Friday 4 May 2012

Beyond A Pain In The Neck !

"While I was wrapping up last night's Blog Post, Mercedes was napping a bit before bedtime."

"Trust me she was sound asleep, with her one eye open and rolling around.  LOL, is this where the saying, "sleeping with one eye on you" came from?  Eerie."

Here it is Friday.  Wednesday night I went to bed with a headache, awaking with one Thursday morning, only to go back to bed last night with the same headache, to once again arise this morning with the same headache.

"It was so bad this morning, I couldn't even hold my bathroom glass in my hand, with it falling out and shattering all over.  Not a good start to my day."

"It being Friday, I headed North of the Checkerboard to the Doctor's for my weekly shot in the arm.  Again it was another foggy morn."

Today was also the day I was to take up the VON SMART exercise program "Strength & Flexibility" modules I had missed last Fall, since I had been at the Hospital with a Migraine headache at that time.  I had thought by taking two Tylenol 2 before I left home, thinking this would solve the problem of a headache for the rest of this day, as I didn't want to miss it again .... 

Once I had been to see my Doctor, I went onto the Course, which just happened to be around the corner from his office.

"VON SMART Coordinators, Dorothy Embacher (SMART GURU) and Jessica Doerr."

"Here we are, all the new VON SMART Instructor hopefuls, going through the course materials under Dorothy and Jessica's direction.  A fantastic group of ladies, I might add."

"Now we are going to put some of the book material into action."

"Dorothy instructing, as well as demonstrating herself on this exercise."

The Course material for this Module took pretty much the full day, running from 9 am until 2:30 pm, with a break for lunch.  All considering, I thought it had gone all pretty smooth and quick.

Unfortunately I had to suffer through most of the afternoon, as the Migraine had really taken hold of me.  Once on my way home, I had a very difficult time driving.  I arrived home just before Rob had to put his "Crabby Cabbie" hat on and leave.  He had looked after all the "pack" for me, so I took some more meds and went straight to bed.

After two hours in bed, little Missy Mercedes needed my attention, so up I got.

I had been asked if I could send some photos along of the little Red Merle girl via email today.  After having everyone out and in, I decided to get these photos taken and sent along.

"A couple of "mug" shots for the lineup ... lol."

"Please, enough of the photos already, will ya?"  

Oh man, it appears already the puppies are getting like the rest of my family members when it comes to my camera....what's up with that?  LOL

"Once I had set the little girl back down, it didn't take her long to motor right on over on the pile of her litter mates."

I am calling it a night, hoping the time goes quickly between the last time the "pack" needs in and out for the night, and the time it is for me to get into my bed.  

This migraine is relentless regardless of how much medications I take, causing me to actually feel very sick to my stomach.  I am pretty much used to living with daily headaches, but not when it heightens to a full blown migraine lasting over two days.

I pray it leaves me by the time I arise tomorrow morning, as tomorrow I have lots to get done and people to see, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I got a card from you! Haven't opened it yet. Maybe on Monday

  2. So sorry you are in pain with the migraine, I used to have them a lot when I lived near to Vancouver. Now that I live up in the Interior of B.C., we don't get the low cloud coverage, which I found contributed to them. I see it is cloudy and low barometric pressure there, could this be the cause? Hope the sun shines and the pain goes away soon.

  3. It must be this crazy weather Cindy, I am on day 6 of the headache/migraine that just won't leave me. Love the mugshots of the new puppies, can't wait to meet them all!


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