Friday 5 December 2014

Upset Tummies Ain't Fun

Another rotten night spent tossing and turning.  It really is getting quite tiresome.  This was a bit different though as there was nausea added this time around .... upset tummies ain't fun !

After the Aussies were all looked after and Rob left out the front door this morning I tried to go back to bed, but that never works when you want it too, right?  I didn't even make our bed today as I thought I might have a chance to go back to it.  No that also didn't happen today.

I did get out and about to do a couple of errands such as some banking, then on to tie up a few loose ends with last minute details for Wiarton's Santa Claus Parade tomorrow night.  Still there is more running around for that still to be done tomorrow.

We have our driver John's wife and granddaughter helping hand out Santa Candy bags tomorrow evening, and I can't wait as Brooklyn is such a cute 6 years, and smart as a whip too !  Hopefully I manage to get some good photos.

Speaking of photos ... I glanced at my camera before going out today deciding I wouldn't need it.  Wouldn't you know as I went up the road a huge Red-Tailed Hawk swooped across in front of me landing on a fence post.  Never fails, does it ????

Other then the errands I did I also managed to get together a Homemade 11 Bean Soup for our Dinner.  I used the leftover juices from what I had cooked the Cottage Roll in the other night.  I really great nutritious, never mind filling, meal it makes.  Rob could eat this soup until the Cows Came Home I am sure.

Rob's Cousin, Joyce, emailed me today to let me know there is another Fish Fry coming up at the Hepworth Legion.  It was so good the last one we went to we are going to go to this one too.

The one we went to was in September that I reflect back on how good it was HERE.  The difficult part of going this time around is knowing June won't be there with us, and probably not Bill either yet.

I am surely hoping this upset tummy is gone by tomorrow, and I have a good rest tonight, or I will not feel like doing anything that needs doing.  YIKES !  I just remembered the guy is coming tomorrow morning to put a new stainless steel liner in our chimney so we can use our wood stove downstairs again.  Hope the weather holds for that and the parade tomorrow.

The rest of this evening is going to be spent with my feet up doing nothing (again),  Another day nothing got done,  Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I had an "upset tummy" plus severe migraine this week and I can certainly agree - it wasn't FUN at all! Blech! Today was the first day I've been out since Monday. Only one good thing about it - I didn't spend any money all week!

  2. Our friends and neighbors have community fish fry it is awesome and the fish is caught by them to soo good fresh perch and pickerel straight from our Lake Erie YUMMY !!! Before I had to be put on sleeping pills because I suffer from insomnia I was always sick with something because I couldn't sleep . Sleep is so important to a healthier body as when you sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours your body and organs rest and rejuvenate ! ! I hope you are feeling better and get a good nights rest ! Have a good weekend !

  3. Just eat very plainly tomorrow, upset stomach or not.

    That's a nice reminder to always have your camera with you.

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon. A fish fry is always good, but not with an upset tummy! I didn't have a good night's sleep either, so I put a load of wash in at 4:30.


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