Friday, 11 May 2012

Somebody Is Always Scamming Something !

"I am still refusing to put away my Winter boots, as still this morning there was yet another frost."

"Mercedes was just started with a "training collar" yesterday.  She is a very "quick" learner with only having 2 Zaps applied.  She comes on a dime without being told twice ... well maybe twice.  This is much easier on my arm not having her pull on a lead, and less worry about her going towards the road, which is always my "biggest" worry."

"I am almost thinking I should be going into the used Van business when  I look at our driveway.  Um, maybe I missed my calling in a previous life, and it is "yelling" out at me now, "come be a used Van salesperson !"

Not really a used van lot, as there is one for the "pack" and I to use, one for my "Crabby Cabbie" Rob, another for when the new "Crabby Cabbie" person begins working with No. 1 Crabby Cabbie, hopefully sooner then later, and the last for a "Crabby Cabbie" backup, should something happen to one or the other. 

We really do need a backup vehicle, as should one unexpectedly break down, who has time to stop everything to try going out to replace it, as these things take time, you know?

My "Crabby Cabbie" was off like a "dirty shirt" first thing this morning, actually right before I left for North of the Checkerboard for my weekly "shot in the arm" by my Doctor.  I wonder if I will ever be allergy free?  I do know I was better on last Year's testing then two Years prior, so something must be working for me.

I returned back from my Doctors in pretty good time this morning.  Good thing as I had another chore added to my "to do" list.  It is Rob's daily job to clean out Lexus's outside kennel run, however when he is gone day and night, I need to take this duty over ...

"Two times I had to get this "sparkling" clean today.  I really don't mind, especially when it is a really nice day out like today, and it is being done for my very "pretty girl" you know."

I decided to leave the inside household chores, you know those mundane chores like vacuuming and dusting, until tomorrow when I do laundry, instead spending some time tackling a couple of "grids" in my flower beds.

"Still lots of leaves leftover from last Fall, with little Maple Trees having sprouted everywhere, along with dead vines needing trimmed from the Clematis."

"One whole garden finished up ..."

".... and a 1/4 "grid" of the larger flower bed done as well."

"This one Chicken & Hen has gotten humongous !"

"Burning the vines and dead leaves in the driveway, brought back memories of my dad doing the same thing years ago in front of our house on Victoria Street, in Southampton.  We also had a huge Chestnut Tree.  I remember throwing in chestnuts and listening to them explode in the fire.  Good memories."

Dang, dang, triple dang, I forgot to take a photo of my helper for the 2 hours I spent at the Gardening.  Bandit is the best helper, he just lays there the whole time I am hard at it without a word out of him.  Good boy, he is.

"It was such a beautiful day for everyone to have a "big" run out in the back field.  Lexus and I had lots of fun, she even had a 1/2 hour of being brushed out after the run & fun time."

My friend, Marilyn, who lives in Florida, has a new boarder living at her place.  It was great she shared his/her photo with us ....

"Does this little "Eastern Screech Owl" not have the cutest little face?  I sure would enjoy having one in our backyard to watch its daily goings on."

One of my readers, who is also a Lover of Pets, contacted me via email just yesterday.  She wanted me to "check out" an ad that had been placed on a popular online Western Canada advertising site, such as our Kijiji here in Ontario.  

When she had replied to this particular ad, it was too good to be true, just asking for her to send $300.00 to cover the cost of shipping was all that was required to have a sweet little 10 week old Westie Terrier shipped off to her.  Anyone who is familiar with a West Highland Terrier (the Maggie Dog on the Caesar Dog food commercials), know these dogs do not sell for $300.00.  I even tried the phone number that had been on the ad, which was some bogus international phone number, and that not of the Glasgow, Ontario region where this puppy was supposedly located.  

The person advertising a sweet little Westie pup, had stated her husband had passed and she could no longer bear to have this sweet little thing as a constant reminder of him .... oh man, does it get any better?  

People beware, as there are "scammers" right, left and center out there !  The crazy ones become even crazier with having access to Internet, or so it seems to me they do.  Buyer beware, beware, and be more beware !  

On giving this a little bit of thought, I would suggest to anyone replying to an advertisement as such, to contact someone they know in the same area and/or region where the said item is located at, as did my reader by contacting me, or contact local authorities in the area to make sure such a place or location exists.

Scary scary stuff goes on all the times, some I am glad I am not even aware of ..... "somebody is always scamming something, somewhere" !

How could ever end a post without sharing the "Spectacular Six" with everybody?

"Oh dear, there only appears to be five here ...."

"... oh there is No. 6, way over in the other corner all by his lonesome."

"I really need to come back as a puppy in my next life, especially if I could get some sleep like this little guy is."

There has been another appointment set up for tomorrow afternoon to come see the puppies, so hopefully another one will find themselves a wonderful new home.  Should you know anyone who loves Australian Shepherds, which obviously is one of my passions as anyone can tell, please send them in the direction of our "Checkerboard Aussies".

Tomorrow is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.  In raising awareness for this day, I am wearing the Colour Purple.  Should you know of anyone, or yourself suffer from Fibromyalgia, as I do, please show your support by wearing even a bit of purple on your person.  If you are a Facebook user, you may join the event at this link:    Thank you to any and all who participate in this event.

Wow, here it is 8:03 pm already !  I am thinking it is time to wrap things up here by calling it a night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard"


  1. Good job in the garden - you make me feel guilty as my front garden bed is desperately in need of attention (guilt will get the better of me this weekend - sometime).

    Love the puppy photos! So cute!

    Regarding the advert - just tell the seller "we will come and collect it and bring the money with us - C.O.D. and watch them lose interest in you!

  2. Such a shame at how some people make money, it is a crazy world for sure! Getting the outside cleaned up after winter can be back breaking work but it's so nice to see the results. Your puppies as always makes me want my own pack!


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