Thursday 8 November 2012

Welcome Bruce County Small Businesses !

 "Good Morning Frost !"

"Frost is so Nature's Decor."

Today was a very "special" day here at our home, as it was a day to celebrate MY Girl's 3rd Birthday !  and this we did with lots of outdoor fun for a good time this morning.

Is she not beautiful?  I do so LOVE my Lexus girl.  Happy 3rd Birthday Lexus .... xoxoxo.

Tomorrow my friend also celebrates a Birthday ....

"A Very Happy Birthday To MY  "HW"  Friend, Elsie !  xoxoxo "

I really hope you would not think I had ever forgotten you, HW?  Ha !  Wishing you the best tomorrow on your Birth Day !

This morning I had a "moment", figure of speech, as I could not see from my left eye as it felt like there was a film across it and I was seeing three layers barely out from it.

This was part and parcel of the beginning of a Migraine Aura.  It is a dreadful feeling one has when experiencing these Auras; they almost feel Surreal at times.  I sat myself down to try and relax myself for a bit, however after a half hour I gave in to the Migraine Meds.  I really hate taking them as they sometimes make me feel as ill as the migraine.  Finally after an hour it regressed quietly back into the depths of my head.

Once it had passed, with me feeling somewhat back to normal, I felt safe and steady enough to have a shower before I did some laundry.  It was somewhat of a puttering type of day, with a bit of this done and then a bit of that.  I cleaned out Buddy's kennel, raked a few leaves, did a bit of paperwork, made a couple of phone calls, tidied up here and there, washed the dishes up, and of course, made our bed.

Since it had been pretty cool outside first thing this morning, I was sure to keep the Wood Stove "stoked" up  until later when the afternoon Sun came in through the Southern windows.

"Just Yesterday I had cleaned the ashes from the stove and deposited the pail full of ashes out into the Garden."

For those who have a Wood Stove, you might like to read some "tips" on "How to Get the Most from Your Woodstove".   I had came across this article on Cottage Life's Facebook Page, which you may find the read to be of interest yourself by *clicking* HERE.

"I received some more Happy Mail today by way of this Post Card via Post Crossing.  Interesting is it not?  all the way from Raciborz in only 5 days."

Today I also spent working on the "new" (I know, another one, but I am sure I missed my Social Networking calling somewhere along the line) Facebook Group, "Bruce County Small Businesses Reaching Out".  What is this all about you might ask? well this is the little spiel I had put together about it:

This is pretty much what is all about almost in a "nut shell".  I encourage anyone who is 1) a Consumer or 2) is a Bruce County Small Business Owner, to come on over to "join forces" to make this group "happening" for Bruce County.

I am proud of my husband, Rob, who has been working hard at building an honest living from having a Small Business, as the "Crabby Cabbie".  These past few months, since he began on the 1st of May this Year, he has had his share of "ups and downs" (with more ahead at times, such is life), even finding people working against him who he had thought had been working along with him.  We sure can have our moments misjudging characters at times, especially when we try to always see the "good" in people.

Regardless I think this new "Bruce County Small Businesses Reaching Out" Facebook Group will be a great adventure, hopefully not only benefiting us but other Bruce County Small Businesses, as well as the Consumers, by both coming together in one place giving and gaining Services respectfully.

"Welcome Bruce County Small Businesses Reaching Out" to Facebook.  Come on over everyone by *clicking* HERE.

In the next short while I will be "featuring" some of these Bruce County Small Business Owners here on my Blog.  I am pretty excited about this, as I admire all of these people in what they do, realizing how much work it was for them to get where they are today.  So "stay tuned" Bruce County, as I am certain you will be as happy to meet these Business People, as they are some who I most certainly admire myself.

*Phew* that was all quite the mouthful, even for little ole' moi !

I need to share a little of my "something" I received from a Rayleen Dejong, who is my friend (daughter of Brian & Anita Dejong of Dejong Acres Farm).

"This is something that really made my heart "Sing".  Thanks Rayleen ... xo."

Another little "something" is picking up my Blackberry phone at any given moment to see ....

"My son, Paul's face he placed there as my background photo, when I wasn't looking of course.  He also knows I don't know how to remove it, so I am thinking that he is thinking "I am pretty stuck on him".  Ha !  kids regardless of how old they are !"

You really know you are tired when you go to make yourself a coffee before you sit down to blog your daily post and ....

"You watch yourself fill the coffee canister as it overflows before your very own eyes.  I guess I really needed a Coffee ?"

"This is something I leave behind for thought."

~ Found on Facebook ~

My coffee is done, my "Checkerboard Aussies" all need my attention, and I am hopefully going to be having myself an early evening, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkboard".


  1. Looks like the BCSB page is taking off - looking forward to it!! LOVE that last photo - choice/chance/change - so true!!

  2. Heathen Woman Thanks you for the birthday wishes. I knew you wouldn't forget. Keep up the good work on the blogging, sure do enjoy reading daily.

  3. Happy birthday Lexus!!!
    Sam and Mambo from Craftmates

  4. Rayleen is blushing:) It is amazing how good a thank you card can make us feel Personally I don't think I write enough of them.


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