Thursday 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

I had a wonderful sleep .again last night .... almost blissful and bittersweet it had been.  When 5 am came out went Lexus, Bandit & Buddy, with Portia not long after then right back into her bed, as I also followed suit back into mine.

The phone rang at 7 am and I had been put on Facetime with the grandchildren.  I never quite seen 5 kids ever open gifts in a few minutes flat as I had witnessed this morning .... wowsers !  It had still been fun to watch.

My Brother picked me up just before 11 am and we headed up to visit Mother.

There had been a bit of reminiscing over some photos of our Dad.  Riley was also somewhat interested too (Riley is my Great Nephew, my brother's Grandson).

Time out for some more photos.  Riley is so TALL ! we all feel like midgets beside him.

A rare photo of my brother and I.  My only brother I might add.

It was also nice to have a photo of Mom & I together as well.  Riley did a great picture.

We walked Mom down to the dining room where they were having a Christmas Dinner for the residents.  Allan dropped me off at home, and I was to go see him later.

This afternoon was very peaceful with Rob having a good snooze, and I checking out washing machines online for tomorrow's Boxing Day Sales.  Just before 4 pm Rob got called out.  Of course it was right before we were to leave for my brother's for Dinner.

My brother and his wife had invited us for Christmas Dinner at 5 pm.  Rob was back in time for us to get over there by then.  We had a lovely meal and were back home shortly after 7 pm.  I was embarrassed as I couldn't stop yawning after Dinner.  Needless to say Rob and I are both "full to the top".

Tomorrow I will be racking my brain over what washing machine to pick out.  I am thinking I will be getting a top loader again, as the front loader most certainly didn't last too long at only 6 years old.

I hope everyone had a most wonderful Christmas wherever and whoever you might have spent it with, and don't forget ....

Going to get my feet up and watch me a bit of TV before I hit the sack, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. they sure grow up fast don't they? My 16 year old grandson is SO TALL this year. Last year he was short and stubby and all of a sudden she shot up and thinned out.

  2. I have had several washing machines over the past several years. I started with a Whirlpool front loader that had oodles of issues and expensive repairs. Got rid of that and now I have a Maytag front loader which does a good job. In Florida, once again we had a Whirlpool that had issues so I bought a Samsung Front loader from Lowes and it is the BEST machine I have ever had. Quiet, spins the clothes to really dry and leans beautifully. My son bought the Samsung top loader and it does not get the clothes as clean as the front loader.

  3. I hope by now the washing machine dilemma is sorted out. Looks like you had a busy Christmas.


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