Tuesday 16 December 2014

Not What I Was Expecting

Up and at it this morning to my usual routine then down to meet with staff at the WDCC office to finish up some paperwork to finalize the Santa Claus Parade.

It is funny how some people tend to think Events just create themselves. Should they understand what really goes on behind the scenes I am sure they would be quick about "getting it".

Could you imagine how much goes into an Event as huge as the Olympics?  I could not begin to imagine.

It is amazing what the Wiarton Willie Committee creates a whole Year before the actual Event of the Wiarton Willie Festival. There is a tremendous amount of planning which goes into it, and really did you know it was mostly manned all by Volunteers?  Amazing is it not?  I most certainly take my hat off to them, and all Volunteers in such respect.

I can not say enough how valuable Volunteers are !  they are the backbone behind every Community.

Many people get much satisfaction in being a Volunteer, feeling useful and part of something within their Community or elsewhere.

Volunteering should be fun and something a person is passionate about. Should it be anything other then, a person might have to reevaluate the situation maybe moving on to something else, or taking a breather.  One should never feel pressured or obligated when they are a Volunteer, however when you have committed a block of time say right off the bat "nay or yay" you can do it without feeling pressured.

Now when it comes to myself I find I have a difficult time saying, "no", however I must admit I have gotten much better at doing so.  I do like volunteering, and have prior to doing so been passionate about the area I reside in.  Now the Santa Claus Parade is over I will not commit myself to anything for quite awhile as I need to "catch up" with my own life for the time being.

I will still give an hour of my time, or less, each day to the part I enjoy, and attend each monthly meeting, also give 3 extra hours per month to another commitment.  Other then that I need to focus on home for the time being.  This upcoming Summer I want my flowerbeds weeded, I want to begin walking twice a day, and start cooking one "new to me" recipe once a week, if possible again.

We will see how the plan in my head goes, as in the past every time I tend to make plans they always have seemed to take off in quite a different direction.

Also my youngest son is getting married next Year.  That is something else I would like to concentrate on before his "big day".  Lot to think about, and maybe to help with before hand.

After 11:45 am I was not to eat anything today prior to the MRCP I was scheduled for at the Owen Sound Hospital at 3:45 pm today.  The Doctor I had seen last Friday at the Wiarton Emergency had thought I would have dye put through me, which in turn might hopefully push out any obstruction of bile in ducts, if that so be the case.  Well it was most certainly was not what I was expecting as I did not have dye put through me when they did the MRI of my duct/pancreas areas.

The MRI lasted less then 1/2 hour, and results will be back to my Doctor within a week's time.  Hopefully I will hear back at that time, as we all know how much we dislike the anticipation awaiting news of test results?

I came home to have a grilled cheese sandwich, and the thoughts of not looking forward to not eating any solid foods tomorrow, as I have yet more testing coming up Thursday, being my third Colonscopy this Year.  For someone who avoided them for the past 5 years I have been most certainly making up for lost time ... UGH !

Okay that is about it for this day, and tonight is another episode of The "Voice" and who gets voted off.

That is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

(DISCLOSURE:  The opinions within my daily journal in the form of these Blog Posts are my own and NOT affiliated with any group I might belong to or anyone else's opinions).

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  1. Hopefully the test results come back with good news.

    It doesn't surprise me that there's so much prep work for events like Groundhog Day. Here, there's actually an office that's manned year round for a dragonboat festival on one weekend in the summer, but the preparations require that amount of time and organization.


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