Thursday 11 December 2014

Lunching Out With Mom

I pretty much had not too bad of a night's sleep, but then after a few sleepless nights I needed one part good one.  The problem is that they never come at the time you need it before a busy day ahead, do they?  Portia must have been played out from yesterday as she slept right through the night too.  Good girl !

After I got going this morning I had to go out to scourge for some kindling.  This is my biggest beef year after year with my hubby, "please make sure there is lots of kindling so I have no problem starting the wood stove".  This did not happen this year, but I do have to admit last year was the only one I never had to worry about not having any .... one out of how many ain't bad, is it?

I took a boo into the wood shed before I found some kindling.  Looks good to me !  Yes I did manage to find some kindling laying out about the ground where the wood had been before piled into the shed.  The fan we have on top of our wood stove is one of two.  Our friend, Diane, had given us a two blade one when we had gotten the stove from them.  The three blade one is what we had for years that had pretty much died on us.  I decided a couple of weeks ago to call Caframo, the company who makes the fans, who also is located right here in Wiarton.  They told me repairs are not done at their plant to call the Wiarton Home Building Centre to get a new motor repair kit at a cost of around $12.00.  Al, one of the Wiarton Home Building Centre's staff, not only ordered it in for us, he installed it as well at no extra charge.  Cost was less then $16.00 with taxes.  Thank YOU, Al !!!  

Caframo in Wiarton has some amazing technology from fans to their Joi Lights (which I won one 2 years ago at a function in Wiarton).  Great gift giving ideas.  You may check out more about Caframo by going to their website HERE.

Next thing on my agenda this morning had been to clean out the upstairs wood stove before I started any more dusting or vacuuming, as some realize how much dust a wood stove creates.  Despite the dust I love the type of heat it provides for our bodies, gas/propane doesn't even come close to the warmth of it.

I got r' done, leaving a pail almost full for my Mr. Rob to take outside to dump.  Hopefully he stood out of the way of the wind when he dumped it.  He never came back in white as ash, so he must have done good.

This afternoon I had planned to meet up with my sister, Jeanne, and her hubby, Cecil, to have lunch with Mom at Gateway Haven.

We had a great lunch of lentil soup, sliced turkey, a side salad, sweet bread with nuts, a butter tart and a cuppa tea.  When we were leaving the 3 of us could not believe seeing a Primrose still blooming.

I love that I can text and receive photos from the kids on my phone now.  I had called Paul to tell him I was lunching with Grandma and to please send us a selfie of himself for her.

Yes indeed he sent a selfie being a smartie pants he is with his tongue out.  Grandma loved it, and blew him a kiss back which I sent to him back via text.  I just LOVE it !

When I had arrived back home I was feeling a bit on the ill side.  I had first stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things first, and had broken out in quite the sweat there.  I actually didn't do much of anything when I did get home other then a few more photos ...

Rob and I were getting our boy Bandit into the Christmas Spirit this afternoon.  He would make a great Santa's helper do you not think?

Well so much for the Santa hat, as I just looked down at my feet to see Portia had gotten it down from the back of the couch, where I should have known better then to have put it, and has it half eaten.

 *Sigh* I LOVE my Aussies, really I do, and I had actually been thinking this only a mere hour ago.

I have a meeting this evening with the Wiarton Chamber.  Rob is on his own for Dinner I am thinking, which will be no bother for him whatsoever.  Me?  I will probably grab quick sandwich before it is time to leave, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Bandit would make a splendid Santa's helper!

  2. I wish my siblings would smarten up and get "smart phones" so we could text and send photos "through the air!" I know my mom would have loved it - she was very technology oriented. But alas, of the 5 of us I'm the only one with a smart phone. Which comes in real handy with my daughter :)

  3. Sounds like that flu is waiting in the wings in Wiarton! We've been sick for a couple of weeks but the end is in sight.
    Your Mom looks very happy Cindy.


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