Tuesday 2 December 2014

Life's Clutter

Last night was dreadful.  I fell asleep after only seeing the first performer on The "Voice", then woke up not even three hours later ending up awake tossing and turning the rest of the night.  Needless to say I am tired today.

I had a difficult time getting going this morning but somehow managed to start at one end of the house cleaning, otherwise I would have found myself more overwhelmed then I already am.

It took me hours to take everything off, away from the walls and clean everything.  I not only had piles of papers needing burned but managed the past few days to get a box and bag of stuff ready for the Sally Ann.  

I had a couple of things I really love, which I had bought for my someday forever home, however there is just too much clutter which has been making me sick, so onto Facebook I have began to put things for sale.  I sold one centrepiece as well as a large framed print today.  I am *sad* but just know I will feel better once I begin getting my life de-cluttered, as time allows me to.

It seems Time is quite the commodity in my life, more so since Rob began the Taxi business 2 1/2 years ago.  Either I am to busy volunteering or doing paperwork or errands for my hubby, and/ or when I do happen to get clear day to get things done it either gets interrupted or I end up being sick with a migraine, extreme fatigue, fibro issues, or something other.

I don't think I could be a hoarder as clutter stresses me, and finding no time to deal with clutter mounting the past 2 years has been stressing me even more.

How do you deal with Life's Clutter

I will not be joining any more committees for Events in the New Year, as I have lots of events in my own home to deal with.  I will remain on the Board of Directors for the WDCC, and continue doing the Facebook page for them, also overseeing the website, but that will be my limitations.

It isn't that I haven't enjoyed helping out with Events, it is just my own life is starting to slide so much that it is making me feel ill that I feel I have to stop for my own health, as I can't keep up with much even when I have a good day with a full night's sleep and less then usual pain.

Stress causes many problems to a person's health in ways that sometimes we don't even realize. Chronic pain is another battle that is difficult to also keep up with most days.

I am hoping after the Wiarton Christmas Parade this upcoming Saturday I can begin getting some sort of a routine back for myself at home.

Now that I think about it some sort of routine might not be happening until sometime at the end of February or so as the new litter of puppies will be arriving on or about the 23rd of this Month.  They will then not be ready for new homes mid-February.  Since it will probably be too cold for them to be out in the outside pen, there will be much more extra cleaning up after puppies this time around. There is always something to keep life interesting ...

I also need to start thinking about my youngest Son, Paul, getting married next Year as well.  There will be extra things that I would probably like to do for them before that happens, and you know how quick time flies ????  especially when we aren't paying attention to it.

I am kind of looking forward to the Santa Claus Committee meeting this evening as we will be bagging up the Santa Claus Treat bags ... all 200 of them !!!!  This is the kind of SWEET work you don't mind having from time to time.

I am off to tidy up a few more items before it is ready to count out candies later on.  Rob told me last night he was going to remove my batteries if I didn't start to slow down, hopefully that happens before I end up falling flat on my face, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. A few clutter items are vital.......I always think they ground you with memories

    1. Yes there are a few clutter items I could never part with John

  2. It does seem that you have in the past stretched yourself too thin in terms of commitments to this or that, and it's bound to have an effect.

  3. I'm going through the de-cluttering nightmare presently as I make room for the Christmas decorations. Things just seem to accumulate, don't they. Bits of paper, books, magazines, things that belong somewhere but nobody can be bothered to put them away. I find it's almost a daily job to keep it all at bay and that gets annoying. Good luck with your de-cluttering.


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