Saturday, 27 December 2014

Finally Motivated

I got up this morning at my normal 6 am, did my Aussie rounds then went back to bed until 8 am.  I am thinking I have been getting extremely lazy the past couple of weeks.  I must be catching up on the whole past Year wherein I lost so much sleep maybe?

I did finally get myself finally motivated, which had been no easy task, especially with part of my day being mesmerised by ...

... such sweet bundles.  Yes just a week old and the largest Male Merle is on the move already.  He finally figured out where his litter mates were and that it was much more comfortable snuggling with them while Mama Lexus was out and about.  Another week and their eyes will  be open.  Another 2 weeks and they will be having me hopping !

I finally got a few things tackled today.  I love getting dents in a few things to the point where I have felt I have accomplished something rather then heading backwards, as I have been feeling for months on end this past Year.  

Rob had a friend come over today to help him remove our old washer & dryer.  The dryer was in perfect running condition despite it being almost 20 years old, so we ended up giving it to the friend who's dryer had given up the ghost not too long ago.  It all worked out well for both of us.  

What a mess underneath where the washer/dryer had been.  Lots of cobwebs and lost pieces of articles found but in now poor condition.  I filled half a small garbage bag.  Tomorrow we will get that area scrubbed up as best we can before the new set arrives on the 30th of this month.  

Rob also managed to get the trim on the long awaiting new kitchen window, all ready for paint tomorrow,  after he had filled the seams, sanded and prepped.  I tackled the "catch all" telephone desk and gathered up another huge pile of papers for the wood stove.  It is amazing how papers collect so quickly, is it not?

I also swept a whole dog off of our floors, as well as brushing one out of Bandit this afternoon.  I am certain there will be another whole dog to remove from him when I get to brushing his other side hopefully tomorrow.

Today I had heard some very sad news.  Our Paul's best friend since Grade School, just had their baby boy born Christmas Day.  The wee guy has had breathing problems since being born in the Stratford Hospital, was moved to London and now today has been transferred to the Sick Kid's Hospital in Toronto.  I am asking if everyone could please send up a prayer for this new little guy and his family that he may gain strength and grow up to be a fine young man in this World.  I thank everyone who is able to do this in advance.

I have big plans to get lots more "stuff" done tomorrow, however I think I will not say this out loud as usually from past experience every time I do so my plans never materialize and always end up being a train wreck for me ... so "MUMs the Word", Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. At least at Sick Kids, the little one is in the best of hands possible. I hope all works out.

    The pups are as always adorable!

  2. Praying for the little one, he is in the best of care! Love the puppy pictures!


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