Thursday 31 May 2012

Cya Next Year May In 2013

I was so tired this morning, as Missy Lexus decided to have a bit of a hissy fit very early this morning.  Up I got and down I went to take her outside.  Once out there, she decided she would go touring around and around the house like a "bat out of hell".  At 5 am, I was far from being amused.  Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, did she get a talking to once I caught up with her !  

One of the pups had also been "yelping" like mad from about 4 am or so.  On investigation, once Lexus was put back to bed, here he couldn't get out of the whelping box, with all of his siblings being out on the other side.  I guess he was feeling a little left out.  Since daybreak was happening, they all got scooped up and out into the outside pen.  

Now if I could say I went back to bed, falling into a fitful sleep, awaking totally refreshed to take on the last day of May 2012, I most certainly would be telling one of the biggest "fiblets" of this Year !  Nope, I went down the list, next taking Buddy out, then Mercedes, and finally the big "guy", Bandit.  I was and still am exhausted, and then some, with at least 4 or 5 coffees into me not even giving me a little "up".

"Since my niece is moved back up here to Bruce County, but not into her new home for a few days yet, I am babysitting her plants.  Not too fussy on the Spider Plants, however have my eye on this lovely Succulent, to the front and outside the box .... "

"... and this orange flower that looks like some type of Lily?"

"I must say, her "Tea Rose" is looking much better then when she first sent it along with me. Must be happier here?  LOL."

This morning I decided the inside puppy pen needed a good cleaning out.  I got out the pail with hot water and bleach, along with my scrub brush and went at it, after first giving a go over with the shop vac.  What a job that was, however it does smell much better then when I started, with the water having been changed at least three times.  I just finished, not too long ago, putting a very thick layer of newspaper down hoping it will stay put when the "gang" get put back in there later.

Once this was all said and done, Rob and I decided to make a "dump run" with a load of tires that have been kicking around our place way too long to suit me.

"We made our way there via the back roads, going across the bottom of where "North of The Checkerboard" is located.  The "old" road here marks pretty much what was the entrance way to "North of the Checkerboard" before they straightened out Hwy. 6 many Moons ago."

"On our way to the Landfill site, I noticed I had some "puppy poopy" on the knee of my jeans.  I was chuckling to myself, as how many times dear John Gray, over at Going Gently, has mentioned his clothes being covered in "chicken shite"?  Ha !  Much rather have "puppy poop" then "chicken shite" on me any old day!  Oops, I best be cautious as our own chickens will be arriving in 20 days time, and who knows what could happen  .... "

"... we were only going to the Landfill, so who there would care about a little "puppy poop" on me?"

"Surely not the Landfill Sentinels way up there on Trash Hill?"

Rob and I returned back home to an Easy Peasy as 1-2-3 Dinner of Pork Tenderloin and veggie leftovers.  My kind of Dinner !  After dinner I got outside to get the new plant I had dropped off at my Mailbox on Sunday planted by the pond.

"It had a flower on it this morning, this Primrose did."

"Lexus had a turn being out with me this afternoon.  Checking out her puppies from the other side of the fence, since full weaning was put into force a couple of days ago."

"Is Lexus not a beautiful dog?  She is so, especially when I am not angry with her."

"Rob had also came out to give the veggie garden another scuffing up with the rototiller."

"We pretty much got 1/3 of it cleared up pretty nice this afternoon before he had to put his "Crabby Cabbie" hat on for the rest of the day.  Oh yes, the plants in this photo are onions which had been left from last Year's garden, seemingly doing very well."

"I do so love the Bee Balm that is planted by the ponds.  It has actually made its way through the brick surround."

"Oh where oh where did that Mommy go .... ?"

Rob had left for the day, with me just coming in to settle in with a tea when the dogs started up, as someone was at the door.  Upon investigation, there were two females inquiring about puppies for sale.

Down I went to show off the three Tri males, who put on a most lovely "puppy" show for everyone.

An hour or so after they had left, I received a call from the young girl, who had yet to discuss the situation with her father, to ask if I would reserve the littlest until she could get back here this weekend with a deposit.

"I suppose this little guy will not be getting "bubble wrapped" to be sent over to John at Tok Tok Place in Australia after all, as he will be going "North of the Checkerboard" to Lion's Head !"

"Sorry John, but these two guys are still available for "bubble wrapping" !"

"Here is Buddy all worn out in his run, as he had been downtown with me while I met up with Anita from Dejong Acres to pickup some of their Farm Fresh Eggs from her.  He had also just had a huge 1/2 hour romp with Missy Mercedes, tuckering them both out."

Oh yes, anyone living in close proximity to me, would you please "save" your egg cartons for me, as I will pass them on to Anita, since I hear they are soon to be getting more laying hens.  Thank you in advance, and please do let me know.

Here it is almost 8:30 pm already.  I have yet to bring in the "Spectacular Six", as it is still way too cool at night to leave them out.  I also have to tend to all the rest of the "pack's" needs before I call it a night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I am happy that little fella found a home and I really hope they take good care of him - he's a truly beautifully marked pup - a real 'show dog'!

  2. What a day you had! Go get some sleep. Sweet dreams!


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