Friday 6 April 2012

What A Fantastic Good Friday I Had !

"God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son." - John 3:16

A reminder to self, not to forget the "true" meaning of the Easter Celebrations, reflecting how Good Friday came to be .... in the Name of Jesus Christ Our Savior.

I had to be very quiet this morning, as my dearest "Crabby Cabbie" really needed his sleep so he wouldn't wake up "crabby", as he never rolled in until at least the hour of 5:00 am !  The poor guy actually got to stay in bed until almost 1:00 pm. today, thank goodness.

I at least managed to get two loads of washing done and out on the clothes line.  First thing the Sun was out, however the winds were out of the North, with me almost freezing off my fingers, never mind my touche !  Brr.

For our Dinner today, with the extra boiled potatoes leftover from the other day, I made Homemade Egg & Potato Salad to go along with the Black Bean & Feta Salad I also made this morning  ....

"It is so easy to make up Egg & Potato Salad with leftover boiled potatoes, chopped onion, celery and hard boiled eggs, mayo and a bit of Rob's Mom's Homemade Mustard mixed in and garnished with a sliced hard boiled egg.  Easy peasy as 1-2-3 !"

"The above photo is of my Dinner plate, however (as usual) Rob thought his Diner plate looked better then mine, especially since it had butter slathered all over his Sour Dough Bread (store bought, much easier).  I still think my plate looks much nicer then his... lol."

By the time our Dinner was over, with the dishes done up, there was only enough time for Rob and I barely to have a coffee together before we were out the door going separate ways.  Rob had his "Crabby Cabbie" hat on, so he was heading in the direction of Southampton and Port Elgin, while I was headed out in a completely different direction .....

"Here I am just at the entrance of Dejong Acres Farm, located just a hop, skip and a jump from Wiarton, in Bruce County's sister County of Grey, to attend their Easter Open House."

"I have made it "inside" to check out all the Sweet Things Dejong Acres has to offer in the way of Maple Syrup, Honey, and ...... "

".... nosy me, even opening one of their freezers.  Um it has been busy around here, as their chicken supply appears to be low.  Forgot to check out the "Lamb Freezer" next to this one ... dang !  Looking for home grown Poultry, Turkeys, Ducks, Pork, or Lamb?  Look no further .... with "Special" orders taken by just picking up the telephone and calling 

519-534-1211 or by Email:

"Here is Anita Dejong weighing up an order for a Customer."

"Anita also is a Representative of Epicure Products.  Haven't tried them before?  A must for any entertaining or special occasion as there is a wide variety of select items."

Dejong Acres was also kind enough to invite Rosemary Peer and Sunny Sandy Houlgrave to their Easter Open House.

"Rosemary Peer had a lovely display of "Fifth Avenue Jewelry" set out.  Really some very nice gift giving ideas for that "special" someone, or for yourself.  For more information you may contact Rosemary at her web link, ."

"Sunny Sandy Houlgrave is an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay.  She was telling me they now are carrying an "All Natural" line of products (good info to know).  For further information on products Sandy could provide for you, please go to her web link at ."

What a lovely set up everything was !  There was veggies and dip, Pulled Pork on a bun, a fantastic selection of hot and cold beverages .....  Dejong Acres Farms really put the "Red Carpet" out for their Easter Open House !!!

My most favorite part about visiting Dejong Acres Farms is no other then ..... 

"I got to see the newly built Nursery with "babies" in it !!! "

"This is my most favorite picture of the whole day .... do ya think this little one is missing his Mama?  LOL "

"Here is a Mama, with one, two ....and three !  Can you see the little one right under her head?"

"Check out this "Bruiser" !  He is barely 24 hours old .... OMG, aren't they adorable???"

"The faces behind it all, your Hosts, Anita and Brian Dejong.  I am telling you, you could not imagine, after listening to Anita and Brian explain a bit about their operation, on how much these two work together as a "Tag Team".  I think this is the one thing that has impressed me the most about this family, is how they, along with with their two young daughters, Rayleen & Nicole, work together as a Family Unit.  So rare you see this anymore, and how refreshing to see it happening here at Dejong Acres Farm !"

"I also got to see a very friendly "barn" cat."

"Some real live Easter Bunny babies .... "

".... and an "authentic" Guardian Sheep Dog.  This pretty girl is a Maremma.  Brian trains these dogs to Guard the Dejong Acres Farm Sheep herds when they are out pasturing in the fields.  Takes lots of patience to train a dog for this very important job, especially with the number of Coyotes in the area."

It was getting late.  The Dejong family had put in a full day of preparing for and receiving visitors at their Open  House.  It was time for me to head home myself.  I have to say, I was "tickled" pink, as I had also won two door prizes before I headed out .....

"The Mary Kay draw Sandy had, I was gifted a SPF Sunscreen 30 and an After-Sun Replenishing Gel.  Perfect for my sensitive skin.  Thank you, Sandy & Mary Kay !"

"Anita had three door prizes for Epicure Products.  I won a Ceramic Baker, right up my alley of course if it has anything to do with the Kitchen.  Thank you, Anita and Epicure !"

"You have no idea, how taken back I was when Anita personally gifted me a "pass" to next weekends "Kemble Maple Syrup Tour".  Another adventure I will be looking forward to.  Thank you so much Anita & Brian, it was my pleasure being a part of your "Sweet Things Open House", and I do look forward to your next !"

Mark your calender for this "fun" Event on the 14th of April.  More information and details may be found at the following web link:  

Be sure to "check it" out.  My "Crabby Cabbie" will be working, so I would love some company should anyone else in, about and close to me like to get a "passport" and join me !!!  Details for purchasing a "passport" can also be found at the above web link.  

Another "big" day it was for me, once again !  I thoroughly enjoyed my day.  I LOVE living each and every day to the "fullest" if I am able .... how blessed are we to have been given our lives to live as we choose?  

Oh my goodness, here it is already almost 8:00 pm.  I suppose I should "rustle" up something for myself to eat, give my "Crabby Cabbie" a call, take care of all the needs of the "pack", then call it a night here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. What a fun and busy day for you today! Love your new ceramic baking dish.

  2. Busy girl and some very nice door prizes to boot!

  3. What a nice outing you had and some prizes to boot, lucky girl!! The little lambs are so sweet, I love visiting farms!!


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