Thursday, 15 November 2012

Another Whirlwind Of A Day

I just got home an hour ago, so that would have made it around 6:00 pm, and I had been gone since just before the Noon hour !!!  Let me tell you it sure was "Another Whirlwind of a Day" !

It all began around the hour of 5:00 am or so .... I really get concerned with all the hours my "Crabby Cabbie" puts in some days.  If nothing else I want to try and ensure he at least has a good lunch.

"At 5:30 am or so on went some Big Batch Chicken Soup I had taken out of our supply in the freezer.  While that heated up to a nice "hot" temp, I put boiled water from the kettle into the Thermos to get it pre-heated while I made two Ham & Cheddar Cheese Sandwiches on Whole Wheat, and found a fruit cup, pudding and an apple.  I was happy with this lunch to send along with him as he headed out the door just after 6:00 am."

I did a bite of puttering around in the way of making the bed, doing up the dishes ... the usual "hum drum" daily stuff that HAS TO BE DONE !  Then I put together the rest of my packages, and another card, all ready to go down to the Post Office to be weighed up, postage applied and then mailed off to their respective destinations.

Our "Checkerboard Aussies" were down to almost their last morsels of doggie food.  I needed to make a trip over Saugeen Shores way to where the Big Box store of Walmart is located, along with a couple of other places I wanted to stop into.  I sent off an email fairly early to my friend BJ to see if she wanted to "tag" along with me.  Yeppers she was right on for that, and I was to pick her up after she was done teaching her Zumba Class over at the Sauble Beach Community Centre this morning after 11:30 am..

I first got all my "Checkerboard Aussies" settled in then headed out to the Wiarton Post Office, where I might add I am quite the regular customer since I have begun Post Crossing.  Oops this just reminded me I had forgot to post the Post Card I received from Romania yesterday !!!

"Another interesting Post Card I have added to my ever growing collection."

I also forgot about the "gift" I had found hanging on our outside door when I had returned home Yesterday ..

"Three packages of Venison Meat !!!  My brother's Hunting group had gotten three deer last week and he "shared" a bit of his portion with us.  *Sigh* brothers can be a real "bonus" can they not (most days) ?  I was pretty happy he did "share" with us, as we do LOVE us some Venison."

Oh yes, back to this day .... off to the Post Office I went.  I do love all the gals down there, as they are all helpful and pretty dang nice.  One of the gals even told me they love when they see me coming in ... now how nice was that of her to say such a wonderful thing?

I picked up BJ from the Community Centre and off we went .... first we stopped on into the Saugeen First Nation Gas Bar for Rob to fill up our tank with fuel, then we headed out through Southampton and over to Port Elgin to get us some lunch to a place where BJ had suggested we go.  This place had just recently opened up.  BJ had been before as they are friends and acquaintances of hers, but she had wanted to "treat" me and take me there.  What a "doll" that gal is "Let me tell the World" !

The restaurant was very busy, which is a very good sign at a lunch hour.  We were told a table would be ready in only about 10 minutes or so for us, so we headed up the street to check out some shops.

Not too far along in our travels, one shop's store front caught our interest right away ... so in we went, where we met owner, Ms. Bobbie Pahl "Funky Girl All Grown up", who was really a most delightful and interesting person.

Bobbie explained to us a bit of background on her store, along with some very strong and interesting passions she has.  This store provides only "one of a kind" items", almost guaranteeing should you buy something within its walls, you will not see on another outside of its walls.  How more "one of a kind" can you get then that ????  Let me show you a bit of what BJ and I got to see ...

"These photos really do not do justice to the store, as there is so many more interesting and intriguing items to draw you in though its doors."

"Well worth your time to "drop in" to take it all in yourself when you are in Port Elgin next time.  Since we had been short on time, I am going to make a point of dropping in again myself."

