Monday 19 November 2012

Drum Roll Please !

A Winner was randomly chosen this morning for the Give Away I was hosting on my Blog, following a Winner being chosen for the November draw over at Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook .

"Recipe Exchange Member, Toni Vary, was the Winner of these Measuring Spoons.  Bright and Colourful are they not?  Congratulations Toni !"

"The Winner of this lovely Vintage Gift was also chosen randomly, that person being .... Drum Roll please !"

"Congratulations goes out to Toni Vary !  Hope you were sitting down Toni as you were reading this post !  please contact me to make arrangements to also get these "winnings" to you also."

Wow what a way to begin and end your day!  Could you imagine? as I wish I had been a fly on the wall to see the expression on Toni's face when she read this.  Now with all the excitement of this behind me, onto the remainder of my day, such as it was ....

First thing I made a call to our Vet's in Mildmay to find out how I could get some "strong" flea medication for our Bandit boy, as the "off the shelf" Zodiac just wasn't seemingly doing the trick, poor boy.  They were going to call the Vet here in Wiarton to see if they would dispense it to save me a 2 hour round trip on top of everything else.  I went, I bought and returned home with.

"Bandit meeting me when I came through the door, checking out things after he first had himself a "scratch".  Inspection and knock it down the stairs followed shortly thereafter."

"YIKES !  a 3 month supply was $79.00 and change.  Please pray our other 3 are "spared" the dreaded nasty little bugger of a flea!  On the flip side, I had also stopped in at our local Foodland coming away with all of this for $64.00 !  Wow lots of boneless skinless chicken thighs, along with a couple packages of Turkey all at 50% off, Bananas, apples, mushrooms and broccoli for 49 cents each, and Wheat Thins for $2.47 a box.  I do see Homemade Soup and Banana Muffins in our Future."

I haven't had an issue with fleas in my household for several years, always having more then one or two animals at any given time.  I did hear fleas were on the rampage this Year, and I not being the only one with his problem.  Fingers and toes crossed the rest of our gang does not get infected, as they are kept down in the basement with only Bandit upstairs in our living areas.  

It was quite a bit to swallow spending almost $200.00 in less then an hour.  What does a girl do when such a stressful spending spree occurs?

"This girl grabs herself a good cookbook and draws herself a hot bath.  That is my kind of relaxation !"

There are actually some pretty good sounding recipes in the Diabetic Cooking book I had picked up somewhere in my travels recently.

I had no sooner gotten out of my bath when my Cousin Suzanne and her daughter, Krista, sent me a text "could they come on over to pickup Krista's Epicure order".  Of course it had been okay, as the party had been over two weeks ago.

We had a nice little visit with each other as well as a cuppa tea.  They had to be on their way, and I carried on with my day with demands put to me by a couple of my "Checkerboard Aussies".   Once their needs were taken care of, I set out to do what I had wanted to try today.

"Yes I did get a Bread in a Jar all layered together.  Isn't this nice?  you need a jar that will hold at least 5 cups to make this happen."

I actually have a home in mind this one will be gifted to.  Would you like to try your hand on putting together a Bread in a Jar or two for gifting this Christmas Season?  Just *click* HERE for the recipe/method.

More Christmas gift ideas in a Jar?  You can find 48 Homemade Gifts in a Jar just by *clicking* HERE.  Have fun !!! and I really would love to hear what one(s) you tried out yourself?

Once again, one of my usual numerous times in a day, exiting the front door to have a walk around with one of our "four" after first coming across this before my exit.

"Our breeding specialty seems to be these Daddy Long Legs.  Thank goodness, as I really am not too fond of the fat stocky ones that are black and have hairy legs  .... ewwww.  Gives me the creeps just thinking about those ones.  And they "jump" too!"

"All fears of spiders left me once I was out side to take in the beauty of all the dandelions resurfacing all over the property.  Confused they must be, but then again they would fit right in with my lifestyle at times.  Ha !"

I actually made a Dinner for Rob and myself tonight .... *sigh* it seems like it has been a long time since I have done so.

"Thin pork loin chops smothered in Miners' Maple Products "Maple Chipolte Maple BBQ Sauce", with new potatoes and broccoli on the side.  Yummy it was good."

Dinner dishes to be done, doggies to be taken out, around and about, will take me right up until it is time I will be looking for my bed and my pillow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. well done to Toni, she is a lucky one. I hope you get the flea situation under control soon.


  2. Wot? I didn't win? Wot?
    Good luck with those fleas! (Your dog, not you.)

  3. Hope the rest of the gang doesn't get the fleas from Bandit.

    Those Daddy Long Legs sure have looong legs : )


  4. Oh gosh, I used sargeants on my Sam when he got fleas.
    Worked well for him!!!
    I always get hungry reading your blog :)
    Aimee from Craftmates

  5. Ugh...all these fleas! I hope you can get rid of them very soon.

    not chosen again
    hang on I am not sure I even entered!


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