Friday 16 November 2012

Flowers Made My Day !

Here I am all tired, feeling blogged right out at the moment, barely believing I am almost at a loss for something to say.  This is so unlike "ME", as I am certain all those who know me can testify to this fact.

My day so began ....

"I love mornings like these.  A heavy frost beautified everything it touched with it's shiny glimmer in the early morning light.  Beautiful .... "

I was up before 5:00AM getting my "Crabby Cabbie" a lunch/dinner put together for his day ahead, then attended to all those wonderful "Checkerboard Aussies" needs right after.

Rob and I had a bit of conversation between us this morning, with never finding enough time together these past few weeks or so .... most of our time together has been a few hours together on a Sunday, or on the phone talking to each other.  Strangers in love we have seemingly become.

You can imagine my surprise when I happened to find this morning, tucked in among the Carnations Rob had surprised me with two weekends ago....

"Roses !  A mixed bouquet of roses !!!  Are they not beautiful? as I certainly think them to be."

I called Rob, and he had said, "you have just found them now"?  With my reply being, "no I seen them just before you left, but we had been too busy getting ready for our day and I had forgotten to tell you.  Why did you get me roses?"  His reply was simply, "because I love you."

We might not see each other as often as I would like sometimes, however I take great comfort in knowing how much I am loved.  *Sigh* if every day held such a good feeling in it...   Really is there any reason each day shouldn't hold such a good feeling?  I think not, we just need to dig a bit deeper some days to find one, as I am sure there is always one to be found.

Today being Friday I warmed up my Van with the frost being removed from its windshield and headed it "North of the Checkerboard" to see my Good Doctor for my weekly shot in the arm.  I wonder if my allergies will ever leave me, or if I am doomed to a weekly "shot" in the arm for the rest of my Life?

Before I went to my Doctor's appointment in Lion's Head, I had a quick stop in Fernadale on another matter I had to attend to ....

"Looking for a Summer Cottage Rental to vacation at on the Bruce Peninsula? might be the place to call."

When I did return home from the Doctors I got right to a bit of cleaning of this and that.  Always there is something in the vicious circle of cleaning is there to be done.  Since Rob's gift of "flowers made my day", I spent a little time making myself feel good before beginning anything else by ....

"... spending time arranging and placing them around the house."

I really need to make sure my "Crabby Cabbie" has some good lunch/dinner choices to take with him to work, so I then spent time in the kitchen making sure this was going to happen.

"Out of the freezer came some stew beef that I got to preparing into a Beef Vegetable Soup to switch things up from Chicken for a change."

I actually began with some Campbell's Beef Broth (as I haven't made any of my own for freezer backup lately), when I realized I had purchased some Beef Bouillon from my Epicure party two weeks ago.  I gave it a whirl, along with the usual Beef, onions, celery, carrots and potatoes (dang I forgot my frozen garden peas again!).

Funny thing it just so happened Rob had came home for a wee bit this afternoon for something, just after the soup was finished cooking.  What a nice surprise.  Together we had ourselves a bowl with his comment being "what did you do different, as that was the best Beef Soup you  have ever made".  Well the only difference was the Epicure Beef Bouillon I had used, so this is going to be a usual "keeper" favorite in our home from here on in (sorry Campbells).

"I got the lunch/dinner menu for my "Crabby Cabbie" all put together by way of Homemade Beef Soup, along with a side of Potato & Egg Salad, and a hard boiled egg.  A banana will be the choice of fruit with an Ice Tea drinking box.  That hopefully will give him a nice change up for tomorrow."

With my "Crabby Cabbie" back out the door after a quick lunch with me, I got myself organized a little bit in the way of thinking "Christmas".

"That would be in "Christmas Card" sending.  One of the gals on "Cindy's Recipe Exchange" thought it would be nice we send each other a Christmas Card.  I thought so too and was happy when 14 members signed on to do so.  This I had began giving some thought to this afternoon, along with my usual Christmas Card list."

Speaking of "Cindy's Recipe Exchange" on Facebook, I am pleased to be able to say we are now up to a count of 327 members !  Wowsers! way beyond any of my expectations when this group was first begun 1 1/2 years ago.  For me it has been a great interest on something I enjoy, and really lots of fun.  I have truly met some pretty awesome people within the Recipe Exchange, with new ones seemingly arriving daily.

Not only did my Rob's gift of "flowers make my day" ... there is seldom a day goes past without either one or all of my "Checkerboard Aussies" putting a *smile* on my face.

 "I just have to look out the Patio door to have Buddy put a *smile* on my face this day.  Such a handsome boy he is."

After Buddy and I had our walk together this morning, out, about and around the property, and while I was in cleaning the kennel run, he jumped up on his shelter and started giving me the biggest, and wettest kisses.  Now that makes some days just worth it all !

Today I also received some "Happy Mail" through Post Crossing.

"I received this amazing card from Cologne, Germany."

I love I can travel the World without even leaving my own home.  Post Crossing and the Internet are amazing!

"Don't forget I am offering a Give Away with the draw being on this Monday coming up.  *Click* HERE for details."

Jeez for someone who is tired and all blogged out with nothing to say, I think I managed to blah, blah, blah along just fine after all !  On that note I believe I will go see to my "pack" then relax myself with maybe just a wee bit of TV before I call it a night here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Aww, what a sweetheart you have in that crabby cabbie of ours!!!! Nothing better than a good beef stock in the freezer but a great beef bullion is a wonderful addition to the pantry, much better than the canned stuff for sure.

  2. Those flowers are beautiful - you lucky thing!


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