Monday 8 December 2014

One Of Rob's Favourites

I was in bed by 7 pm last night, sleeping right through most of the night.  My body was finally giving in and succumbing to the exhaustion.

Still I had been up at 4:30 with Portia, and then Rob was out with Lexus, Buddy and Bandit at 6:30 am.  It went through my mind that if it wasn't for my Aussies there would maybe be some days I would not get out of bed at all.  That is just how I feel some days.

I could not believe it that 3 of our vehicles would not start this morning at around 10 am.  Our personal vehicle probably as it hadn't ran for over a week, the Blue Crabby Cabbie vehicle the starter when in it, and the Grey one the battery had also been low.  Always a little craziness in our days in one way or another.

The WDCC staff tried to get a Pot Luck going one night last week with the Directors and their spouses, however life was just a bit too busy for most of us.  Not all was lost as today most of us had gotten together at one of my favourite restaurants, downtown Wiarton, at The Green Door Cafe.

It had been a pleasant get together with a few of us present.  Danielle, Dan, Paul Sutter, Josie, Liz, Koreen, Sue, Faroe, Halak, Grace & Paul Deacon.  It is always nice to be out and away from the office meetings and  the Business of the Chamber on occasion.

Lunch was great.  I had the Chicken Bacon Clubhouse Wrap with a House Salad.  There was also Chicken Fingers with Fries, Roastared Veggie Wrap with Feta on a Pita, and their famous homemade Cheeseburger with fries.  My co-directors are quite used to me taking food photos so didn't dig into their Lunch until I had first got a picture.  Thank goodness most people "get me" ... *smile*, or should I say, "tolerate" me?

Lots of raving around town about how fantastic the Santa Claus Parade was .... this is good.  Really the number of people who took the time (and it does take lots of time) to put a float in the Parade ... a huge KUDOS to those people !   By this Friday we will have determined who won the prizes for the Float Categories and the People's Choice from the Votes we receive.  Will keep everyone in the loop.

Should you be on Facebook you can check out the parade by going HERE.

Today I also took the time to put a wee bit more Christmas decor up just to keep up our "Spirits".

This is one of my favourite Seasonal decorations.

Speaking of favourites.  I had planned on taking one of Rob's to the potluck we were to have at the Chamber Office.  Since that didn't happen Rob has patiently been waiting for me to make it.  Really there isn't too much to making it and it is ....

.... really really good.  One of Rob's Favourites at the top of his LIKE's list.

Recipe please for this Heated Cheesy Taco Dip?  PLEASE *CLICK* HERE FOR A PRINTABLE RECIPE.

This afternoon I was totally whipped.  I even had a lay down this afternoon, and ignored everything else that needs doing around here.  Now the Parade is over I will be concentrating on trying to get organized around here, as next week I am going to be busy with more appointments.

I called the specialist who I was referred to once I have the MRCP concerning the attacks I have been experiencing since having my gall bladder out in September.  Dr. Kaal's office called me back today to tell me they are not taking new bookings until 4 months away !!!  Should I keep having the attacks I am to keep going to the Hospital's Emergency.  That was that.

I just want to mention to Steve and his wife, that is certainly was my pleasure having them introduce themselves to me this past week in the parking lot of the Foodland Store.  A HUGE welcome to Bruce County once you get moved & settled in,   Hope to see you both again !

The Voice is on tonight, and I love watching it, so I am wrapping this up for the night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Glad to hear you finally got a decent nights sleep . Our Miggs goes out at 10pm and doesn't need to go out again till at least 7 am sometimes even later lol ! I had attacks after my gallbladder was taken out oh 20 years ago and that's when I was diagnosed with IBS attacks ! I hope they can help you and the attacks stop . Looks like every one had a nice get together ! Nice photos , Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  2. That sounds like a good salsa dip recipe. I'd have to go for mild.


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