Sunday, 11 November 2012

An Element Of Surprise, Or Two !

I had myself another wonderful "adventure" today.  Once all the "Checkerboard Aussies" were looked after, it began around 6:30 am.  Come along and see ...

"A note left where it was sure to be found, and gifts wrapped waiting in a place they would not be left behind on my way out the door."

"The Day progressed further in all its Beauty.  What a great day it was for Remembering Those Who Had Fallen and Served For Us ... "

 "Before I knew it I was coming into Elmira ... the building in the top right hand corner is where I worked as Manager of the Foodland Deli Dept. for 3 Years way back when."

"The first "surprise" of the day was when I landed on my Sister Donna's doorstep in Kitchener with all the Yarn I had gotten her for the Charity Projects she crochets for & donates, along with a little "something" just for her.  Oh that would be her spoiled Jasper "Weenie Doggie" ... he does love his Auntie Cindy !"

"My dates had arrived and we made our way down the Queens 401 Highway ... Wow I hadn't seen that Schneider's sign for quite some time.  Really it was that nice for the Motorcycles to be out and about, as you see there is not a "skiff" of snow on the Halton Ski Hills below ... ha !"

"A "perfect" day to be travelling down to the Jade Gardens in Milton (only 1/2 hour from Kitchener) with my boys to go give a couple of girls I know of a "surprise" this day !  Yes, my Son Paul, with the Grand Boys, Aiden & Connor, came to pick me up from my Sisters to take me somewhere I hadn't thought I was going to be able to attend."

"Never personally meeting them before, I was happy to  have "spotted" them.  In turn it wasn't long before I had been "spotted" myself taking their picture."

"YIKES !!!  I was "tickled pink" that I got to go meet the Craftmates in person at their very first Craft Show !!!!  I was so very delighted to have met Bebsy, who is an amazing Designer of Cakes, Aimee, who is a gal who is after the heart of her own two pooches, now to include my "Checkerboard Aussies" with her Homemade Doggie Treats, and my dear Virna the Sewer, who was my Secret Sister this pass Spring, along with her talented husband, Louie.  See those bright & colourful "money" aprons the girls are all sporting around their waists?  Virna made those.   I was sad to have missed Irma, who is beyond amazing with how she makes paper bend to her creative talents, as she had been there the day before.  No fears ... Virna called Irma so I could speak to her in person.  Oh my what excitement it was and how much fun it was to meet these wonderful girls who I have been getting to know these past months through their blogs posts at Craftmates."

"We left the girls for a bit to take in some of the other Vendors ... it was very enjoyable and fun seeing all the creative talent there was."

"There was "something" for "everyone" to be found."

"Aiden and Connor even got to each "craft" a Christmas Card to give to their Teachers.  What fun they had doing this ."

"It was pretty cool to see how these Hand Painted pieces of Rock were done."

"The *smiles* these girls had on their faces caught my attention, as well as their Business Name, "dancing turnip art".  Please meet Andie & Andi, the dynamic crafty duo.  A little "birdie" told me they could be found on Facebook and Twitter.  Personally I will be looking them up myself, just because they were both over the World Sweet and Talented.  Should you have a Facebook Account, you can find them by *clicking* HERE."

"I had a little something for each of the Craftmate gals.  As soon as Virna had "opened" hers she knew exactly it was the  Black Bean & Corn Salsa I had made.  Another "Element of Surprise" it was !"

"These wonderful gals would NOT let me leave without a little something from each of them.  Two beautiful hand-crafted cards from Irma, a Strawberry Cupcake made from "scratch" by Bebsy (I ate it when I got home and it melted in my mouth tasting like "more"), 3 bags of Peanut butter Doggie Treats for my "Checkerboard Aussies"; oh Aimee they are so going to LOVE you.  And a "trendy" serving plate made by Virna's husband, Louie.  Thank you each and every one of you girls, and you too Louie !"

"Just North of Wiarton & The Craftmates ... how special was this day?  Very very "special" to me putting a *smile* on my face on my drive home with thoughts reflecting back on our meeting."

"Just because myself and the girls had our photo together, I couldn't leave Louie out of all the action with his creative talents on making these "trendy" serving plates, along with some pretty awesome terrariums.  Thanks Louie !"

 *Sigh* all good things have to come to an end sooner or later, so had our time at the Jade Gardens Craft Show and with our friends, The Craftmates and Louie.  We had to head back to Kitchener to get us some lunch before it was time for me to head back home "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

"My Son treated his Sons and I to Lunch at the Red Lobster.  Warm cheese buns with Caesar Salad.  I then feasted upon "stuffed" sole, shrimp fettuccine and broccoli, while Paul had the same but with Crab legs, and the boys Macaroni and Cheese as well as a bowl of Potato Bacon Soup.  It was all very very good.  Thank you, Son xo xo xo ."

I believe there had been a couple "Elements of Surprise" for all of us today.  I can not begin to explain the butterflies of happiness I am still feeling inside my tummy with this Adventure I had myself this day.  

Craftmates, Virna, Bebsy, Aimee, and Irma, I can't wait until we get together again some day.  Hopefully next Summer you will get to visit up here on the Bruce Peninsula.

I did pretty good to make it back home by 5:00 pm.  It feels like I haven't seen my "Crabby Cabbie" for days and days, so I am looking forward to having a couple hours all to ourselves tonight, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. What a fun day you had today!

  2. We will definitely make it a point to come see you. Thank you so much for stopping by and for the wonderful presents! Hope the checkerboard aussies like the biscuits.
    Aimee from Craftmates

    1. Aimee our Checkerboard Aussies are going to LOVE those biscuits ! Bandit is going to get one right now. Thank you.

  3. I'm so very happy to finally meet you Cindy. I am so touched that you took your time to see us in our very first craft show. It was such a pleasant surprise. You definitely made my day so thank you. It was also a pleasure meeting your son, Paul, and your grandkids, Aiden & Connor.

    Thanks so much for your gift! I can't wait to try it - I'm sure it will not last long : )

    You are such a sweet person and we can't wait to visit you next summer.

    Thanks again Cindy!


  4. Thank ou so much for the wonderful surprise, Cindy. It really made our day! The girls told me about how exciting it was meeting you. Too bad I was not able to personally see you but I was sure glad to have spoken to you on the phone. Hope to see you very soon! And thx so much for the salsa. I will get to enjoy it next weekend when I see the girls again. - Irma

  5. What a FULL an FUN day! What talent you got to see - those painted rocks are AMAZING!!

  6. What a wonderful surprise and a wonderful day!


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