Tuesday, 17 April 2012

It Was Another "Full Blown" Day !

I am so exhausted at the moment, I can barely keep my eyes open, so "short and sweet" I hope this goes, as my day most certainly was not "short", but "full blown", oh yes, and "sweet" too !

Today was the day to go to .....

Calling All VON Volunteers
You are invited to Get Your
"Just Desserts"
From VON Grey-Bruce
at the 2012 Volunteer Appreciation Dessert & Comedy Social

Once everyone was looked after here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard", a couple of times I might add, I got myself ready to head out to the "Dessert & Comedy" Social", which just so happened was being held at the Tara Legion.

"I really "like" the Tara Legion, it is such a nice building, inside and out."

"This is Mary Winkler, who looks after the VON Hospice Program, and who I might add is a wonderful speaker with a fantastic sense of humor as well.  Mary most certainly knows "VON" inside out, capturing everyone's attention on the subject at hand."

"This is Jessica Slater, Coordinator for the VON Caregiver Support Group."

"Jessica Doer, the newest Coordinator of the VON SMART program, along with SMART Guru, Dorothy Embacher."

"Pat, who is shown speaking here, is on the Board of Directors.  She had no problem giving a speech "off the cuff", so naturally (sure wish I could possess such a talent as she in this respect)."

"Diane Pfeffer is here giving a presentation for everyone.  Diane works alongside Mary within VON Grey-Bruce."

"Pins for volunteer service were also being awarded this day.  Three persons received a 15 Year Pin for volunteering their service.  Isn't that wonderful !!!"

"There is so much dedication and care put forth by all these lovely ladies who give their time as volunteers to VON Grey-Bruce."

All the volunteers were asked to submit a recipe for a dessert.  These recipes were all complied and given to each of us ....

"I can't wait to "dig" into this new recipe book !  All Desserts, it will be awesome .... whoohoo !!!"

"Many thanks went out to the "gal" behind the scenes on putting together the VON "Your Just Desserts" Book.  Way to go Jackie !!!"

"There was a great show of VON Volunteers this day."

"In keeping with the "Theme of the Day", the spread put out for all of us volunteers was absolutely "wicked" !!!"

"You most certainly can tell how "wicked" by my plate.  LOL."

"Before the Closing Remarks were made this afternoon, we were all entertained for a bit by a Comedian."

In Mary's closing remarks, she reminded everyone how important, we as volunteers, are to VON Canada, as well as how much we are all appreciated.  

Without the volunteers, in my eyes, the wheels would not be oiled and turning, would they?  There is always a need for Volunteers, so please if you so feel inclined to do so, please contact VON Grey-Bruce at the following web link:

As I, for one, know your services would be most appreciated.  Thank you for the lovely afternoon, VON  Canada Grey-Bruce !!!  

While I was in Tara, I also "scored" myself a little deal I was quite proud of.

"I was some happy to pickup these Motorcycle Boots for myself for an awesome "score" price of $20.00 !  Good thing I hadn't bought a pair when I was looking 2 years ago for a price of $150+.  I bought these with faith that my "Crabby Cabbie" will have a little time this Summer to actually take the Motorcycle out in hopes that I get to go along?  LOL."

....and it gets better !

"A "like" brand new blender for $5.00.  It is going to make blending veggies for soups so much easier for ME now."

"And finally, these lace accent dishes for the newly done over spare bedroom.  I absolutely LOVE them !  They are going to look so nice in that room.  Can you believe I only paid $10.00 for all three?"

"I had to stop and take a picture of this handsome couple out in the field I was passing by.  Notice how he is watching "out" while she is grazing?  It must be "LOVE" !"

Grammar off, spelling errors?  I suppose I am really too tired to apologize to myself if there are any ... LOL !

Here is is going on to 9 PM already, and I haven't even had myself any supper yet (not that I need any after that plate of desserts I consumed earlier today *blush*).  I best be getting too it, as I am totally exhausted with another "full" day ahead of me tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Never knock a volunteer - they work for nothing doing tasks the community needs having done and would be sorely missed if they were not there doing what they do!

  2. Glad you had an awesome day Cin you deserve it and I totally agree what would we do without volunteers ....like you! The food looked delish and what great buys you got ,love those dishes too !

  3. Awarded you the Sunshine award, now you have to answer the 10 questions on your blog. Congrats on the great volunteer day!!!


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