Monday 17 December 2012

Ho Hum With No Bottle Of Rum

"Last night, after their big afternoon snooze, the two boys men in my life decided they would get up to take in a bit of TV from their recliners..  My big boy man just could not leave the other one alone ... always having to tease or torment somebody.  The tussle began.  Who won? probably Bandit as he was left alone once something on TV had diverted the big guys attention.  *Smile*"

I am certain it had been around 4 am this morning I had woken.  I finally dragged myself up around 5 am or so.  I had a load of laundry in, a load folded off the clothes horse, Checkerboard Aussies all fed, in, out and about, the bed made and the dishes in the dishwasher all put away by 6:15 am..

I then sat myself down to have a second cup of coffee to catch up on reading my blogger friend's posts.  I also found out I had won yet another Give Away I had participated in.  This one was for a Christmas Cookie Exchange being put on by Author, Steena Holmes over at her website that you can find by *clicking* HERE.  

Steena also has Give Aways posted periodically on her Facebook page, that you might want to go "LIKE" by clicking HERE... a lovely upcoming Author in her own right, who would welcome you with open arms should you drop by.   Oh yes, what had I won? well it just happened to be a Christmas Cookie Recipe Book !  Imagine that ... I will be having some new ones to post all about next Christmas Season ... *smile*.

Afterwards I had to head downtown to do some banking and post a parcel.  Once the stores opened I headed out.

"The door was warm, but still a bit damp ... Violas still up and showing off their stuff, can you imagine on the 17th of December?"

"There has been lots of moisture and wet the past couple days, and not in the form of snow.  I do love driving much better in this weather though then on snow covered icy roads.  No fear of there not being enough water on our Garden now, although our back fields are rather on the brown looking side."

Once I got home, I need to put together the Gift Jar I had messed up on yesterday, as well as putting two Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow containers together.

"I absolutely loved the Country Christmas Milk jug I had came across not too long ago.  Perfect for Gift Giving with the layers of the Cowgirl/boy Cookie Recipe all fitting in except for the nuts which I put in a Santa bag and tied to the side.  I had picked up the Bear and Reindeer and put 2 packets each of Hot Chocolate Mix, along with a baggie of mini marshmallows in them.  Another neat little gift giving idea."

"I loved this little printed bag I had picked up to wrap the parcel up in I sent of in the mail today. I also received a very thoughtful little package from my Cousin Paula, along with a sweet card today.  Thanks Paula ! xo "

"Look at all these amazing Christmas Cards from friends and family I found in our Mailbox today.  One had been an unexpected surprise, with a Recipe tucked inside it.   Thanks Nancy ! "

When I had been downtown I had dropped off a container of Homemade Beef Soup and a couple of Cowgirl Cookies to my friend, Koreen.  When checking my email later today there had been an email with the Subject Line "Will You Marry Me" and the body of the email saying, "the Soup was awesome".  Isn't great having "real" friends in your life who are genuine and caring?  I am very blessed to have the friends and family I have in my Life, and count my blessing every day for that.

"Ho Hum with no bottle of Rum" (yech why use that saying, I HATE Rum.  Ha!), I crashed the rest of the day.  I am totally drained, wiped and exhausted.  I need a couple of days to refuel again, so hopefully this afternoon was a start to just doing that, as I still have  two more Christmas Goodie items needing made, and a whole house needing cleaned top to bottom.  *Sigh* I am tired thinking about it ... *smile*.

This is one of my most favourite Christmas songs since as long as I can remember.  Lovely how it is performed by Lindsey Stirling.

With so much hustle and bustle of everyone trying to get ready for Christmas on top of all their other usual daily chores and activities, it can be rather stressful at times.

Just a little doggie advice to maybe assist in a bit of the stress some of us might be feeling at these or other times in our lives ....


On that note, I am off to have myself a relaxing and hopefully uneventful stress free evening, "Just North of Wiarton & North of the Checkerboard."


  1. love the doggie expression, you are a very giving person Cindy.


  2. Wish I was closer so I could clean your house for you. Mine is spic & span. I spent hours in the kitchen yesterday cooking and baking. Did more baking tonight. Next week I will probably crash when I finish the new meds. lol Merry Christmas to you and your Family. Heathen Woman

  3. Hope you have a nice & relaxing evening!! Love the doggy saying!! lol! They're so smart aren't they?! ;)

  4. Well, I just needed this doggy advice today :) I'm moving a slower than you do (and wake up a couple hours later :) but I still feel overwhelmed already with all the seasonal hustle and bustle...I haven't even started baking yet...sigh...

  5. I too am an early bird, makes me nuts some days, the good thing is I am also a good little napper. Taking a nap is the only way I can stay up past 7:00pm! What sweet gifts you are sending out, so much nicer than something store bought that might never be used!

  6. Thanks for sharing video. Good inspiration this morning : )
    Aimee from Craftmates

  7. Oh my if only I could do what you suggest ... I don't think school would be too impressed but the thought makes me laugh. The video is wonderful after a hard day (and term) - thanks - missed you xx


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