Saturday, 24 November 2012

MORE Christmas Bazaars !

"There looked to be a promise of Sunshine early this morning in the East, with unsettled skies in the South/West. was cold this morning."

I am not quite climatized for the transition from Fall to Winter yet, not that I care for Winter too much at the best of times.  It was pretty chilly and icy taking the "Checkerboard Aussies" out this morning, with really not warming up too much at all today.  The Sun had been out a bit this morning, but the winds stayed on the bitter side.

I was off and out the door like a "dirty shirt" just before 9:00 am this morning, as I was meeting up with my Niece, Joanne, to hit this November Saturday's Christmas Bazaars.  We met up for coffee at the Tim Hortons in Hepworth, then made our way up the road to the Hepworth Legion.

"First impression when entering was "wow, lots of people here" and some interesting things to be gotten with a large variety readily available for Christmas giving ideas."

"This lady reminded me so much of Mrs. Santa Claus, having no problem when I asked if I could take her photo ... both the sweater she and her husband were wearing had been made by her.  Aren't they lovely with so much loving work obviously put into them."

"These "Tooth Fairy" pillows captured my eye, as well as the beautiful baby knit outfits."

"This Vendor's wares were the most outstanding in my eyes.  Not only was the selection vast and amazing, the prices were unbelievably fantastic.  Locally owned by Janice Carter of Oliphant.  Should you be looking for some great Christmas Gift Ideas, you may contact Janice to inquire further by Email:    Trust me you won't be disappointed by doing so, either by the selection she has to offer, nor her pricing."

With a couple of items purchased we took our leave and headed further down the road towards Port Elgin in Saugeen Shores.

"It got a little blustery heading into Port Elgin, but not so much that we weren't able to find our way to my Auntie Gladys' Church."

"It didn't take me long to get thru the doors, make a few purchases and sit myself down to all the goodies those Church Ladies were offering along with a cuppa tea or two.  Yes, my Cousin Vi, in the red in the bottom right hand photo had "nabbed" my camera getting an action shot of me filling my face of course.  Thanks Vi ... xx ."

"These are the Snowmen my Auntie made for the Bazaar.  Are they not too cute? with marshmallows in the top, hot chocolate mix in the middle and mints in the bottom.  And the Rocky Road Candy my Cousin Vi  purchased was really tempting not to buy some myself."

By the time we had finished up with a lovely luncheon and tea, then saying our goodbyes to those we had known there, I then made my way over to Southampton for one more stop before heading out of Saugeen Shores.

"This is down by the old Breaker's Lodge in Southampton, 4 blocks from where I grew up, and one of the watering holes I used to swim at.  Ha ! Lake Huron really is a pretty big "watering hole", when I stop to think about it.  A little too much on the chilly side to be thinking about having a "dip" this day though."

"Here I am at Southampton Gal, Kerry Oscroft's "D'sZign".  Kerry is having a 50% off sale every weekend (I believe until Christmas).   As you can see there are even more gift giving ideas here, and all Handmade sewn by Kerry herself, I might add."

"A little bit of something for everyone can be found at D'sZign.  If I hadn't already had two aprons I had been pretty tempted to purchase one of these "retro" aprons.....only two of the Elvis ones left I might add.  Check out the "retro" toaster covers.  Too cool, Kerry.  To find out more, or to purchase something from "D'sZign", please contact Kerry at 519-797-3814 or Email: .  I would personally recommend Kerry's "awesome" creations."

Once I left Kerry's, I met up with my "Crabby Cabbie", got my gas tank refueled and headed back towards home.  On my way home I did manage to briefly drop in at the Bazaar taking place at the Sauble Beach School.  I was happy to say "hello" to a couple of people there I knew, then continue on my way.

Needless to say when I did arrive home there were some pretty happy "Checkerboard Aussies", but also a very cold house as the woodstove had burned itself out ... brr.  Once I made everyone happy for the time being, got the stove "fired" up, I then got around to admiring my purchases of the day..

"The Snowman plaque I had gotten in Hepworth, along with the little Crock Pot.  The hand knit scarf and fingerless mitts I had purchased from D'sZigns, the Carrot Cake for my Rob, and the Yankee Candle I had gotten at my Auntie's Bazaar.  It got me a bit in the Christmas mood a bit, so I had to take my Old Time Santa from the display case and set him on the Side Board with a couple of my new purchases."

It was all in a day's Christmas Bazaars with one more to go next Saturday and I am done with November Christmas Bazaars 2012.

A warm welcome to Judy  of When I Get Where I Am Going, who follows my everyday out, abouts, goings on and ramblings.  Always look forward to you being here Judy.  Thank you.

Speaking of "done", I am feeling all in but for my "shirttail".  I am tired with having more then enough of being out and about all this day, but really not without enjoying it all.  It is more enjoyable when one is not so tired, but I plan on catching up with some R & R here very shortly, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. another great day out today. The weather was not very nice today. We went to Stayner and the weather was nasty there.

    Glad you felt well enough to be able to go out.


  2. Oh my now I am blushing!!! Sounds like a wonderful day. I seem to be feeling the spirit even more this year as we simplify our lives and our holidays

  3. what a fun outting!! The weather looks sooo cold!

  4. Holla,
    I have a blog.
    Please, you can now follow-me this blog.
    Welcome to my blog.
    I am happy

  5. Oh, how I wish I could join you in all these fun places!But then I already almost blew our Christmas budget anyway :)


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