Friday 18 May 2012

Happy Victoria Day ~ May 24 Weekend !

"Happy Victoria Day ~ May 24th Weekend"

At one time the Victoria Day or more commonly called, May 24th Holiday weekend, was a big deal in my younger years with parties and/or camping out for the weekend.  Not so much anymore now time has gone by and I being much more "mature" then in those past days .... lol.  

"Would anyone remember these days 40 years or so ago at Sauble Beach?  Maybe when you weren't so mature, but more "worldly"?  LOL."

"Photograph Courtesy of the Wiarton Echo"

This weekend will be just like any other to me, with my "Crabby Cabbie" working around the clock, and me trying to get done what needs done.  The bonus about this weekend for many is that there is an amazing fantastic weather forecast !  As people could tell, most May 24 weekends end up being cold and wet, with the Sun emerging and the air warming on the Holiday Monday when it is time to pull up the tent pegs and head r' back home !!! 

I, for one, am going to try taking advantage of the good weather forecast by getting more of my flower beds tended to.

This morning started out fairly "normal" as any other morning around here.  Being Friday, it was my usual trip for my weekly shot in the arm at my Doctor's, North of the Checkerboard, in Lion's Head.  After that was done, along with a B12 shot as well, I headed over to the Golden Dawn to drop off some shelving my brother had picked up for our Mother's room.  I then head edhome as soon as I could since there were some little ones pretty hunger by the time I did arrive home....

"It sure didn't take this bunch to catch on quickly there is more then Mama's milk coming in the mornings."

While the "Spectacular Six" were enjoying their breakfast, I took Mama Lexus out for a morning run.  *Sigh* she decided to head off into the drive shed, then back towards the drainage ditches in between our fields.  I was pretty irked when I had to go retrieve her, and more so irked to find she had been under Rob's tractor which apparently is leaking hydraulic fluid or something pretty dirty and smelly.

"Oh Mom, I really didn't mean to get this dirty.  Are you sure you can't get me clean?"

"I tried, and tried, and tried.  I suppose it we will have to ride it out until the smell goes away. Dirty little girl."

"Our one little Red Merle girl has figured out how to get over and out of the whelping box, much to her enjoyment of having Mama all to herself I would think?"

I was pretty well gone through the morning by the time everyone else in the "pack" was attended to. 

With Rob being gone today, I had the job of retrieving the mail from out mailbox.

"In the mail there was a lovely handmade "thank you" card and a "coffee cozy" from the gal I had for the Secret Sister Swap.  She wrote in the card that she "especially enjoyed the chocolate" I had sent ... lol, Millcreek Chocolate is soooo good !"

"A few weeks ago, Carla over at "My 1/2 Dozen Daily" had organized a Secret Sister Swap for all of us gals.  Parcels had to be posted to the "Secret Sister" by today's date.  I am anxiously awaiting for mine to arrive !  So much fun, maybe we could do this two times a year?"

Rob had forgotten to take along a lunch with him this morning.  I needed our van filled up with gas, so I headed over to meet him, as well as to deliver him heated up Chicken Pot Pie in a thermos for his lunch.

"Heading back home, while waiting to turn onto the main road from Sauble Beach to Hepworth, how could I not but notice how dry and dusty it is with the cloud of dust rising way up on the road ahead of me!"

This afternoon I was pretty low on energy, deciding to lay down for a little bit to see if that would help any.  I actually found myself just drifting into one of those relaxed lulls, when the dang, dang, triple dang phone rang !  The dang thing could have gone all day without ringing, but there came along that dang, dang, triple dang Murphy guy again and screwed it all up on me once again !  The worst part was, it was for Rob, not me !

I made myself get a move on, by dragging myself out to start on where the rose bushes are planted, who needed my attention right away before the twitch grass was beyond being removed.

"Pretty darn sad looking, is it not?"

"Helper No. 1."

"Helper No. 2."

"By the time I got to Helper No. 3, I needed a break, and obviously my face washed."

"Thank goodness I had all the help, as I am not sure I could have gotten this all done on my own?  LOL.  Still needs some top soil and mulch, but this will be another day."

When I went back in the house to get myself cleaned up, my friend Sharon, texted me to go for a walk.  

"What the "heck", I loaded up Helper No. 3, and off we went."

"The backed up traffic is a dead give away it is a Holiday Weekend, with a wonderful weather forecast."

"I got back home to notice, once again, our fan is broken for good this time.  Just couldn't take another West Wind beating.  I will have to get us another soon, as I do depend on this pretty much every day to see where the prevailing winds are out of."

"Supper time rolled around soon enough.  Can't pull the wool over these guy's eyes.  When they are hungry they make no bones about making it known."

It has gotten to be that time of the evening where everyone in the "pack" gets to go in and out one last time, before I call it a night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. It would be nice to do Secret Sisters swap again. I had to skip this time but I would love to participate in one in the future.

  2. OMG, those puppies peeking over the box is just to cute. I know I would have them all loaded in my bed for some cuddle time!! We are in the midst of 2 weeks of NASCAR races. The traffic is over the top crazy. Hope to be able to stay close to home and out of the mad house on the roads

  3. puppies look so cute ,thanks for the walk!


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