Wednesday 26 December 2012

A Sleepy Boxing Day

Boxing Day. Do people really still run out "maddened" at the prospect procuring Boxing Day Sales?  I don't, and really can't remember ever doing so.  Why not? probably cause I never had any extra money ever to do so.  Ha !

My Great Auntie Lizzie used to go buy all her Christmas Gifts for all us Nieces and Nephews, for all of us, great, great great, and great great great, after Christmas.  We could never remember how she always got our Pajama sizes right on for the next Christmas, but she always did.  When us girls got older, we then received each a Tea Cup from her.  I still have some of mine, treasuring each and every one with amazing memories of my Auntie Lizzie.  She was my paternal Grandmother's sister, never having any children of her own, but always second mothering to my Grandmother's 8 children, their offspring and so on.  I have a photo of my Paul at her 90th Birthday Party, with her holding him.  Him being the youngest and her the oldest in the family at that time (thanks to Auntie Gladys for that photo).

Sweet oh so sweet memories of Christmases long past ....

What did today bring for me?  Waves of illness and sweating still throughout the day.  It was all good as I finally think I was done and over with this flu bout by the end of this day.

"This is how far I got with my "Crabby Cabbie''s" bookkeeping first thing this morning.  It is still sitting there as so, since once I broke out in the first sweat of the day I went no further then rest for myself."

A little later in the morning when I was feeling a bit better, Rob took me downtown where we did some banking and dropped around to the local Foodland Store.  I ran into my young friend, Ashley, who helps me with the Checkerboard Aussie puppies for their first vet's visits. We are both so excited, as her Pen Pal friend, Nathan, is arriving at Toronto's Pearson Airport tomorrow to come visit.  It seems so very surreal, especially since I, myself, have been communicating with him through FB messaging, with him coming all this way to visit with Ashley and we will actually be meeting him in the flesh !  How cool is that ???  I am thinking pretty dang cool from my perspective.

Since we didn't have Turkey dinner yesterday, my brother was kind enough to put together a turkey dinner from their house for us here and dropped it around this morning.  

"Lunch was really awesome at our house today.  Turkey with all the trimmings, with gravey too !  Lucky ducks the two of us were this day."

The remainder of the day?  Well for some it was "a very sleepy Boxing Day", as you can see ...

"These photos are taken at two different times this afternoon, as you will notice the 2nd has laundry I had hung in front of the wood stove on the clothes horse to dry.  Awhile later both my men proceeded to move into the bedroom to sleep a few more hours away until the afternoon was long gone."

I am so very happy Rob got a whole day of sleep, as he really not only deserved it, he needed it too.  I am not too sure about Bandit, but where his Dad was he was going too, as he doesn't see him too often anymore when he is gone with his "Crabby Cabbie" hat on so often these days.

I relaxed myself most of the day with only a load of laundry, some dishes done up and a shower under my belt.  Oh yes I was out a few times with our girls of course.  I then took the time to work out an ad for The "Crabby Cabbie's" Facebook page for New Year's Eve:

"I sent it to a couple of Family Members and Friends and got the "thumbs up", so I guess we are good to go !"

It has been a restful day for both Rob and I.  One we really needed to have, with it probably being the last one until the 2013 New Year.

Tomorrow is a new day I am looking forward to, as we have been invited to a friend's for a full course Christmas Turkey Dinner.  Now that I am feeling better, I am really looking forward to going.

In the meantime I am off to enjoy a very rare evening with the man in my life, and that would not be Bandit this time around, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon!! ((Hugs)) That's great that hubby got the sleep he needed!! Don't need him getting sick too, right? Enjoy your night!! :)

  2. I love how both Rob and Bandit sleep in the recliners. Where are the girls when this is happening?


  3. Enjoy a quite night with that man, will Bandit let you sit in the chair for the evening? Ha Glad you are feeling better

  4. We are so lucky that the cold/flu hasn't come to our house. Knock Wood. The Man is keeping things running as he is fortunate to be off work until Jan.3.
    We were out snow shoeing last Monday and I fell with the shoes crossed. The Man pulled me with one hand then pulled me with the other....I was well and truly stuck. Next day my back was all seized up. Good old FM complicates EVERYTHING.
    Are you getting much snow today? It seems to be heavier than originally forecast for us!

  5. I'm glad you all had a relaxing day! I hope you will get better from now on.


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