Saturday 3 November 2012

Home ALL Day !

"Five thirty AM Bandit and I hanging out.  He had some really big grins going on but decided he was going to be a little camera shy this morning.  What is up with my boys ?"

"Speaking of early morning hours, I best not forget to turn the clocks back an hour before I hit the "sack" tonight as Daylight Savings begins at Midnight.  This time of the Year is actually a really good reminder to change your batteries in such things as Smoke Detectors too."

Today I pretty much thought I was the Engergizer Bunny considering all I got accomplished today.  It is amazing what one can get done when they stay "Home ALL Day" !  Every time I try to make plans to stay home something comes up with me ending up to run to town for something, or otherwise.  Nope, Nada, this wasn't happening today ... although there was a second it almost did happen.

"When I was out first thing this morning there had actually been enough snow on the ground to make mention of here.  I am happy to report it has all disappeared !"

Once all the "Checkerboard Aussies" had been made comfortable, I first got going on making something in the Kitchen.  I am certain this isn't a surprise to anyone I would do something like this, now would it be?

"I decided I would get everything together to make a couple of Pumpkin Cheesecakes from an Epicure Mix I had been hoarding for such a time.   Then I got down and dirty into the mixing it all nice and creamy like."

"I had to put together a Graham Crust for the Pies, so just a little bit of work went into getting those prepared.  Into the oven for 40 minutes before they were out cooling on my counter top.  Smell really good ... can't wait to try a sliver."

I actually then got to ironing a couple of items.  Ironing isn't something that goes on too often around here, so I had to first blow the dust off the iron.  Then out of the China Cabinet came the Tea cups to be all washed up, as they seldom get used either.  With just a little bit of more pulling stuff out of cupboards I had everything set up to my satisfaction.

"All set up and ready to serve.  Would you care for Tea or Coffee?"

Why all the fuss and bother, you might ask?  Well I am having some ladies in tomorrow who are attending an Epicure Party I am Hosting along with Epicure Representative, Anita DeJong of Dejong Acres Farm.  For a bonus, Anita is also bringing along some of her Farm Fresh Eggs for those who would like some to purchase.

I am also proud to say Epicure is an ALL CANADIAN company !!  How "sweet" is that ???  not too many of those around any more.

I am pretty excited, first being Anita is one of my most Favourite people out there in the Business World, and secondly it is going to be lots of fun having a few gals together.

I had to stay "Home ALL Day" or I wouldn't have gotten one darn thing done otherwise.  Isn't it wonderful when you plan such an occasion which gives you a "kick in the behind" to get those things done that have been needing done for weeks on end? like the floors washed, and quite a few spider webs just hanging around?  Never mind the dust in my China Cabinet that was never really noticed too much until I started removing Tea Cups from their place in there. Oh man, I still have to dust those spots !!!  Yikes !

Poor Bandit will think he had been punished, as he has been banned to the basement, so I don't have to walk behind him with the vacuum cleaner all day long, now the floors have been swept clean of his "extra" hair and washed.  He will be all happy again late tomorrow afternoon.

All that is left to do is prepare a few veggies and fruit when Anita arrives tomorrow.  I think I have everything else pretty much wrapped up in the meantime.

"I also took inventory of my Tea supply today.  I really think this is enough to hold me over for quite some time.  Enough variety that I won't get bored with it either."

I don't know about anyone else, but I have been noticing lately there has been a lot more attention on Bullying then ever before.  Something that never was addressed when I was growing up that I can recall.

What I do recall was chanting "Sticks and stones will break my bones, but names will never harm me" quite often.

The other day when I had expressed a certain situation that has been going on in my and Rob's lives the past while to an acquaintance of mine, she made a very "valid" statement which has stood out in my mind.  This statement was "age does not reflect on a person being a bully".  How true was this!  especially since we have been experiencing someone who is close to retirement age who still apparently likes to bully people and has been getting away with it, as we have found out with more people then just us.

It is crazy !  Are these bullies are that "insecure" or "control" hungry or "self centered" they have to push themselves and what they want down peoples throats, being totally disrespectful towards others???  It is a *sad* sad * situation ... making me wonder, if once a bully do they remain so all their lives then, if age has no bearing on being a "bully" !  and from what I have experienced the last while, with a couple people who come to mind, this is so very true !

I am so happy the schools have "zero" tolerance for bullying but for some reason I think that will never be enough for some, but hopefully enough to save a few.

I know I would never tolerate my boys being intentionally "mean" towards anyone when they were growing up.  I know for a fact now my youngest son is very kind, considerate and compassionate towards others who need help.  This is a very good quality to see in people, with me happy to see my one son has this quality, as well as my husband.  It does make it a better World when this is so, does it not?

There is this Seminar I think would help people with dealing with such "bullies"....something I think would benefit those older bullies who are long past school age.  Even more important this would help those of us who have been or still are at the mercy of such persons.

"This seminar is coming up the 8th of November.  Something worthwhile to many on a personal level, or on business level.  Please call John at QBC Solutions for further information on this or future seminars at 519-538-5711.  My thought this could be very important to some in a personal or business environment."

I am pleased to say it has been a very productive day for me after being "Home ALL Day".  I might need a little "fire" placed under my butt to get me motivated to do this more often.  It is funny how a little social activity at home can have so much effect on a person, is it not?  Ha !!!

Here is to hoping I sleep well this evening so I am able to enjoy all my socializing tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh! Can I come to the Epicure party? It sounds like so much fun! I love those kind of things and haven't had one for a long time. I hope things turn out as fun as they sound. That pumpkin cheesecakes sure sounds and looks terrific.

    1. I wish you could be there .. it would even be more fun then, Cathy !

  2. I had to switch our batteries last week because most of them started beeping at the same time :) There is for sure no age for bullies, bullying just often becomes more sophisticated.

    1. Very good point on the sophistication end of it, Lena! Good thing they beep when they need changing !

  3. Thanks for reminding me that I need to change the time. Had I not read your blog today, I would be too early for a lunch party tomorrow : )

  4. Batteries changed, clocks that need to be changed are. As for bullies I had one in grade school through freshman year of school. Sad thing was before that she was my best friend. Anyway she somehow got my email this year and sent me this whole letter of how sorry she was and how she needed to be my friend. I told her that while I forgave her I would never forget and that my hope is that no one would ever do to her children what she did to me. I also wished her well and told her I would NEVER want to be her friend.

    Sadly we never really outgrow the bullies we had..and even run into bullies at work

  5. have a super party today, is that why you are up so early?


  6. Stay at home days are the best!!! I will be having one today (I hope) may not even get dressed!! Have a great time at your party today. A house full of ladies and snacks sounds like a winner. Mean people just stink don't they, no matter what their age!!!

  7. It is great to have an "at home" day to catch up. I always like having visitors as it pushes me into doing a good clean up.


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