Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day Luncheon

"I think our boy, Bandit, was just as tired as were were before we went to bed last night."

"I thought us very fortunate, as did Rob, when we purchased this Lagostina Pressure Cooker from the Saugeen Swap Group on Facebook last night for a grand total of $20.00.  It had been used maybe once?  and brand new they retail $129.00.  Then when a friend told me today they cook beets up in 15 minutes, I was beyond elated !  I love beets and will not have to wait over an hour or more anymore for them to cook when they come into harvest...whoohoo !"

 Another extremely busy day it was here once again.  First thing this morning, after the "pack" were all looked after, kitchen tidied, bed made and a few other items done up, I headed on up North of the Checkerboard to Lion's Head for the second consecutive day in a row, but this time to pick my Mother up.

I had made a hair appointment for Mother at her hairdresser's, Hair Solutions in Wiarton for this day.  I thought after she had this done, we could have a bit of a Mother's Day luncheon together before I drove her back.

"While Mother was downtown getting her hair done, Rob and I got a mini photo shoot of the three boys done.  They will turn 4 weeks old tomorrow, all healthy and robust, with the weaning progress onto solids beginning this week."

"After the "puppy shoot" I realized the Dwarf Iris had bloomed.  So dainty and pretty they are."

"Once I had picked Mother back up from getting her hair done, we had a luncheon of Homemade Lasagna, Caesar Salad and French bread on the side.  Mother, Rob and I very much enjoyed it all."

"Afterwards I even got Mother to smile on cue !  LOL."

"Rob treated the three of us to a Tim Hortons coffee.  I also remembered I had received this beautiful card and Tim Hortons gift card from our son, Paul, and his family as a Mother's Day Gift.  I was very pleased with having this come in the mail the other day."

Oh man, I am so tired right now, I hope I can get through this post tonight, as the tears are running down my face from all the yawning I am doing here.  Onward I go !

After I had cleaned up from our luncheon together I headed North again to return Mom to the Golden Dawn Senior Citizen's Home.  I had made arrangements to drop out to a friend's this afternoon to get some Wild Leeks from their bush, not arriving out to her place until well after 2:00 pm I am sure.

"I not only got some Wild Leeks, I also was gifted some Rhubarb, lucky gal I am."

" Tonight I sauteed the leeks in a bit of butter, cooled them and threw them in a freezer bag.  In the freezer they await until I need them for a soup or stew."

"I also did up two 4 cup freezer bags for pies at a later date, with some held back in reserved to make Rhubarb Stew from.  I am so ever grateful to receive such goodies."

"What kind of post would it be with not showing off all of the "Spectacular Six"?"

I am certainly happy I had taken a few pictures today, as I am too dang, dang and triple dang tired to otherwise do a lot of thinking and typing tonight.  Was that thunder I just heard outside my windows "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Wow, I didn't know you could cook beets in a pressure cooker in 15 minutes! Now I'm even more inclined to buy one...after we put back "camera money" into savings. And this rhubarb looks yummy! Rhubarb here is so expensive, I don't even remember when was the last time I bought it.

  2. And your Mom is so darling! :)

  3. OMG, the puppies are just to darn cute, they are growing up so fast. I know your Mom enjoyed her outing with you, she is beaming in the photo.

  4. OMGosh, how cute are those puppies! If I wanted a larger companion, I would choose the chocolate/white one, however, they are so beautiful, I bet if I could hold them, I would be hard-pressed to actually make a decision.
    Loved your pictures.

  5. Awesome deal on the pressure cooker!! I love beets... I love them roasted too! Look at the puppies!!!! *sigh* I'm in love...


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