Friday, 9 November 2012

Those Roads Were HOT Today !

*Sigh*  I was running the whole day through it seemed up and down Hwy.6, then on down Hwy. 21, never mind all the roadways inbetween !  Those roads were HOT today from me running them so much.

First of it was "North of the Checkerboard" to the Good Doctors for the usual "shot in the arm".  A friend of mine had purchased a Toddler Sleigh bed from off the Swap up that way, so the girl she had purchased it from came down from Tobermory to pass it onto me, so I in turn could pass it on down to my friend, Sheree, in Southampton.  "Tag" you are IT !  Ha !

I got back home to do up a couple of things, take care of all the needs of the "Checkerboard Aussies" then hit the highway again down Hwy 6 to 21 over to Southampton.  I stayed a wee little bit at Sheree's when I delivered to her the "goods".  She had her hands full with lots of sweetness, as her twin 3 year old grands were there.  One girl and boy.  Way tooooooooo sweet they are.  This is why she had wanted this toddler bed.  She had one for her Grand Girl, but had needed this one for her Grand boy.

How sweet of Sheree too, as she gave me a Homemade Bar of Goats' Milk Peppermint Soap and some Body Works Soap.  Thanks Sheree !

I have been "itching" to take some photos of the Saugeen River myself, but never have time ... I took a few moments (not near as many as I had wanted to).

"Just outside of Southampton and right before you get to Saugeen Nations."

"If you look very closely there really is a fisherman in each of these three photos ...honestly."

Then I went on to see my "Crabby Cabbie" so he could get our personal vehicle filled up with fuel for me.  Goodness knows I needed it the way I run those roads some days !

Finally I did get home around 1:30 pm to realize I had forgotten to get our prescriptions that had been filled at the Wiarton Drugstore.  *Sigh* downtown I go again ....

I could not help but notice the Store fronts were all paying respects to our Veterans by dressing up their windows to reflect same.

And yet another soon to be local Church Christmas Bazaar did not go unnoticed by my ever watchful eye ...

Regardless of how tired I was I decided to make a drop-in call on a couple of the Small Businesses to see if they would be interested in going along on the Bruce County Small Businesses Reaching Out Facebook Group.  The response was FANTASTIC !!!

I first stopped in to see Karen at Karen's Creations.  Please do *click* HERE to meet Karen yourself.

Then I popped in at her Neighbours to see Kim at .....

" Unfurgetable Petz ~ Food & Supplies ~ "

Were I was very amused by ....
"Kitties and .... "

".... a couple adorable cute little puppies."

Thanks Karen and Kim for coming "On Board" !!  Looking forward to working along with each of you in the  BCSMRO Group !

Are you a Bruce County Small Business Owner or Consumer?  please do drop on over to check us out, as we would LOVE for you to do so !  Just *click* HERE , but remember you must have a Facebook Account first.

Up the North Hill on my way back home, for the 3rd time today, I took the incentive to drop on in somewhere I had only been once before (it is only 2 shakes away from where we live I might add).  I stopped here with my two friends in mind, Debby at Nanny's Place and Cara at My 1/2 Dozen Daily, as I know how much they have a LOVE for places like these ...

"I am happy I stopped in as I learned Mother's Fabrics will be relocating to downtown Wiarton where the 30's Something store was.  This is good to know, as I am sure I will drop in again just so I can admire all the different fabrics with their prints and colours !" 

"I was amazed at all there was to see !  Wonderful, absolutely wonderful.  See Debby & Carla, if you ever come visit me I have somewhere to take you I can guarantee you will LOVE !"

Once my out and about adventures were over I did return home again late this afternoon.  By this time it had gotten quite cool.  I had to busy myself right away with getting the Wood Stove fired up ... brrr

I had been very excited last evening after I had wrapped up my blog post, as my Cousin Paul had emailed me:

Hi Cindy,

My secret sister was Lena.  She asked that I e-mail her when I received my package, so I sent her an e-mail tonight.  I love everything she sent me.  She sure put a lot of thought into my gift as she got me everything that I love!!!!!!  

I got the following:

Beautiful beige pillow goes great with my decor
Cook Book for Treats
Hot Cocoa
Lindt Dark Chocolate
A nice saying to put on my mantle
Vanilla candle

Wow is all I can say!  

I have attached a picture for your blog.  I really appreciate you sharing this for me Cindy.  I did tell her you would blog it.  She wrote in my card that she loves and adores you!!!!

Warm hugs and love,

Paula's "Secret Sister" is Lena over at Frugal and Thankful.  Lena you are so much one of MY MOST FAVOURITE people who I LOVE AND ADORE also !!!  Thank you for being YOU ! xx

Please take a moment to go meet Lena yourself by *clicking* HERE, as I am certain you will find her as delightful and loving as I do myself.

Thanks for sharing, Paula, I do so LOVE your gifts too, you lucky girl.

YIKES !  Here is is dark outside again and I barely got anything accomplished around here today!  I am happy to report though my bed has been made as always and my dishes are all done up, but this does not account for the other dog needing swept up from the floors, or was that two I seen floating around?

Oh my!  How could I almost forget the "Breaking News" of the Day !!!  My "Crabby Cabbie" now has his very own Facebook Page !!!  Please take a moment to go HERE to "LIKE" his page, as I am sure he would "like" it if you do.  How exciting he is going forward, and hasn't even seen it himself yet ... ha !  (I did tell him about it though *blush*)

I am tired, what else is new; I am feeling content, this is good; I have lots of loving family and friends, this makes my heart sing .... all is good, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. as always you're such a busy bee.....


  2. Wow "I have been blogged" as you said in your text! Thanx so much Cindy for sharing my Secret Sister gift cuz of course I don't blog... You sure had a busy day.

  3. Ohhhh... That fabric shop looks fun! I could put a dent on their stock I'm sure! Even moreso if I had Debby with me!! lol! Thanks for sharing Paula's photo & letter! Looks like it was another great match!! :)

    So Cindy, when do you ever relax my dear?! lol!! Oh, I "liked" crabby cabby!! :)

  4. I simply love all the secret sister care packages you ladies received!
    Aimee from Craftmates

  5. A busy day you had Cindy! So nice that more local businesses here are going to be joining up! :)

  6. I'm glad your cousin enjoyed her little package. I tried :)


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