Wednesday 16 May 2012

The Weaning Has Begun !

I wonder about people who stay in bed all hours of the morning, how they get anything accomplished in their days, unless of course they are "night hawks", as I have pretty much always been an early riser all of my life.  I hate missing out on anything, so why not be up and at it early enough so I don't?  LOL, even though I sometimes keep myself so busy, there are many things I do miss out on ....

Should I sit still or lay in bed all day long, I would surely "cease" up, this I know from being in a vehicle too long that my joints stiffen beyond wanting to move again sometimes.

Lately the pains shooting from my elbows down into my wrists, hands and fingers have been nasty, however I still refuse to have shots of cortisone in my elbows.  

When I was going to a "Pain Clinic" they gave me "shots" in the trigger points of my back, with the pain from those same shots,that same evening, almost sending me over the deep end.  Also when I had acupuncture, this too sent me over the "edge".  

Like I have said before, there is not a "one fix bandage" for everyone, as we are all individuals.  What works for one, unfortunately might not for another.

"Some days the prescription drugs take the "edge" off, and other days not so much.  This is life and I refuse to quit living it, paying more some days then others.  I am blessed, as I can walk, talk and see, hopefully each day not taking any of these blessing for granted."

"There has been a little bit of "who is the boss" going on between Bandit and Mercedes, since Bandit has returned upstairs with us.  They must have worked something out first thing this morning, as it seems to be going pretty good by the looks of them here."

"Breakfast anyone?  LOL, seriously puppy food with hot water to make it into mash."

The "Spectacular Six" turned 4 weeks old today.  The "Weaning Has Begun"!

"On the whole, I thought it had gone rather well, except for maybe one thinking it was all his!  This little guy has been named, Injaca, by the family he has allowed to adopt him.  Isn't that a cool name?"

"It appears someone was feeling a little bit left out."

"Hey Lady, will you tell them to share?"

"A couple of them seemed to take to the water dish with no problem, and with not too big of a mess, YET."

"Hey where did everybody go?  Oops, the littlest guy seems to have been left behind."

Once I got this all out of the way, and cleaned up from, Rob had already gotten up from his "Crabby Cabbie" slumber.  Thank goodness, as I did need some help with giving everyone their 2nd dose of worm medication.

"Open wide little guy !"

"Barely settled in three days with us, and Brewsky Bruno, who responds to Rob calling him "Buddy" has been settling in not too bad all things considering.  He really enjoys being out in the outdoor kennel run most of the day.  Today when I had him out on the lead for a walk in the field, I actually started working on him "not" chewing the lead.  We did pretty good together today."

We had a "Crabby Cabbie" business appointment this morning, so this took up the rest of our morning from 10:30 onto 12:00.

"I needed to use up the leftover chicken I had stashed in our fridge today.  I got some fresh vegetables prepared, in the way of baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and mushrooms, to put together an Easy Peasy Chicken Pot Pie."

"Into the oven with 45 minutes later being half consumed.  It was very good, needless to say."

Yesterday I had taken a medley of fruit out of the freezer to make a pie with, a few peaches, rhubarb, apple and strawberries ....

"I used my Auntie Gladys recipe from the Masterson Family Reunion Cookbook for a Rhubarb Sour Cream Crumble Pie."

"After it was cooked and cooled, I tried a wee little piece .... yummy it was!  I am sure this is the same recipe I had made when my friend, Vickie, was visiting last Year, and we declared it our most favorite then."

Recipe please?

Rhubarb Pie (9" Pie)

4 cups cubed rhubarb
1 1/2 cup sugar and 1/3 cup flour mixed; add 1 cup sour cream to mixture, as well as a few
strawberries if so desired. Put raw rhubarb in pan, lined with pie crust; pour sour cream mixture

Top with:
1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup softened butter

Bake at 400* F for 15 minutes, and decrease oven to 350*
baking for a further 30-40 minutes more.

Recipe From the Kitchen of Gladys Eby.

Once our Dinner was over with, we actually all got to sit together for a bit before Rob had to adorn his "Crabby Cabbie" persona. 

"Rob apparently has given up his comfy chair and gone to the dogs.  LOL."

It has been another full day here, with another puppy feeding this afternoon.  I have done two sinks full of dishes, with another still awaiting to be done .... *sigh* a good woman's work is never done, is it?

Do you know I have been thinking? I think, something I do too much of some days, is think?  LOL ....  I often wonder why some people tend to worry about how other people live their lives, especially when it effects those people only and not them?  Why can't some people live their lives and let other people live theirs?  Was that not a James Bond Theme Song?  Oh no, that was "Live and Let Die", wasn't it .... lol.

I hope I would never think to go tell someone how to live their lives?  There are times I suggest things to my children from my own experiences, however in the end it is still their choice, as they are going to live their life the way they choose for themselves, regardless what I say or think, so I accept that.  Um, I wonder why some people can't accept this? by judging how others choose to live?  Oh well I figure I have enough on my own plate to keep myself busy without having to figure out other persons then my own self some days.  

It was just something I "think" about from time to time is all.

I suppose I should get off my butt to get that third sink full of dishes in the sink done up, as the "I Dream of Jeannie" gal isn't going to do it for me, even though I do have a sister Jeannie, I am sure she couldn't get here anytime soon to do them for  I also should make sure I have some kindling up by the wood stove, as rumor has it we are to be getting a cold heavy frost tonight here in Bruce County.  

I thought it was pretty chilly at 5* Celsius when I went out first thing this morning, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I must of missed something - where did Brewsky Bruno arrive from/for?

  2. The puppies are soo sweet! That one is a little piggy!! lol! I'd want to keep them ALL!!! :)

  3. Can I come visit for a rhubarb pie and some puppy cuddles?:) They are getting cuter and cuter every day!

  4. just catching up with what you all have been up to. I can't believe how much you manage to fit into one day.

    A little warmer today thank goodness!!!



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