Thursday 3 May 2012

I Can Hardly Believe It Has Happened Again !

My day began very poorly today.  Last night I went to bed with the whole left side of my head aching, awaking this morning with no change other then the pain being worse.  It pretty much matched the kind of weather day we have been having all day long.

"The fog had set in earlier in the evening, as the "Crabby Cabbie" drove home it in around midnight, with it still lingering this morning.

I was awake most of the night, finally arising around 5:00.

"The new Migraine Medications with codeine added, just didn't seem to cut the mustard this time around."

 Finally around 8:30 am, I emailed the Wiarton VON SMART Team, letting them know I was unable to make exercise this morning.  Then I headed back to bed for another hour or so.  Trust me by the time I got up, I was sure "dragging" my butt in pretty slow mow.

"I did manage to get our Dinner together of slow cooked pork loin chops in sauerkraut, served alongside Black Bean & Feta Cheese, with a bit of leftover potato salad (I let Rob have all of that).  It was really good with smothered in the sauerkraut."

Rob went out to retrieve our mail just after Lunch,

"I was pretty excited when I seen there was this package for me."

"And in that package was this beautiful handmade bag and pouch (minus the BB phone, as I couldn't wait to try it out before taking the picture)."

I am so ecstatic I actually "won" another draw over at Carla's "My 1/2 A Dozen Daily".  Can you believe it !!!  Isn't it all so beautiful?  Carla has awesome homemade items for sale, as well as taking "custom" orders.  Please take a moment to drop over to see her amazing creations by "clicking" your mouse HERE.

Carla, I really did want to show you how much I appreciate winning your Handmade creations, however Canada Post wasn't going to allow me to send you what I was planning on sending, because....  
please scroll down

"....they told me it was just to darn cute to have it all wrapped up and sent via Post."

LOL, however maybe some day we will be able to meet in person, with me giving much thought and consideration to swapping a puppy for one of those three girls you have?  LOL

Once again, Carla, thank you, as your wonderful creative handy work is truly appreciated.

After Dinner and all the excitement was over with, I had to go downtown to do a couple of errands, one being to pickup a Mother's Day card for my Mother, as this day is just around the corner on the 13th of this Month.

After arriving back home, I put together a bit of a notice for the "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle, for something Rob and I had previously discussed on doing.

"We have decided to have a "monthly" draw for a "Crabby Cabbie" Hat.  To be eligible for this draw, you must hire the services of the "Crabby Cabby".  Each fare qualifies the person to enter into the draw for that Month.  I am pretty excited about this, hoping the "Crabby Cabbie" customers will be too!"

"I might just have to hire the "Crabby Cabbie" myself so I can have a chance at winning one of these hats.  Wonder what my "odds" would be on that happening?  LOL."

These heavy duty medications have done no "magic" for my headaches and/or pain.  I am going to wrap it up here now, hopefully calling it an early night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. You poor thing! :( I've never had a migraine but have heard they're pure hell! Hope you're feeling better now!

    As for Canada Post, they don't know what they're talking about, pack that puppy up & send him on over!!! ;) lol! He really does make the bag look much cuter!!

    Enjoy it & thanks again, Cindy!! :)

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear you are in pain...I hope, you can get some sleep tonight and feel better tomorrow morning. At least, you got a nice gift to sweeten your day :)

  3. I hope those meds have kicked in. I don't do codeine anymore it kills my stomach. Have you tried the migraine pills you put under your tongue that melt, they are good, can't remember what they call them though?



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