Thursday 29 November 2012

DUH ! I Forgot The "D"

This morning got underway as most mornings around here, but not without a cup of Java first.  Who can function at the best of times without their morning Java? not this gal, and that is the truth.  Those "Cobwebs" need dusting off the old brain somehow and caffeine seems to assist with that some days more then others.

Just last night my sister, Donna, and I got to talking about exercise, diet, health and all those good things in life that keep us  well oiled and ticking.  We got on to the subject about how I had seemed to have less Fibromyalgia flareups two years ago then I have been having for the past few months.  For some reason something was "triggered" in my tired old brain and the lights came on !!!

Way back how many months ago now, too many I am afraid to admit, my Good Doctor had taken blood from me to find out I had a deficiency in Vitamin D, advising me I should be taking Vitamin D all Year round, not just in the Winter months.

One of the differences two Years ago from now is I was to the best of my knowledge faithfully taking Vitamin D on a daily basis.  Oh my, I can't remember when that went off to the wayside, but I am wondering if this has been part of my, more then often, cause of the Fibro flareups.  For some reason, I might be able to bet, by not taking Vitamin D it has contributed to most certainly some of it .... let's see what does Vitamin "D" do for us?


Vitamin D has an important role in maintaining the blood concentration of calcium and phosphorus, according to The bones grow dense and strong as they are able to absorb these minerals and deposit them in bone. Other target tissues for vitamin D include the brain and nervous system, pancreas, skin, muscles, cartilage, reproductive organs and cancer cells. This suggests that vitamin D may be useful in treating many disorders, including cancer, according to "Understanding Nutrition."

And that is that giving way to the knowledge of absorbing minerals to maintain strong bones.  With the Fibro the part applicable here that I would take from it would be the other target tissues, mainly brain and nervous system, and the muscles.

Guess what?  I started taking 2000 UI of Vitamin D last night.  Exactly how much Vitamin D should a person be taking daily?  Check out the limits by *clicking* HERE.

"DUH !  I Forgot the Vitamin "D", is right and I have probably had some ill effects with having a deficiency I am thinking.  I hope in a couple of months I start seeing an improvement, time will tell now won't it?

My "Crabby Cabbie" did not have to go in first thing this morning, but that didn't mean he wasn't doing anything.  He first had to replenish our wood supply with bringing a load into our basement.  Then he took the time out to get to the driveway before it became more slush with the mild temps, or froze solid when they drop again.

"Our Leyland Tractor was dusted off and brought out of the Drive Shed to clear our the mush from our driveway.  There was still quite a bit actually be moved."

Then when those two necessities of our life were taken care of, he perched his "Crabby Cabbie" hat on top of his head and took off down the Highway to do what he does best over in the Saugeen Shores and Areas. Good man he is at times, if I would say so myself !

"Today was the day I thought I had better do inventory of what Christmas gifts I had already purchased throughout the Year, and how many more I still needed to get.  I am sad to say I am not in as good as shape as I was last Year at this time."

I think I best be checking my List twice and get out there before it is too late !  Oh man, I really don't care for shopping at the best of times .... but with Christmas only weeks away now, I really ain't relishing it one little bit !

Believe it or not going through our bedroom closet took a bit of time by the time I had sorted and decided what is going to go to who ... I was thankful though I didn't have to make all these decisions on my own.

"My faithful Reindeer, Bandit, was by my side the whole time helping me sort it all out.  Thanks Bandit, you are the best Reindeer anyone could possibly ever hope for."

"We also managed to get a little Christmas Cheer going on in our window.  This is the wreath made from plastic bags my BFF's sister gifted us two years ago.  Yes I do LOVE me some blue."

Today just happened to be another "Happy Mail" day at our house ...

"I received this awesome Christmas Card, along with a recipe, from one of the Members of Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook.  I LOVE getting Christmas Cards !  Thanks Joyce !"

"I vaguely remember filling out a form for some "free" Aveeno samples a while back on Facebook.  Usually you get wee little trial samples, so you can imagine my surprise when these came in the mail today???  And fragrance free !  so much nicer for a person who suffers with allergies as I do.  Thank you Aveeno, I truly do appreciate these and will be using them daily on my poor dry skin I suffer with."

Not too often you get anything for "free" now days, is it?  I sure appreciate it when I do though.

Most of my afternoon was spend over at our oh so "wonderful" mechanics who fixed my windshield wipers that a certain husband of mine, not to mention any names, ROB !!!  turned on while they had been frozen to the windshield.  *Sigh* I really can't point fingers too harshly since I myself have done the same darn thing, with less repercussions though as they never broke when I did it  Also the Post Office and the Bank both received a visit from me today downtown Wiarton.

I must not forget my manners by sending out a huge "welcome" to the three new followers of my blog, here to join me in my daily journey and ramblings.  Thanks for being here Josie Marie of, to Tamara of What's for Dessert (who doesn't LOVE dessert?), and to Evelyn at My Turn (for Us).  It is most certainly my pleasure to meet you and have you here as well.  Thank you.

Oops before I also forget, mark you calendars for this upcoming Saturday as there is an "Open House" you just may not want to miss ....

Pssst ... I heard through the grapevine Miners' Maple Products will also be there too with some Maple Syrup goodies! 

Oh another little "tidbit" I also came to find out is that Sweet Things From Dejong Acres now have their very own Facebook page, just like the "Crabby Cabbie" does, so head on over there to give them a "high five" by giving each of their pages a big old  "LIKE"  !!!  as I know for a fact they would both LOVE you for doing so

I am weary, with also trying to keep a Cold at bay, but now with my body getting it some goodness of the much needed Vitamin "D", I will be stronger then ever before I know it, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. that is interesting about the Vitamin D. You have quite a bit of snow at your place. Only a dusting around here.

    Cute photos of Bandit.


  2. I need to start taking some vitamins too. I'm been slacking lately and I feel so exhausted all the time..I hope it will help you!

  3. Hope the vitamin D helps you start feeling better. I too am way behind on my Christams gifts this year, that will be on next weeks to do list to finish up the shopping. Our temps ar in the high 60's this week with no cold snap in sight :(


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