Tuesday 29 May 2012

Lots On Our Plate This Day There Was

"The Bachelor Buttons were just starting to wake up about this time of the morning."

"A couple new blooms join the one which had bloomed alone yesterday."

"A definite "must" before a Road Trip can get under way."

"We were apparently not the only early travelers on the back roads this morn."

"Keady Market Vendors were up and at it pretty early too by the looks of it."

"Entering Chatsworth."

"Chatsworth is where we turn onto Hwy. 10 towards our destination."

"Um, a Telly Box for the kids while waiting for their school bus pickup.  Pretty unique I would say, as well as an "eye catcher" along our way."

"Then on through Flesherton we travel."

"This is obviously not only a familiar sight only in Bruce County by the looks of these Wind Turbines scattered throughout the flow of fields."

"Where right after we come upon Shelburne."

"Then we come upon Orangeville."

"Stop over in Orangeville for a beverage and a little bite to eat by way of a BLT on a Bagel.  Yummy."

I do believe Caledon was in there somewhere before we hit the City Limits .... Caledon was where we had bought our Thoroughbred Stallion, Brave Assault, some years ago, who was a Grandson to Mr. Prospector, a Triple Crown Winner.  He was a very nice well mannered Stallion, our Brave Assault was.

"Oh man, this is exactly one reason I do not miss City Life, being the "traffic"."

"The Region of Peel Building, on Bramalea Road, located in Brampton, just a few blocks away now from our destination."

"We finally arrive with only a few remains of evidence that someone still has one more evening before they say goodbye to these digs for the very last time."

"We took a moment to admire a neighbour's "green thumb".  Lovely Lynn, please do come up to tend my flower beds will you ?"

"GPS re-set to, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard", as we go through Victoria (couldn't find a link to this "don't blink or you will miss it spot.")."

"Another "don't blink spot" was Claude, however you could NOT but notice ...."

"...this very impressive Church which stood out, that I did find a link for at:  http://www.insidecaledon.com/caledon/2012011327-claude-presbyterian-church-caledon/ "

"Through Caledon again, then we came about Camila, which exists within the Town of Mono."

"Primrose, another I couldn't really too much about when Googled, however lovely the name it is keepsake to."

"We are obviously on track to being Homeward bound."

"Super Burger? with an old Toronto Transit bus in the back drop !"

"Yes siree Rob, only 91 km more to the next closest City to home."

"How could we possibly not be on track with three sure signs all in a row of each other???"

"Pit Stop, with a bit of unpacking to do before we can get the Aussie out who was having his turn to go along this day with us .... okay, Buddy we will get you out of here somehow !!!   Just cross your legs for a wee little bit longer, will ya?  LOL."

 "Whoohoo, the City closest to home.  45 minutes away and we will be home again !!!"

We did so make it home from a round trip from "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard" down to my niece, Joanne's place, to pick up a last load to bring North for her forever move back to Bruce County after many years of residing in the City of Brampton.

Once returned home at 2:00 pm, you can imagine I still had lots on my plate that needed attending to, since I sure couldn't do it from where I was most of the day.  Finally around 4:30, I got to lay down for a 1/2 hour rest or so before it was time to start all over again....

"As we headed back into Owen Sound."

"Where we had some Dinner at our favorite little Chinese Restaurant."

After a quick Dinner, we headed over to the Owen Sound Hospital to visit with my brother-in-law (Joanne's Father) who had been a resident there since last Tuesday from an incident with his appendix ... nasty business those appendix can be.

For the second time this day, we arrived back home just before 9:00 pm, to attend to the "Spectacular Six", as well as our grown "pack" before my very tired Rob headed off to bed, while I sat here to journal our days events.

It was nice to go out to give of ourselves, but then again to return to our own home, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. wow what a busy day you had!

  2. Days running around like that make Home Sweet Home even sweeter!!!!

  3. My goodness, you guys are sure hard to keep up to!!! What a long trip but sounds like a worthwhile one, thanks for the tour!
    Happy Dancing in B.C.

  4. My word, what a day... you must be shattered xx


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