Monday, 26 November 2012

A Winter Wonderland

Last evening brought a visitor in the way of Mr. Insomnia who stole a night away from me ... *sigh* he is not the most pleasant one I have ever had an whole evening out with, sleeping being the choice should I have had one.  I much prefer the evenings sound asleep beside my husband.

The snow was coming down steady at 3:00 when I had let out our Bandit boy .... continuing all day long, even now if I were to look outside our windows.  At times light and other times huge heavy fluffy flakes on and off all day long.

"The day became light and looking out there was "A Winter Wonderland"."

"Out at the side of the house the snow was well up to the top of my boots in most spots."

"I was happy Rob never pulled all the Sunflowers from the Garden as see how beautiful they all still are."

"Some Dill left behind still showing up through the snow making such a pretty decor within the almost barren garden."

"Just this past Friday I had picked this Rose from this ssame Bush now covered in its snowy encasement."

"Who was having the most fun?  I am pretty sure the youngest being Missy Mercedes, although there had been lots of romping in the snow by the other "Checkerboard Aussies".  They all adore Snow !"

"Late this afternoon it was coming down so heavy the Bushline could hardly be seen, although I had no problem seeing our Buddy Boy looking up at me.  What a handsome face he has, does he not?"

"Even though I was going on almost no sleep, I still needed to get some baking prepared for a Potluck this upcoming Wednesday.  Chinese Chews were the order of the day.  Oh my, I am sure I hadn't made these out of my old Purity Cookbook for at least 25 Years.  I can remember as a child the Bakery in Southampton having Chinese Chews in their counters."

"Chinese Chews are extremely easy to make ... and really good with a bit of Icing Sugar spread across the top before being cut into bars.  Yes after they had cooled a couple of bars went missing."


"I also removed the Fall Gourds, from the centerpiece, replacing them with some Christmas Decor I had picked up from the Dollar Store, along with a gold mini Christmas Tree I had found tucked away in the China Cabinet.  This Depression Glass used to hold "plastic" fruit on my Mother's Kitchen table many many Years ago ....   do you know I have noticed these same types of plastic or wooden fruits lately in the stores for sale? it is making its rounds again."

"It is days like today with low energy and lack of sleep when the batch cooking is all worth it when all I have to do is take it from the freezer to have a great meal ready for us in no time whatsoever."

Recipe please for Stuffed Green Peppers?  PRINTABLE RECIPE *CLICK* HERE.

The time is almost 8:00 pm, with four Aussies needing my undivided attention for the next half hour or so.  I will be praying there is not another all night date with Mr. Insomnia ahead of me this evening, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Holy Moly Lady, I thought that message you sent me was timed at 3PM!
    Hope you have a better night tonight.
    Love the shot of the dill in the snow. So beautiful.

  2. All that snow is just beautiful!! But feel free to keep it, no sharing is needed! ;)

  3. Wonderful snow (well for those of us who don't get it). It amazes me how you manage to do so much on no sleep. I do hope you get a better night tonight.

  4. Pretty pics Cindy! Love them all!

  5. Love the snow! I bet the doggies had so much fun!! :) I got a little something from you today, thank you so much :)

  6. Those snowy sunflowers are gorgeous!

  7. Absolutely lovely snow scenes......I nearly wish it would snow here.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)


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