Sunday, 27 May 2012

Busy, Busy & Busier

My morning began just before 6:00 am, with Lexus needing out, the "Spectacular Six" puppies hungry, Buddy needing a bit of walk, then Bandit and Mercedes having their morning routine.  I had a difficult time getting at it this morning, as I was tired and then some.  After everyone was looked after, I actually had to go lay back down for an hour or so, something I very seldom do.

When I did get up to stay up, I went through the motions in a fog, finally shaking it off around 11:00, just before the family, who the Red Merle Female puppy adopted for her own, arrived for a visit.  There was no rain as of yet, even though the overcast skies had been threatening on and off, so we were able to sit outside with their new little girl.  The three of them are still "up in the air" in the deciding of a name for her ... I am sure they will have one picked by the time they come take her home in two weeks time.  They took their leave after the lunch hour.

Our friends in Southampton had a "Fish Fry" at their home, last night.  Since I was too busy, as usual, yesterday I never did make it down that way.  I still didn't miss out on the White Fish dinner, as they had sent home a care package last night with my "Crabby Crabbie".

"How yummy was this White Fish and side of pasta for our Dinner today."

My cousin and his family were up at their cottage and were going to be dropping in on their way home for a bit of visit with us today.   While awaiting for their arrival, I enjoyed my surroundings.

"The Peonies are beginning to peak out among the Solomon's Seal."

"With the Solomon's Seal being enjoyed by the Bees."

"My first Iris bloomed this morning.  A lovely pale yellow."

"Lexus had some one on one time while sitting between Rob and I on the front stoop."

While sitting on the front stoop I noticed something sitting on the back of our Mailbox post.  Rob went out to investigate.

"Rob retrieved this lovely healthy plant for me, which was thoughtfully left by an anonymous person.  Thank you.  I would love to know who "cheered" me by their kindness and thoughtfulness."

"Bandit and Buddy amused me with their bantering back and forth."

"This brings to mind "Coming to Arms" ... lol."

"Then there were the moments which tugged at my heart strings.  Are they not the sweetest? the last 3 of the "Spectacular Six" who are still awaiting to find their Forever Homes."

"The pond fish were even enjoying the cool of the day."

"My cousins arrived and we had lots of ohs & ahhs over the "Spectacular Six", not to mention a great visit ourselves.  However short the visit, we still had time to make future plans set in stone for us to get together.  Yay !"

The next thing on our agenda this day was to meet up with my niece, who is moving up to Bruce County in a few days.

"We helped move some of her stuff into storage until she gets into her new home.  Thank goodness the rain passed quickly.  I am amazed she drove this big truck all  by herself !  You "go" girl !!!"

Once we said our goodbyes, with her back on her way, Rob and I headed over to Southampton to gas up our Van before we made our way back to our own home.

"The babies were long over due for their supper by the time we got back home.  What a great Mother, Lexus is, and oh so patient with her "Spectacular Six".  At this stage in their age, they are all very greedy little gretchens.... lol. "

Rob helped me with the rest of our "pack", getting their needs all looked after, then getting us a hamburger grilled on the barbecue, while I threw together a salad for our supper.

Where has this day gone?  Busy, busy and busier, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Gez! I love that little pup with the white blaze face and the white paws. No doubt, if I lived nearby I'd be claiming that one for my own.

  2. Me too - do you think I'd fit one in my suitcase Cindy? Hope you are feeling okay anyway - do you think it's the weather? Will email you re. my trip xx

  3. Hope you don't mind but I lifted a picture of the puppies off your blog - the one of the two cuddling will make a great screensaver and I can forever admire the little red one! That would be my pick!


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