Monday, 29 December 2014

A Beyond Delish Dinner

After another sleepless night with much discomfort I had the pleasure for the third time in a month to visit our local Emergency Department at the Wiarton Hospital.

Yes I almost feel like I have been a part-time permanent residence at the Emergency Department lately.

Today my own Doctor, Dr. Diodati, was on call in the Emergency Department.  He addressed the recent MRCP I had with me which had showed a tumour on my Adrenal Gland.  The Adrenal Gland is your "Flight or Fight" Gland.  You may read more about these glands by going HERE.   Tumours on the Adrenal Gland? more on that can be found HERE

Next plan of action?  The Adrenal Gland has nothing to do with the attacks I have been having in the pancreas area since having my Gall Bladder removed on the 2nd of September, so another Ultra Sound has been ordered, as well as a CT Scan.  Once these test results come back Dr. Diodati will be contacting me then we will go from there.  Ever the waiting game, however the process of elimination has began which is not a bad thing.  I also have a follow-up appointment with Dr Caulfield in January, and have a referral in with Dr Kaal.  Truly I feel I am in good hands where all is concerned.

Needless to say I never got a dang thing done today, but I must say I had myself a wee bit of a nap this afternoon.  I was also very happy we had been invited to my Aunt Gladys & Uncle Basil's this evening for Dinner.  My friend/neighbour Pari, had also been invited along.

We headed South about 3:45 pm in a flurry of weather, but by the time we had gotten down to Saugeen Shores there hadn't been a flake in sight when we arrived at their front door.

My Auntie sets a beautiful table, and I would be so lucky to learn from her.  Time for a little visit before Dinner was served.

Dinner company, other then Aunt Gladys & Uncle Basil, included Auntie's friend, Liz, my first Cousin Vi & her hubby, Ross, and our friend, Pari.  The Dinner?  homemade lasagna and cabbage rolls.  
Aunt Gerry & Uncle Reg you missed one fantastic meal !!!  never mind all the wonderful company you would have been with and intelligent conversation(s).

Cousin Vi had brought her most amazing Carrot Cake w/ Cream Chesse icing for dessert, and Pari had brought a Bocci Cake.  Liz had made the flakiest cheese, red pepper & ham bread I have ever tasted ... it melted in your mouth it was so good (Liz is going to pass the recipe onto Auntie for me).

Naughty girl that I am, I stayed sitting while Cousin Vi had to get up to serve her dessert, also had to do up some of the dishes she did too.  Honestly I did help with some of the dishes *smile*.

There has never been a time there has not been a fantastic meal gotten at my Auntie Gladys.  Thanks again Auntie & Uncle for having us at your Dinner table once again.  xoxo

The drive home from Southampton to Hepworth was miserable with visibility almost nil at some parts.  I am thinking Winter has decided to arrive.

Rob is tired, I am tired and we are going to be calling it a day here shortly, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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