Sunday, 4 November 2012

A GOOD Tired

Daylight Savings time was really not too kind to me whatsoever ... what do you mean an "extra" hour of sleep? how does this come to be when one is awake at 3:00 am?  Phewie on that notion of "extra" sleep.  Ha !

"Sleep or no sleep my day started off in the most "wonderful" way.  I walked out into our Kitchen to find, not one but two bunches of Carnations awaiting me, along with a Tim Horton Coffee !  All thanks to a Husband who obviously loves me two bunches and a coffee."

Hahaha, Rob and I had been speaking to each other on the phone last night, when the conversation got a little silly with me saying, "how much do you love me", with him replying, "bunches".  "How much bunches" I asked.  He stated, "I did buy you flowers once".  "Yes", I had said, "You loved me one bunch of flowers once."

I think after this morning, I can well consider myself two bunches of flowers loved.

Once Rob had gotten up for the day, he called me over to the Patio doors to have a look see ...

"... at our Buddy Boy up on top of his shelter having a morning look about.  He is quite the Lord over his Domain.  Oops I had been found out !"

I have decided I was going to host a once a month Give Away at "Cindy's Recipe Exchange" on Facebook, since it gained such a good response last Month.  To qualify each member has two week to submit a "tried, tested and true" recipe along with their OWN photo of same.  Two recipes per member is the stated limit.

"This is the "Give Away" prize for the Month of November."

Today I was being hostess to an Epicure Party with Anita Dejong of Dejong Acres Farm as our Epicure Consultant.  I got going on last minute preparations with the flowers fitting right into the plans quite lovely.

"Their beauty was added to the Dining and Living room, as well as on the bathroom counter.  Perfect they were."

Then I made sure all was ready for Coffee and Tea service.

"Everything needed was out and accessible for Self Serve Hot Beverages.  Brewed Coffee, Earl Grey Tea and Tetley Pomegranate Green Tea."

Anita arrived at 1:00 pm to give herself a head start on setup before everyone began to arrive at the schedule time of 1:30 pm.

Thank goodness Rob was here as he was a huge help to Anita with bringing in her product and supplies.  It was not too cold out that the Farm Fresh Eggs she had brought along could be left just outside the door in the box she had brought them along in.  Perfect !

The girls started to arrive, seemingly all one right after another ... Abby Miners was soon to arrive with some product she brought along from Miners Maple Products ... more goodies for everyone to think about purchasing for themselves or for some unique gift giving for this upcoming Christmas.

It was wonderful to have two great gals from Grey-Bruce who are so very involved with their family, home business and community.  I was honoured to have both Anita and Abby here.

"Miners Maple Products can be found on Facebook by dropping around HERE.  By the way when they reach 200 "LIKES" on their Facebook Page they will be giving away a very nice Gift Basket, so pop on over there to give them a "LIKE" ! "

"You have heard me speak of Dejong Acres Farm many times I am sure, but just incase someone hasn't, you may find them right HERE. with nary a disappointment in what you find there, I promise this."

... and in the above mix I forgot the Chicken !  How could I forget the Chicken especially when I had Anita bring Rob and I along 4 Dozen Farm Fresh Eggs just for us !!!  Oh man ... there really are chickens there to purchase by the dressed bird, or from the undressed ones you may purchase their eggs.

Onto the Epicure Party ... we had so much fun.  What a wonderful group of woman we made ... lots of fun and laughter was had by all of us.  Life is good when you have so many positive fun people surrounding you.

Anita played a little game wherein everyone went away with a prize.  Then there was a little intro to those who were not familiar with what "Epicure" was ... samples were had, beverages served, stories exchanged, and a little bit of buying came next.

"You would not believe the wonderful selection that was made available !   the Catalogue was well put together and very impressive with its contents.  I, myself, am impressed with the facts Epicure is low sodium and made in Canada."

"I had been very excited with Anita bringing along one of the Custom Wool Blankets Dejong Acres Farm is introducing as a "new" product they now have to offer.  Of course it being made all from their own Sheep's Wool.  How "special" is that !  Congratulation Anita & Brian, I am so excited for you branching out yet in another new area of your learning, making it your expertise."

I think it had to be around 4:30 pm when things wound down with everyone saying their "good-byes", all ten of my guests.  Anita packed her stuff up, and while Rob took it all down to pack away in her vehicle we were able to unwind a bit and have a cuppa tea together before Anita headed back to her own home.  We were both tired, but "a GOOD tired", it was.

Thanks Anita, you know I always look forward to the next time we get to see each other !

"Look at the fantastic gifts I received from Anita for being Hostess."

"And the gifts from Abby from Miners' Maple Products.  Should you ever get over to their place, let me tell you do NOT go away without a bottle of their Maple Chipolte BBQ sauce as it is "wicked" !  Thanks Abby for everything today."

"A very "big" thank you to my friend, Toni with an "i", who brought me along a sample of the homemade Vegetable Soup Mix she had made.  Once I give it the good old "try out" myself, and make me some, I will post the recipe for it.  For the time being I had myself a little bitty taste and it is really really good."

By the time I got all the "good" dishes washed up and the dishwasher going with the other dishes it was 6:00 pm.  Rob and I headed it downtown Wiarton to stop in at our bank machine, drop off a dozen eggs to our friends, then we made a "beeline" for the Subway shop for some Supper.  I was too tired to cook us anything at home, but we sure enjoyed us a Sub each.

I am kind of hoping for a bit more sleep this night or at least more then I got last night.  I don't mind being tired too much when it is "a GOOD tired", "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. A great Day On your Farm North of Wiarton and South of the Checker Board. Thank YOU for all the Facebook and Blog time!!!

  2. Nothing better than a day with the girls

  3. Sounds like you all had a great day. I won't be entering your contest but I want to tell you that I made your Big Batch Chicken Soup and it is wonderful!! It made 3 couples and myself very happy as I shared it with all. Thanks for the recipe!

  4. What a sweet gesture from hubby. Looks like a fab epicure party. BTW, I will be sending you the dog cookies from craft show. Does Virna know your address? Aimee from Craftmates

    1. You will? did you use any of those recipes I emailed you? Yes Virna should have my Mailing Address, or she did have it. I will email it to you "just in case", Aimee. You are being way too sweet. I sure wish I was closer as I would love to go see you girls there !

  5. I hope your sister-in-law can source something similar to the centipede. Max was busy with it when I left yesterday.

    The 6 monthly vehicle warrant of fitness is the law although there is talk of making it an annual event.

    1. I have left her a msg for her to get back to me Susan. Will keep you posted. Wow 6 mos that can get expensive, couldn't it.


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