Friday 26 December 2014

Boxing Day Shopping

I have came to the conclusion I am not feeling well.  Once again I could barely get out of bed this morning and o I am feeling totally whipped.

Rob was called out this morning so we didn't get going to Owen Sound to look for a Washing Machine until at least 11 am.  We never did bother going all over to other stores but choose to go directly to Sears.

I had pretty much done some research online while waiting for Rob to come home, also putting a call into the Sears Appliance Department.  Once we had arrived there we had pretty much decided on the Samsung Top Loader 5.2 cu foot model.

The washing machine was on sale at $200 off.  Rob decided we needed a matching set so also purchased the dryer.  Total of the set was $1,299.00 before taxes.

Delivery is $70.00, so we have decided to go pick it up ourselves on the 30th of December.  Really what happened to the good old days when delivery was always included?  gone like the products which used to last over 20 years, right?

All details on the set we purchased can be found HERE.

This is the last week of the 52 Week Money Challenge.  After purchasing the new leather recliners back in September I am left with $620.00 in my Challenge Account, part of that money being also from the sealed pot which I had contributed to for a Year..  It is a no brainer that this money will be going towards the new washer and dryer.

I will be doing the 52 Week Challenge again beginning the 1st Week of January 2015.  Will there be anyone joining me again?  and the ones who stuck it out with me this past Year, how did you do and what did you spend your savings on?

I will be making a list of people joining me along with the 2015 52 Week Money Challenge next Friday, so please let me know if you will be "on board" again.

This afternoon I could not believe that I went back to bed and had a sleep !  I really know I am not feeling well when that happens.  Here it is 7 pm and I am ready to go back to bed again already !!!

I am going to try stay up for a bit with hopes I will sleep the night away and not feel so dragged out tomorrow.  Truly I have barely done anything the past couple of weeks so I do not know what is draining me so much.

This weekend I am hoping Rob can pull out the old washer so I can clean all the spiders and yech from behind it.  I hate spiders, and yes they have their own breeding grounds in our basement EWWWWW !

I think putting up my feet and  a cuppa tea might now be the last order of this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. It sounds like we're both the walking wounded today. I'm on painkillers after bashing my leg in a fall Christmas Eve.

  2. I pulled a muscle in my butt of all places lol!! So I'm standing at my kitchen counter using my laptop. The fun never ends! I'm not doing any financial challenges except sticking to a new budget. I'll have $350 come off automatically each month for savings and I'm hoping that I'll have some $$ left in my budget each month to add to that.


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