Monday 21 May 2012

All About Deja !

Last night was not a very restful one, as for some reason Lexus had me up at midnight, and again at 2:30 am.  I suppose she was just not having a good night herself.  This is very unusual for her, however she has been used to our "Crabby Cabbie" coming in at all different wee hours of the mornings, so maybe she is expecting him when he doesn't?  Oh well, not a good night for me when this happens, but we made it through.

Once I was actually up this morning, with everyone in, out, fed and watered, along with the "Spectacular Six" puppies all attended to as well, I relaxed a bit with a cup of coffee.  Once Rob was up and going, we tackled the cutting of the lawn before we had a hay field around the house and/or before the called for rain arrives tonight.

Lawn cut, showered and cleaned up, we headed out ....

"We drove through the Village of Tara towards our destination."

"I love this road at this time of Year.  Is it not beautiful with everything so green and Spring fresh?"

We made it before lunchtime at my brother-in-law, Allen, and his wife, Alice's, home, having a little visit before the "Guest of Honor" arrived ....

"... and she did arrive !  Here comes our little Deja, my Great Great Niece.  Oh yes, and there is her mom, my Great Niece, Michelle, and her Daddy, Phil.  LOL."

"Here is Deja's Grandma Joanne, my niece, here being greet by Rob.  Rob is looking forward to Joanne moving up here very soon so she will drive cab for him.  Just think, the "big  "C" (Crabby Cabbie) and the "little "C"" .... way too funny !"

"Mama Joanne and Phil cutting her up with some laughs."

"Bandit got to come along, as he loves it at Uncle Al's farm, even getting a little spoiling by Alice here."

"Deja absolutely loves dogs, as she has two of her own back home in Kelowna,  BC."

"Grandpa Al and Deja."

"Grandpa, Granddaughter Michelle & Great Granddaughter Deja.  Oh yes, Bandit had to get in on the picture too."

"Four Generations, I think the girls have the handle on things with Dad/Grandpa wrapped around their little finger !"

"Very nice to have my picture taken with my Niece, Great Niece and Great Great Niece Deja, as it is all about Deja, you know?"

"Lunch was out of this World "delish", with Rhubarb Dump Cake for dessert (Alice copied out the recipe for me too)."

"Deja was really really enjoying Grandma's burger."

"Oops, Ketchup face, Deja, was having a little "unhappy" moment, as we all do from time to time.  I just hope my unhappy moments don't catch me with Ketchup on my face (would that be like "egg on the face"? LOL)."

"All happy again after Grandma Alice found some Arrowroot Cookies.  Life can be pretty tough when one is cutting new teeth, you know?"

"Alice and Allen so generously sharing their Rhubarb with me, got Rob out there picking it.  Fantastic "Team Work".  Thanks everyone, as I now know what I will be doing tomorrow!"

"We had to get going, as it was going on to 3 pm.  What a nice sight as we passed by this Deer Farm just up the road from Allen's farm."

We had a great day visiting with everyone.  A much needed break we both needed and enjoyed.

"Check out this really cool table Rob got yesterday on our way to pickup the kennels.  Cost him a whole $5.00, with the lady throwing in the Cat planter.  Lucky us !"

After we did arrive home, I rested for a good hour before heading out with Mercedes to have my daily walk downtown with my friend.

Here it is going on past the hour of 8:30 pm already.  Really, I don't know where the time goes to, as I am generally busy at something or another, or enjoying living my life; it slips right by me so very quickly, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Looks like you had a great day with a family. Deja sure is a doll :) Such a cutie!

  2. Deja is a little cutie. We had a bad night with Molly last night, I think she was just too darn hot and uncomfortable, as we didn't put the a/c on.


  3. Isn't it funny how dogs just know... Zena is always up and waiting at the front door long before anyone knocks. What a great family and Deja looks so sweet - I can see why she has everyone wrapped around her little finger. xx


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