Ahhhh where would such a unique little store be tucked away at you might ask?  Right on Port Elgin's very own "main street" at 556 A Goderich Street, Port Elgin Ontario.  What is the name of this store you might also wonder? well that would be "Maughters Like Minded Boutique" Where woman go to play!  Where else could you go check "Maughter's Like Minded Boutique" out? have a Facebook account? then *click* right HERE.  Nice to meet you Bobbie; I am certain we will see each other again hopefully in the near future.

Lunch was next on my and BJ's agenda.  I was so excited to be going to ....

"Saffron, who has brought the Flavors of the World to Port Elgin and area.  Pictured below is Jen McLaughlin, who is one of Saffron's Creators and Partners.  Her *smile* alone would draw you into Saffron's doors ...."

"My lunch was the West African Peanut Stew ... oh my goodness how can I explain "beyond good"???  BJ had the "Lebanese Falafel Wrap" ... I got to taste BJ's side salad which was also "out of this World".  Size of proportions?  half of our Lunch went home with each of us for our Dinners this evening.  Prices? very reasonable when you consider taste, proportions and service."

"The decor is bright and cheerful, as was the service.  Original framed photos of Jenn's own travels can be viewed on every wall.  Menus include both "eat in" and "take out".

Tell you more?  to find out  more, just *click* HERE.  You won't be disappointed.

How could our day possibly be topped by anything else after such an amazing lunch experience?  It couldn't but we sure had a good afternoon together, BJ and I did, by heading out to shop at Walmart, then to the Dollar Store, and then to another of our favourite stores, fairly "new" to Port Elgin and area ...

"Here we are at the Bulk Barn.  Who would that be in the photo? that would be my Cousin, Melissa, who is so very informative and helpful.  I can NOT believe how she remembers all and where everything is about the store.  Thanks Melissa you are a God send in knowledge when I need it when shopping at the Bulk Barn."

"Here's BJ checking it "all out".   Oops "caught again" taking photos but she had a bit of fun playing right into my camera!"

Holy Moly it was getting to be late afternoon, so we had to get the "heck out of Dodge", as we still had to stop around to drop a jar of my Black Bean & Corn Salsa to Bobbi Switzer .... really, you don't know who Bobbi Switzer is????  well she is none other then the best renowned female "Chainsaw Artist" off the Bruce Peninsula and in the whole of Bruce County, you know?

You will definitely want to know more about Bobbi Switzer, so drop on over to Switzer Studios by *clicking* HERE.

Yikes !!! by the time I had dropped off BJ, gone in to say a quick (or maybe not so quick) "hello" to Paul, it was dark, dark, dark and almost 6 pm when I got back home !!!  Guaranteed there was some pretty happy "Checkerboard Aussies" waiting for me.

Spelling, Grammar or errors as such... sorry I am too dang, dang, tripled dang tired to worry about it, such as I am being "me".

One would think I would be pretty darn tired after "another whirlwind of a day", and that statement could not be any truer.  Did I have another great day of living my life? absolutely I did so.  I am one tired, happy and content woman not too far away from her bed very shortly here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Who knew picking up dog food could be so much fun!! Ha

  2. I often wonder how the Bulk Barn checkout clerk knows which items are which during checkout.

  3. What a busy life you lead. I have just looked up to see where you are and it is not as far north as I thought. I have a cousin in Bracebridge which I see, is further north than you. I also have a former classmate who lives in Bobcaygeon. (Both a long way from you I know).

    1. Much further North then I, Susan. I was through Bracebridge a couple of years ago, and to Bobcaygeon I have not been before myself. There is not enough time or energy some days to live life as full as we would like sometimes ... there is just so much out there to "grasp" !

  4. It's nice to 'meet' another Canadian blogger! You are a busy lady. I love the white cabinet in that store and we have a Bulk Barn here too which is owned by good friends of ours; great store! Hope you have a lovely weekend and thank you for entering my Giveaway. I have entered your name twice as you have placed my button on your sidebar.


  5. That food looks really good, was it spicy? You always find some great stores on your travels....



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