Wednesday 10 December 2014

Full To The Top

Another crappy night again.  I am back on my barely any sleep roll again, and Portia seems to be joining me as I had her out at 11:30 pm (again) last night.  I go to sleep about 9 pm, as I can barely stay awake, finding myself wide awake 2 or 2 1/2 hours later for usually the remainder of the night.

Crappy is right on how I sometimes feel the next day.

Regardless of how I felt today I had to start tackling this house.  I managed to get the dining/living room areas dusted and vacuumed.  This took me a couple of hours as in-between I am also running Portia in and out.  I am hoping tomorrow I can get the bathroom done, then the bedrooms started the next day.

By the time I get that all done, I will start back at the beginning again with the vicious circle that keeps my head spinning some days.  Oh darn I forgot all about the kitchen !  and the foyer, that is on the list too, and surely it will take a couple months of Sundays to even attempt the basement, as that has been on the back of my mind FOREVER.

I feel I very boring lately.  Boring and tired.  Maybe I feel this way since I am so tired.  Yes that has to be the reason.

My biggest decision today was whether or not to throw out the Money Tree plant I have had for a number of years.  Believe it or not there are new leaves beginning to bud, so I decided to give it another month or two.  Rob took action on lining the whelping box with the new "used" plywood I got yesterday.  Lexus is due with her puppies in two weeks from yesterday ... holy moly where is the time going???

I have been very overwhelmed lately with what needs done in the house, as well as getting the Crabby Cabbie books done, and the thoughts that I haven't even started any Christmas Baking.  What's up with that?  I am usually done with the baking by now, or at least almost done with it.

Since the kids are not coming till the New Year I will put the baking off until after Christmas, with the exception of maybe making a batch of Christmas Cookies for some Gift Giving.  Not certain yet as my plate is too full again next week.

YIKES !  I just remembered I am meeting my sister, Jeanne, and her hubby, tomorrow to have lunch with Mom.  Guess Rob will have to hold down the Aussie fort again for me for a bit tomorrow, and make his own lunch (which he never minds doing).

Rob treated us with a Rotisserie Chicken from the grocery store for our Dinner tonight.

The chicken along with the Butternut Squash I had steamed & mashed with Maple Syrup & Butter, and a side of Turnip made for a very good Dinner.

Needless to say I am full to the top and almost flowing over I am so full.

Liz called me today.  The girls have their pageant at school tonight, so hopefully I will get some photos later.  Aiden and Connor are also visiting for their Wednesday night.  I must remember to call them tomorrow morning before they go back to school.

Canadian Living is featuring a "Nominate Your Community" for their 40th Anniversary.  I have put together three of my photos representing Wiarton from this past Year to enter, and will be preparing a few notes to add as per the instructions.

These are the photos I thought I would submit:

Hopefully what I submit will give our Community of Wiarton to be considered as a "feature" by Canadian Living.  Fingers, toes & knees crossed ... maybe eyes too.

I have to think when I can sit down and write out something to go along with the photos.  I can't just write something off the top of my head for something like this, usually having to "feel" what I am going to write first, should that make sense to anyone else but myself.

For today, this is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Very good choices for the magazine, Cindy. The last of that trio is my favourite.

  2. Good Luck with the nomination for Wiarton. I would so love to live there, near the water. It would be so handy for us, except that is not the kind of water we like to use our boat in. It truely is a beautiful town with lots to do, see and partake in.


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