing anyone not *smiling* after watching this video, could you?

Lots to do ahead of me again tomorrow with just the beginnings of the Christmas Goodies being started today.

~ Get done what you can do, and the rest will wait for you; live your life, as time will not stop to wait for you. ~

On that note it is a wrap as I sit back to enjoy the remainder of my evening and my life, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. What a wonderful gift!!! A big old box full of comfort and joy for sure.

  2. I love the video! You are right, cannot stop smiling after watching it.
    Thanks for sharing, Aimee from Craftmates


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