Sunday 25 November 2012

A Shopping Snow Day

After a long day yesterday it was nice to come home to check my email to find an attachment that made me *smile* from ear to ear.

"Here are two of my most favourite Rip Tail Snorter boys, Aiden & Connor."

It is really nice to have the technology we do that our Son, Paul, can snap a photo with his phone and send these moments off to me via email.  Not only did I get this photo yesterday, I got one from my Niece Joanne too ...

"Joanne had made a Winter Decor  for outside her house using a Pair of Skates she had purchased at the Thrift Store for $2.00, painting them "red", re-lacing them and tucking in some cute decor she had gotten from the Dollar Store.  What a great idea with a cost of way less then $10.00.  Aren't they cute and befitting of the Season?"

When I spoke to Joanne this morning, she had told me how nice they had looked with the snow fallen on them.  Just the "effect" she was going for I am sure.

I pretty much did absolutely nothing at all today in the way of what needs done around the house.  The only thing done was Rob driving us into Owen Sound as I needed to get some things at the Bulk Barn and stock up with some items from No Frills.  Lots of savings when going to the Big Box stores to stock up.  No Frills had Chocolate Chips and Marshmallows for $1.50/bag, and Maxwell House Coffee at $3.00 a jar, so those items were large savings themselves, never mind the other great saving items we had also gotten.

I had won a beautiful scarf, Handmade by the lovely Lena over at Frugal & Thankful, last Spring.  Today being the snowy cold day it was, I thought what better time to wear my new scarf.

"I had my Rob take the photos of me modeling it, can you tell?  I did hear about it as I wasn't suppose to be moving when I had .... oops."

"Off we went on our way to Owen Sound.  Our first real snowfall to actually speak of so far this Year."

First we went to the far side of Owen Sound to the Bulk Barn.  What a nice surprise we had when we were doing our shop there, as we ran in to my friend Toni, with an "i", picking up a few items for Christmas goodie baking herself.  I love running into friends I don't get to see often on a regular basis, don't you?

Next stop was the Dollar Store where I picked up all I "think" I will need to make a Wreath when a few of us gals from Cindy's Recipe Exchange get together for a Cookbook Swap next Sunday at Abby Miners' place over at Miners' Maple Products.  I am so excited for next Sunday to arrive, but not wishing the time away as I have much to do before next Sunday rolls around.

Then we hit the No Frills store coming away after spending $116.00.  Lots of things I won't have to worry about for awhile, as I took advantage of the sales to stock our pantry while there.  We don't do weekly shops in Owen Sound with Rob's work schedule, pretty much usually only an "on need basis" when we do drive over there.

Today had been "a shopping snow day" for us.

"Really we did pretty good with what we spent and what we got.  I think other then the necessities of bread and milk, or fresh veggies when required our pantry is looking really good for the Winter months ahead."

When in at the Dollar Store I had picked up these two characters for $2.00 each.  I know what I will be filling them with goodies for a certain two boys I just happen to know.

"I really lucked in as these were the only two left on the shelf.  Are they not adorable?"

By the time we got back to Wiarton, Rob and I were both tired and hungry.  We stopped in at our local Subway Store to have us each a Sub for our lunch.  We got home to get everything away, look after our Aussie needs then both passed out for a couple of hours .... both of us were "beat".

The weather has really been playing havoc on my Fibromyalgia, with me feeling like all my muscles from head to toe were going to "pop" out of my skin.  Pain wears a person down more then I would like to imagine or would ever want to have happen.  Tylenol 2 and Ibuprofen were the order of the day with rest.  I resent feeling like this, as I look around to see how much I could be doing ... *sigh* it won't go anywhere and will be always there waiting for me, this I do know.

"If nobody else likes the snow, there is never any fear that any one of our "Checkerboard Aussies" won't ... every one of them LOVE the snow, as you can tell by Miss Lexus here !"

My friend, Lynn, is part of the Wiarton Optimist Club.  Yesterday she had posted to her Facebook page that she is doing a "fundraiser" on the behalf of raising money to go towards the Basketball Court for our local children.  This is what I have posted to my Facebook page, after reading Lynn's post:

SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY "Crochet" Friends please. My friend, Lynn Wright, who is with the Wiarton Optimist Club is doing a fundraiser and is looking some people for Crochet participation! Here is Lynn's deal: 

I'd like to do a fundraiser for our Optimist club. We support a lot of youth functions in our area. We are currently working on a basketball court and should have it completed by spring. We 
have also paid to send kids who can't afford it otherwise, for them to go to a summer camp, and we put on a family fun day once a year that is absolutely free for kids to attend. I'm thinking if anyone would like to donate a granny square , lets go with 4 x 4 in size, regular worsted yarn, then I can join them all together and use it as a raffle at our next event. If anyone would like to help with this please send your square to:

Lynn Wright P.O. Box 342 Wiarton, Ontario, Canada, N0H 2T0 

Thanks so much! I would love to have them all here by the end of December so that I can get them all linked together in time for our next family day event . (crocheted squares only please).

Should any of my "Crochet" readers love to contribute to this cause, I would appreciate it, as would Lynn, and the Wiarton Optimist Club.  If you do decide to participate, could you please include a note you are a reader of my blog, as I have asked Lynn to let me know should she receive any from you out there, so we can photograph and post about how it is all coming together.  I am really very excited about this !  A couple of my Relatives have already committed themselves to a "Granny Square", as has my Sister Donna, who is going to be mailing two off to Lynn, one being on my half of course *smile*.  Thank you to all in advance to who that partake in this "Fundraiser".  I do LOVE giving back whenever I am able, as I am sure most people do.

Other then being set back more then usual today, it has been nice to have my husband home for a "whole" day, even though nothing at home got accomplished.  On that note, I think I will spend some time with him, while he relaxes a bit by watching some of his favourite TV, which would be pretty much anything but Sports (lucky me).

Tomorrow will be another day, and another day means anything that didn't get done today has a "chance" of getting done then, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I would love to contribute a granny square, but as I can't figure out how to crochet, it could be a year or two before she gets it!!! So please forward my good wishes onto her instead!!

    I swear those two boys of yours are growing, don't you think? Have to love McD's!!


  2. thanks so much Cindy for posting the granny square need to your blog. It is very much appreciated. I am anxious to see what shows up and how different each one will be. Thanks in advance to all who participate. The proceeds from the sale of this granny square aphgan, (after I get it all put together) is going back into the community for youth activities. Lynn Wright

  3. Hey, the scarf matches your coat!! I'm really happy that you like it! And I'm so sorry you are in pain again! I hope the new day tomorrow will bring some relief too!

  4. Adorable boys! And, I'm with you on technology. My husband's parents live in another country, & it's fantastic to be able to keep in touch via pictures & videos, even when we can't see each other regularly.

  5. Hello there Cindy......hello
    great to see you in a photo....and a good one at that.
    Now that's how I imagined it ...Canada that is with I presume you always have a white Christmas.
    Donate a Granny squares is such a brilliant idea.

    I love the way your niece Joanne has decorated those skating boots she picked up what a great idea.....I much prefer Christmas decorations that are made this is so easy just to pop into a shop and buy but there's nothing in that.Making your own means so much more.
    Very sorry to hear you aren't well again.

    Take care now

    Amanda :-)

  6. Awww, Aiden & Connor are such cute boys. I'm so glad I met them when you brought them to the craftshow.

    I hope you're feeling better now ***hugs***



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