Saturday 26 May 2012

A "Dog Daze" Kinda Day It Was

"The Crabby Cabbie vehicle is having a few wee problems needing attending to first thing this morning."

"Ah ha !  Buddy & I found the "Crabby Cabbie" with no problem before we got going on a morning walk."

"Buddy & I had an amazing walk for about 1/2 hour this morning before it was time to head back home to hit the grind."

"Buddy got the shade tree in the back yard."

"While a couple of others were sitting around while I got some of the inside work taken care of."

"After feeding and cleaning the "Spectacular Six", most of them took themselves off to a corner for one of many siestas this day."

"Mercedes and Buddy came nose to nose for the first time today."

"Not too long after, Bandit & Buddy had their first nose to nose meeting since Buddy's arrival 2 weeks ago."

"I am sure Buddy is wondering where those two got to."

"Ha they were not too far away, giving him the "eye" back."

"All this was going on while I was trying to get some gardening done, since I had 3 loads of laundry hanging out on the line already."

"Then we had a visitor, as Gillian dropped in to see everybody on her way home from work.  They were all so happy to see someone different then just plain old me, who they see all the time."

"Even though they have no problem being totally layed back with me."

"Company gone with more "horse dog play" going on."

"Finally I managed to get the rose bed garden finished."

"...and enjoy some of life's pleasures."

"Another siesta over with as another meal is being served up."

"This little guy, who has been named "Injaca" is too busy having fun to eat."

"More simple pleasure of life.  Watching fish in a pond tends to relax one's self, does it not?"

"Mercedes and Buddy back at it again, going a little more then nose to nose."

"Siesta and cuddle time"

"Finally a little pooped out.  I should hope after all that roughhousing."

"Finally the flower bed on the far side of the front of the house was completed this day too."

"This is what I should have been doing after all that laundry and gardening I did today."

"Bandit nose to nose with his son, Injaca."

"Almost the end of a Dog Daze."

I was too busy with the front gardening to take photos of Lexus, who was out there with me while I was doing that.  After a bit of supper, Mercedes and I took off to meet Sharon downtown for a walk this evening. 

What a beautiful "Dog Daze" day it was.  I am so grateful, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Injaca looks like he enjoys 'stripping' the skin off a tennis ball. Miss Socks used to love doing that. She could strip the skin off a tennis ball in a few minutes with those little razor sharp front 'nippers'.

    Garden looks very nice. Had my cuppa, now, back out into my own garden while the ground is so soft after a lot of rain.

  2. Puppies are getting so big and busy!! And cuter than ever! You have such a beautiful area to go for walks there.

  3. Wow Cindy those pics of all your puppies and doggies are so cute, can't wait to see them today!!!! Your hosta garden looks lovely, you have been working hard.

  4. Sooo many sweet pics! You certainly had a lot to do today! Do you ever get to just sit & relax?! lol!!


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