Monday, 3 December 2012

Things That Make Me Happy

Today was just a regular every kind of day around here for me.  A load of laundry, dishes, a bit of dusting, lots of in, out and about with "Checkerboard Aussies", and a few other things in the way of "this and that".

"Check out the Antique Ironing Board I had purchased at the Dejong Open House this past Saturday.  Can anyone possibly guess what it cost me?  I will post what I paid tomorrow (I hope I remember to do this).    I love Snowman, so out of the bottom of my China Cabinet, out came my "Welcome Friends" Snowman (kept there so he never gets lost in the shuffle from Year to Year). "

"Check out this lovely Hockey Pillow and matching blanket, which so happens to fold up nicely in its self.  I just happened to have won this from at D'sZigns by Kerry in Southampton in her November Monthly draw.  Thanks Kerry.  Lots of cool stuff still to be gotten at Kerry's 50% off Sale every weekend now until Christmas.  Check it out on Facebook by *clicking* HERE.  I am thinking this will make a very nice gift for a certain someone I have in mind."

"How long ago had it been when we were under 2 feet of Snow?  Just last week it was ... now look at it.  The Rosemary and Basil is doing very well still, with me in "awe" the Basil has made it through to this point."

"This is the Wreath I made all by myself Yesterday at our Cookbook Swap and Wreath Making afternoon.  See I do so have a wee bit of "Craftiness" hidden deep down within myself somewhere after all !   Who would have known?"

I need to "share" a link to my friends (all four of them) over at Craftmates, to show you an amazing talent that really puts me in "awe".  I am so honoured I was able to meet these girls in person last month, and actually "taste" a "melt in my mouth" creation of Craftmate Bebsy's myself.  Please take a moment out to *click* HERE, then back to their post on the sidebar to Salud ! as I promise you will not be disappointed and totally in "awe" as I myself.

I just returned home after being out having fun experimenting with something I had never tried before today.  Stay tuned for that in tomorrow's post, as I am way too tired to get into all that tonight.

All these things posted here today have been and are "things that make me happy", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I love your snowman!! I have one similar and love it because I can keep it out all winter since its not Santa or Christmas related.

    Cant wait to hear how much the ironing board was

  2. Beautiful wreath, Cindy! Great to see the basil surviving the snow :) and thanks for your sweet comment. You're a sweetheart.- Irma

  3. love the wreath and the ironing board. My only thought is how on earth will you store it?


  4. Thanks for linking us Cindy!
    Aimee from Craftmates

  5. I have an antique ironing board that my grandmother gave me. Very curious to see what they cost.

  6. Oh, I love this ironing board. I would never want to is as for ironing though :) Too adorable!


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