Friday, 23 November 2012

The "Crabby Cabbie's" Widow

Before I forget my manners, I am happy to welcome Melissa of Readingnks and Esther of Esther Norine Designs for joining me here for my daily journal and ramblings.  Thank you for dropping in to stay girls.  Looking forward to your visits and any comments you are so inspired to leave behind.

I have seriously been giving some thought of changing the name of my blog from what it is to "The Crabby Cabbie's Widow" ... ha, as this is what I have been feeling like lately.  No worries it is all "good" and rather temporary I am sure; besides "absence does make the Heart grow fonder", does it not?

I am truly thankful my Rob is busy with his Taxi business.  Any small business takes work and dedication to get it up and going properly with a lot little bit of "trial and error" on route.  It is funny as sometimes you put faith and trust in some people, expecting them to be as communicating and honest as you, to only find out they have been deceitful and self serving from the "get go".  Sad as it is, this is just how it is with some people and you just have to pick up the pieces and carry on.

My dear Rob has been busy picking up the pieces and carrying on all by himself the past few weeks.

The poor guy had a dreadful time all happening within 24 hours.  Not only did the tires go on the one "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle the day before, but then driving it over to get a front wheel alignment it was found out the back brakes just happened to go too.  This was not to be the end of it, Rob took his "back up" vehicle to work yesterday to have the Transmission in it go, barely making it home last night in 2nd gear.  Not only a vehicle is done, he lost a whole evening of work.  The upside was we seen each other a bit more then we have lately, and he also got himself a much needed good night's sleep.

Yes we all know Mr. Murphy doesn't strike in one's and two's, he always makes it in three's or more, does he not?

Always "Keep the Faith" as there are always better days ahead ....

"You could imagine my surprise when my "Crabby Cabbie" came home last night sporting a really becoming haircut (difficult NOT to notice right away, it was so).  He also brought his very first  owned "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle out of storage so he would have two, since he had a new Employee start working with him today.  Welcome "on board" Brad !  just what we needed a brand new "Crabby Cabbie" to join forces with the Old one !"  

Sometimes it’s better not to assume, not to wonder, not to imagine, and not to obsess. Just breathe, do what you can, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. When you least expect it, something great will come along – something better than you could have ever planned for. 

 ~ Marc & Angel ~

Those are very good words to try to remember when you are feeling "overwhelmed" by Mr. Murphy or others, are they not?

Once I had returned back home from my weekly trip to the Good Doctors for my "shot in the arm", I was taking the pail of woodstove ashes outside to dump when I had noticed a couple of roses still blooming on their bushes at the West side of our house.

"I could not pass up the opportunity of having 2 fresh cut Roses on our mantle it being the 23rd of November, now could I ?   Lovely are they not?"

Of course on arrival home all our "Checkerboard Aussies" had to go out, around and about.  Bandit is such a good boy, he can go out all by himself.  Sometimes when he is out I get doing other things and have been known on an occasion or two to have maybe "forgotten" him for a few minutes (or more sometimes *blush*).

"Yes there is our boy patiently waiting at the front door for me to remember him.  Really he doesn't have it all that bad as you can tell by the "beside" photo.  So much relaxed my camera cord draped across his backside didn't even make him move...what a guy!"

I LOVE sending and receiving Christmas Cards the Old Fashioned way via Post.  I was happy to receive my 2nd Christmas Card today from a "Cindy's Recipe Exchange" member.

"What a simply adorable card.  Thanks Toni and Bob, I love it!"

I really didn't much of anything but take it pretty much easy here today.  I didn't clean the bathroom nor bedroom as planned.  I did do up some dishes after making my favourite Black Bean & Feta Salad.  I might do the bedroom tomorrow morning before I go out for the day, but the bathroom I decided I would wait see if my Rob would finish the window he had installed ... how long ago? by putting the trim around it maybe on Sunday, so I really don't want to clean it twice within a 24 hour time frame (no pun intended with the "frame").

What could I possibly do tomorrow with it being Saturday? if we don't have a Snow Storm, what else would I do but go to a couple more Christmas Bazaars.  November is the Month of Christmas Bazaar Saturdays !

"First stop of the day will be at the Hepworth Legion, then over to my Auntie's Church which I have been going to 4 years in a row, please *click* HERE for further details and times for it.  Then I will be stopping around to D'sZigns by Kerry Oscroft in Southampton who does Custom Sewing and has shop set up with a 50% sale on all her creations right now.  For further details on Kerry's D'sZigns Event on Facebook, please *click* HERE."

Dang, dang, triple dang that dang snow best stay away for at least tomorrow anyway, as it knows I want to get out to all these three things, as well as make a stop at the Bulk Barn in Port Elgin too !!!

Something else that is coming up in the near future is going to be going on downtown Wiarton at Karen's Creations Scrapbooking.  She is holding a Christmas Card Class for either Thurs. November 29th at 10:30 am, or Mon. December 3rd at 10:30 am or 6:00 pm.

"Can you believe a Christmas Card Class and all the materials for only $15.00 ????  I have never done scrapping in my life before but at that price I am seriously thinking about giving it a "go" !  They all look so nice."

Need to know more about Karen's Creations Scapbooking in Wiarton? please *click* HERE.

Before I go it is "last chance" to go on over to Sandi's blog, by *clicking* on the button at the top right hand of my blog page to enter in her Give Away for the most lovely items ... really they are very beautiful.

The wind is howling outside my windows, the "Checkerboard Aussies" are all quiet, and here it is not even 7:00 pm here yet, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I am not a scrapbooker, but I would be taking that class also.

    Poor old Bandit!!!! We got our first Christmas card today also.......


  2. Oh you should so take the class, you will love it!!! Card making is so much fun but messy I have to say. Your crabby cabbie is looking mighty hot with that new hair cut. hope Mr Murphy will be on his way out the door soon, he is such a pain

  3. Hubby looks great with his haircut!! :) Big difference eh? I love Christmas cards too... I should make a few this year... Just need some energy first!! Hahaha!! ;)

  4. Love those cards Cindy, and the roses!


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